ykphil Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
January 3rd, 2018 Ebbs Canyon WMA

As described.

January 3rd, 2018 Ebbs Canyon WMA

As described.

August 16th, 2017 Spot near small waterfall

As described. You can get there if you have high clearance, no 4x4 needed unless it's been raining.

August 15th, 2017 So many spots along the river

Great place close to Vancouver.

August 12th, 2017 wapta falls

View point above the falls. Breathtaking. Take the trail starting at Fraser Creek bridge, going left of the creek all the wayy to the top of the canyon overlooking the falls.

August 12th, 2017 Wapta falls recréation site

Good spot by the road on the shore of Fraser Creek, your best option when Wapta Falls camping spots are full. A bit dusty when vehicles pass by but otherwise quiet. Take the trail to the fall, about 40 minutes, starting at the creek.

August 11th, 2017 Horseshoe Rapids

One of my favorite in BC. Fantastic spot by the Koitenay River. Several campsites along the road past the National Park boundaries (where wild camping is prohibited), firerings, table, pit toilets. The last spot at the end of the dirt road is the best IMHO. Usually quiet even on summer weekends. Bring your rubber fact if you have one, and go down the river all the way to Canal flats if you have a few days, and camp out on the shore. Make sure you have someone downriver to pick you up :: Epic!

August 3rd, 2017 Beaverfoot road bridge

Good place to spend the night if Wapta Falls site is used.

August 2nd, 2017 Tangier Forest Service Road

good spot for the night. The sound of the river will drown the highway noise above.

August 1st, 2017 Grassy Lake Reservoir

Lots of good spots everywhere, for tents and smaller RVs. Note Grassy Lake road is closed in winter.

July 20th, 2017 Zum Peak

nice quiet site within a recreation area, with picnic table and fire ring near a small Creek. Lots of sites along the dirt road up and down from here. Good hiking trails.

July 18th, 2017 Lussier Hot Springs

As described. You can pitch a tent near the springs. This place is a gem, please help keeping it clean by picking up the trash that inconsiderate users have left behind. No camping on site but there are several turnouts in Crown lands along the dirt road leading to the springs.

July 17th, 2017 Epic place above Wapta Falls!

As described. The trail to the falls starts further down the gravel road left of the bridge.

February 18th, 2017 Kanab wild camping very nice!

Great area with several possible sites. After rain or snow, the mud can be very thick and it is easy to get stuck if you don't have 4wd but it's not too bad if you are careful.

February 17th, 2017 Black Canyon

Gravel parking lot at the trailhead of black canyon. Free and clean. There is cold running water and flushing toilet. ok for the night.

February 16th, 2017 Lukeville, Arizona, USA to Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico

Return or obtain your FMM (tourist card) on the Mexican side. Park in the center between the in and out lanes and go to the building to hand your FMM. Don't forget that if you need to return your TIP and get the deposit refunded, you CAN'T do it here, the closest Aduana office being in Pitiquito.

February 15th, 2017 Pitiquito TIP Purchase & Return

TIP can be purchased and returned here. To return the TIP, stop at the small booth at the back of the building and tell the official that you are returning your TIP. They will process the paperwork and the deposit should be returned to you within a few days. This office is open 24 hours and is the only place to return your TIP before leaving Mexico. Note that FMMs cannot be returned here, only at the border.

February 14th, 2017 San Carlos wild Camp

As described, this is a great stretch of beach with several flat pullouts with some privacy near dunes. A handful of RVs camp here but it is very quiet and regularly patrolled by police who saved and smiled in the usual Mexican fashion. Great spot.

February 13th, 2017 Las Glorias Beach

great beach for camping. Free. Take a spot where you feel like it but (1) watch for tide (2) watch for soft sand (3) stay away on weekends and holidays, this place is full of beach riders, ATVs, etc. until very late. Otherwise than that, wonderful beach camping.

February 13th, 2017 Moroncarit Beach

Long stretch of undeveloped beach, very quiet during the week, only a few 3 groups of people were there during the day but left before 6pm, probably busier on weekends. Pick a spot up from the high water mark down by the dunes. The RV park down the beach is nice and was open but totally empty when we passed by.

February 9th, 2017 Cesar bodyshop & Painting

good place to get a quick repair on body or welding

February 8th, 2017 Mazatlan Beach Camping

Great spot, easy access. But do not try to drive over to the actual beach if you don't have another 4x4 vehicle to pull you out if (when) you get stuck.

February 6th, 2017 Little Rig RV Park

Pros: very nice and cozy little RV park that caters to small rigs, perfect for overlanders who don't feel like camping between two huge bus-size rigs. Carole and Brian the owners are also very nice. Cons: 400 pesos per night is a bit steep and much more than we ever paid, especially we don't use water, sewer and power.

January 30th, 2017 Melaque Paradise

Great little RV and campsite mostly designed for RVs. We have a rooftop tent and couldn't find a shady spot to park. Nevertheless, the location is good, rate without services is 100 pesos per person, 350 for a serviced site. Clean bathrooms, cold shower, nice swimming pool and common outdoor lounge area, laundry for 20 pesos. This little village has a very large older snowbird clientele but has surprisingly kept its small village atmosphere. Nice place to spend a few days, or months.

January 26th, 2017 Playa Miramar

Overnight camping is allowed in public parking access between private homes and restaurants. Feels safe, locals we spoke to said many people, foreigners and Mexicans alike, camp during the weekend. Not much shade, but washrooms (baños) are available nearby for 5 pesos and showers (regaderas) for 10 pesos. We camped 3 nights there, the cars are noisy but the sounds of the waves will put you to sleep.

January 25th, 2017 Hotel Real De Pascuales

At 100 pesos for 2 people for a tent site, it's OK for the night. We have a rooftop tent and could only stay in the parking lot (same for a small RV). Noisy practically all night and morning, cold showers and running water between 8:30 and 18:00 only, bucket shower otherwise, not so clean bathrooms, no TP, no kitchen but you can use a propane stove for basic cooking and coffee...I'd rather camp in the bush but we had no other choice as the numerous other boondocking sites along the whole beach were totally trashy (recent hurricane?).But if you're a surfer or beach goer, it's the perfect place to set your tent up for a while, or rent a room for 350 pesos.

January 25th, 2017 Rio Talpuyeque

Nice spot to camp on the shore of Rio Talpuyeque in the Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra Manantlan. We drove all the way to the end of the road past the pueblo of Cuzalapa and this is the only boondocking spot we could find, which is surprising for such a large biosphere reserve. Access from the road is very short but very steep and rough and requires high clearance 4x4 and good off-road skills. The river was rehabilitated as part of a government initiative but was nevertheless quite trashy, we did a good cleanup but no doubt it won't stay that way for long, unfortunately. Little traffic from the road above, and gentle river sound will put you to sleep quickly. Note: no information about water quality for bathing.

January 24th, 2017 white water

20 litres for $Mx11.

January 23rd, 2017 Cafe La Yerbabuena

nice little rustic cafe. owner/manager Ramon is very friendly, don't hesitate to go in even if the place is deserted, Ramon will make you a great cup of coffee and will be happy to show you the place and the artisanal process from growing to serving the final product. And the view of the Volcan de Colima -which erupted loudly while we were there, is priceless.

January 23rd, 2017 Yerba Buena

All was perfect, peaceful and idyllic in the little village...we even had the privilege of seeing the eruption of the Volcan a few minutes after we arrived at the village...until we were awoken around 9pm by loud music, yelling and drinking in the little park in front of which we were camped...we packed and left quickly and ended up spending the night in a little clearing up a small dirt road from the cafe.