Date Place Comment
October 7th, 2019 Pablo Solís Rodríguez - Garage Buchupureo

Pablo is an excellent mechanic, willing to take on a challenge. He is a specialist on gasoline vehicles but also knows plenty about diesel motors. He has 2 scanners so if your check engine light is on, he can figure it out.
He helped us with some spark plugs, ignition coils problems, he was ready to research till we find what was wrong. His shop is legit. Don’t go to Chillan or Conce, if you are in the area come see Pablo first, you won’t regret.

April 7th, 2019 Curcuma vegetarian meals

The food in this place is OK, it’s very pricey for what you get, the flavor is meh. I love vegan food but I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant. No CC which isn’t convenient for how much they charge. I got a stone in my dish and luckily it didn’t damage any of my molars. We got two very dry muffins on the house as an apology.

March 31st, 2019 Free Campsites at National Park

This campsite is part of PN Patagonia, rangers ask to please check in with them when arriving and when leaving. Information on hikes at the ranger office.
The park and the camp sites are all free.Pit toilets and no showers. Fogón available for roasting, you can ask for wood at the rangers office. It is motorhome friendly but be aware that the drive to the campsite by the lake is through a road covered by a tunnel of trees so if you are much higher that 3m your truck might scrape.

March 31st, 2019 Sendero La Meseta

Parque Nacional Patagonia has 2 great hikes. Make sure to check in with the rangers before going out on a Sendero or camping at any site.
From the main entry you can drive 6kms to Puesto Amarillo where there’s a camping site. From this camping is a 10km hike to Borde de la Meseta, altitude gain 1000m. The views up in the Meseta are wonderful, and you get to see condors up close. It’s a demanding hike but well worth it. There’s plenty of places to collect water on the way.

From this point you can also drive to to Puesto Cisne 6kms and camp there. There is another Hike called Sendero al Cerro La Calle y Laguna Coa, it’s an easy trail with expansive views of the landscape, 5kms to Laguna Coa, and 5kms back, or you can do the whole loop.

These trails are new, and not very popular yet. We hiked both of them and it was wonderful.

I am attaching a photo of the map for better reference.

March 10th, 2019 Mitos Restaurant and Hotel/Hostal

This restaurant is located on the block behind the mark. The food is excellent, the WiFi is fast and the attention impeccable.
If you feel like treating yourself for a night they have very nice rooms with private bathrooms, and a spa with hot tub and sauna. Highly recommend it! They are open Mon-Sat till 10pm, Sun till 4pm. Live music at lunch time.

January 22nd, 2019 Automotriz Ceta

Electro-Mechanic expert, Jorge and René are proficient at their work. They are from Bolivia and speak little English but know their business very well.
They found a bad ground in our Ford E250, a problem we’ve had for a while. They charge a fair price too.
We did an appointment for the next day, do not expect to be taken care right away, they are busy.
There’s all sorts of electrical mechanics in the next two blocks but no one else wanted to check out our van.

January 2nd, 2019 Fundo Colmena

This is a nice farm where you can park your vehicle while you hike to Choquequirao. It’s 20 soles for the time you leave. There is a simple bathroom and cold showers. The views from the snowy peaks are wonderful.
The road here is through a tight path and there is a little wood bridge that you gotta cross, a bit technical but we made it fine with our Ford e250. The gate is 3 meters tall by 3.3 meters wide so your rig can’t be that big.
If you rather do a guided tour to Choquequirao, like we did, contact Dayme, the owner of this farm. He took our stuff with donkeys, cooked 3 amazing meals a day, told us incredible stories and showed us the archeological site, he is a book knowledge. Dayme was the head of construction when they built the path to Choquequirao 25 years ago, he really knows everything that needs to be known in the area. He speaks very little English, and he is a bit deaf so speak loud and you will be fine. We almost went on our own but it was a much better experience to have a guide and really learn a lot about the area, the history and the people.
Contact Dayme Sullcahuaman Lopez before you arrive to arrange your visit and inquire about prices
CEL +0051 983 797 304
Email [email protected]

December 20th, 2018 Taller Aldo (Steering / Suspension Specialists)

Excellent mechanic, specializes in suspension and alignment. He did an alignment in our Ford van and checked for any other problems. Charged us only 15 soles.
We were there at 8:30am and had to wait for 3 cars before us. Professional, big shop. Highly recommend this place.

