j.huijberss Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
December 27th, 2020 Camping Playa Roca

the place is very basic, toilets and shower are a bit dirty but it has very nice vibes, the owner is very friendly. we where staying with a small Van and that was ok, I would park in the corner of there parking lot for a little bit more privacy. Not really a place to park long-term with your van. For tents you have more space, near to the beach.

December 26th, 2020 La Nave

the price is really good, the food.... even better the pizza where near perfection. the guys are really friendly, I would highly recommend this place it's great.

December 26th, 2020 Pancho Villa CabaƱas and Camping

Terrible place i would not recommend it, at first it looked nice, nice bar friendly staff, but when we where sleeping in the Van a guy woke us up and asked if we would leave the next day. We felt like we where not welcome. the rest of the night there where a lot of notices around us of cars and people talking we slept for just a few hours. in the morning a another guy asked us if we paid already witch we did and told us that if we wanted to stay we have to pay a additional 200 pesos because it was 10 am. We told him we would leave in 1 hour, then 30 min later a lady came bye and asked if we had paid again en to who we had paid, probilly they don't talk to each other about the payments. Soon after that we just left as soon as we could.

December 25th, 2020 Glamping Xpu-Ha

We hade a little Van kombi, the price was 200 ppn pn and it's a bit pricey I think. The restaurants at the beach close at 7pm. We could park the Van on a parking spot close to the beach, that was nice. It is not a camping to park your n long term, but for 1 night it was good. There is a fishy kind of smell.. also because the garbage is close by.. :(
There are enough toilets and room to take a shower.