December 20th, 2018 Taller 298

Big professional mechanic shop, specializes in American Brands. This shop has proficient mechanics and all modern equipment, they have parts or can get them if needed.
They took care of us the same day and right away, as we told them we were passing by. They took out our Ford e250 front calipers and cleaned/greased all parts(pistons, rubber dust guards, etc), it took 3 hours. General maintenance of our front breaks cost 250 soles including work, break fluid and break cleaning fluid.
Highly recommend this place, they are pros!

December 19th, 2018 Sol y Dunas Ica

This place is extremely simple, kind of dirty and not well taken care of. Toilets and showers are sad, no TP because someone might steal it. Kitchen is basic, you can cook with wood. Got there late, checked it and left. Got the wrong idea from the other entries, maybe we were so exhausted that our expectations were too high but I wouldn’t recommend it.

December 19th, 2018 Sol y Dunas Ica

This place is extremely simple, kind of dirty and not really well taken care. The bathroom didn’t have TP cause people might steal it? Who’s that? The guests? Got there at night, checked it an left.


We called Renzo to see if he could check our van, he accepted to take us. The team at AutoLac is extremely professional and they solved every little and big problem we had. They were busy but took care of us anyway. The prices were very fair. If you are in Lima and need work on your 4x4 Renzo is your guy!
Just remember to call ahead since they are busy all the time..

May 11th, 2018 Tacu Tato

This is a famous restaurant for tacutacu in Peru, a traditional mix of rice and beans plus sea food. This place ain't cheap but it's really good and portions are big. Right on the beach, authentic Peruvian experience. And they take ViSA.

April 29th, 2018 Mercado Municipal

This is the main market in town, open 7:30am-3pm. Epic for buying fruits and veggies, also cheap breakfast. Look for Comercial San Agustín for great cheese, yogurt and olives. Next to this stand there's a great organic coffee store with different kinds of fresh coffee ground or beans. You can also find bulk nuts at great price. Come prepared with your bags and containers cause you are gonna want to shop here for real!

February 10th, 2018 Empty lot in front of the beach

We got robbed here! Left the van 1 hour in the daytime and came back to find it was broke in! Don't park here!

January 3rd, 2018 BeerKingo Cervecería Artesanal

EN: this is an artesanal brewery in Rio Canoa, 7kms away from town. It's a secluded, beautiful place with delicious beer. You can camp at the flat parking lot, there's space to hang out, a bathroom and a shower. This is a good spot to take a break from the beach and the party towns on the coast, nice and quiet. $3 per person for camping in your vehicle.

ES: esta es una cervecería artesanal en Río Canoa, 7kms desde Canoa. Es un lugar muy tranquilo y hermoso con cerveza deliciosa. Se puede acampar en el parqueadero, tiene áreas planas, una zona con hamacas, un baño y ducha. Es un buen lugar para tomar un break de la playa y de la fiesta en la costa. Súper tranqui. $3 por persona por acampar en tu vehículo.

December 19th, 2017 Delicious salty bread, foccacia & calzone

Best bread on the coast! If you are looking for real bread, get it from Gus! They also have jellies, pickled eggplant. Mon-Wed-Fri artisanal loafs. Tue-Focaccia / Wed-whole wheat. Tue-Thu banana bread. Sat-empanadas and calzones.

November 21st, 2017 Dillancol SA

Very good mechanic. Modern and fair prices. They can manage small and big rigs. They fixed our breaks, balanced our tires and greased up all terminals. Highly recommend them, very professional!

October 30th, 2017 JP Multi Servicio

Excellent mechanic work. They did everything we asked and explained us every detail about parts and replacements: power steering leak and sway bar maintaining. Fair prices. We are very happy and feel reassured we will make it further south! Highly recommend!
HOURS Mon-Fri 7:30am-1pm / 2-7pm

September 23rd, 2017 Mundo Guarigua - Centro Recreacional

This is an hotel with camping also(they rent tents). We slept in our van for 13k pesos p/p with access to the pool, the restaurant and the spa. We went in the sauna and took a shower before bed, it's a great deal for the price. There's the option of paying 25k pesos p/p with buffet breakfast included.
We had a great time here!

September 22nd, 2017 El Negro (Adolfo)

This is certainly a good mechanic, the only guy in town that was able to check the noise on our Ford E250. He doesn't speak English but knows well his trade. He greased and changed one of the rollers of the belt that was making a bad noise. Highly recommend it!

September 18th, 2017 Frenar

This is the best mechanic we've been to in a long time! Breaks are important in Colombia because of the mountains. We had major break issues and they solved them all! Come here with no doubts, they will take care of you!

July 17th, 2017 Automotriz

This mechanic was terrible. Don't use them! We had break problems and needed a check up and alignment. They took 5 hours and didn't update us with what was taking so long. I think they don't like Overlanders. We told them our breaks were smoking and what was wrong, they said breaks were fine. The next day our breaks were smoking again, and the caliper broken, they didn't check or fixed anything. Also they won't let you see how or what are they working on your vehicle.
I would say do not go to this mechanic. Worse experience in all Central America!

May 27th, 2017 Luis Gamboa Mechanic Shop

Best mechanic in town. Our breaks had been an issue for a while and he fixed them. Luis has all the tools, the space, epic shop and of course the knowledge. He was very fair with the price and did all the work himself.

May 19th, 2017 Centro de Servicio Automotriz

This is a very good mechanic shop. We had a problem with our breaks and they checked them and fixed them. Family owned, very honest. Jorge and Michael took care of our Ford van, and were super nice to us.
Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30 / Sat 8:30-12:30

May 18th, 2017 San Gabriel Medical Service

24 hr medical service. This is the most affordable emergency service in town. We went to 2 others before this. They took a very deep urchin out of my foot. Cost of the visit is 20K colones. Highly recommend them.

May 9th, 2017 Gas Villareal

Filled our 10lb propane tank in 2 days. Super helpful people at this propane place. They recommend to fill up here before heading South, since it will take more time the further we go.

April 26th, 2017 Playa Naranjo, Santa Rosa National Park

Ok so just so you know, the road isn't bad, is terrible, is basically a river bed. We heard it has been in better condition but now it's as bad as possible. We drove in with our 4x4 Ford van and made it ok but at certain points we wanted to turn around and go back, but you can't, there is nowhere to turn around. Be aware that you also need plenty of clearance. We saw some Ticos going down in small rigs still 4x4 but those trucks are very light so is a different story if you have all your life in your vehicle. Getting towed out of here is basically impossible.
The park is incredible! Know that you have to bring in everything you need water wise and food wise.
If you aren't sure your vehicle can make it and have very good driving skills I would recommend to think twice about this one!

March 22nd, 2017 Taller Amadeus

This is a diamond in the rough of Managua for overlanders. Anything you need mechanically, Oliver will diagnose and take care of for you. Even staying overnight in the shop until the work is done, we had so much fun and got so much work done for a fair price. Oliver is honest and considerate, as well as accommodating. With 35+ years in the field, a more than experienced mechanic. All the guys working here are really nice and skilled workers. We Are so happy with the work that got done, couldn't have done it without them. Take care of this crew, this is a dream setup in a key location for overlanders on route through the Americas.

March 20th, 2017 Red Cross Parking Lot

This is a safe parking lot, windy enough and shady also depending on where you park. The bathrooms are ok, not really as trashy as mentioned before, just bring your own TP. Walking distance from the center of town. I would recommend camping here if you don't wanna pay for accommodation in Granada, which is pricey.!