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Date Place Comment
April 9th, 2019 El Pabellon RV Park

Very nice place, great beach. Just beware, water at hookup is salty, and wifi isn't worth paying for. Telcel 4G was faster in that location

April 3rd, 2019 La Pila Balneario & Trailer Park

Good, clean bathrooms. Extremely fine sand makes it dusty. We were here on a weekday, not to many people on the balneario durong the day, and we were the only campers at night. Coordinates are fine, but Google Maps tried to take us through a dirt road that does not exist anymore. A noisy car doing rounds every 2 hours kept waking us up (not sure, but it seems like the place's security)

March 25th, 2019 Automotriz Alex

"chicote" is a clever mechanic. He figured out how to fix our canopy, with no prior experience on it. Their expertise is welding and building pieces that are not available. There are two shops next to each other, this one is not the one in the corner, but the one next to it

March 25th, 2019 Roberto Félix

Very creative and honeat mechanic. Expert on electric, but willing to figure out new stuff. He checked my pump, told me it didn't need any fixing. He alao refered ua to a mechanic tobfix our canopy

March 16th, 2019 Public parking lot Free

Great place to boondock for a night. Very safe, free, close to town and policemen in charge are extremely friendly . When we arrived it looked full, but there was a closed area. Policeman opened the area for us and invited us to park and spend the night there. He registered our plates and names, and told us were to get a cab to go visit the town. Cathedral is 15 mins away on taxi, great place to leave your camper while visiting Morelia.

5 policemen are full time for security (this is the local convention center) and they are keen to promote tourism (policeman told us to spread the word about parking here)

March 13th, 2019 Embarcadero Laumase

Prior Description is accurate. Lovely place, Don Agustín, in charge of the place is a very nice man. Mx$250 per vehicle.

Good bathroom, but only cold shower

March 13th, 2019 San Juan del Lago

You must call before to arrange for the gate to be opnned. We call several times an emailed the same day, did not get an answer and went there anyway. Gate was closed, and far away from site. We left

March 9th, 2019 La Norberta

Great food. All the Menu is based in Mexican, with a bit of a hipster interpretation (butcthey dont over do it)

I recommend it

March 4th, 2019 La Taverna De Los Duendes

Great food, great value. We had pasta and steak, and enough keftovera for dinner for mx$600. Parking is a challenge, only room for 2 cars or one mid size rig, like ours

March 2nd, 2019 los Puerto

Don Ignacio and Samuel did a great quick job to change our radiator. General mechanics were nice and gave us good tips on car maintanance

February 22nd, 2019 Parque Jardín de la Marimba

Every evening, from 6 to 8pm, live Marimba music ina very family friendly environment. Locals, mostly senior, come to dance to traditional marimba music, Danzón and Boleros. One may watch and join the dancing

February 17th, 2019 Road to Tonina Ruins

Check for sign "rancho de los abuelos". Traditional Balneario catering local families for picnics. They charged us Mx$100 to spend the night. Showers and pool area available. Facilities are basic but in good shape

February 15th, 2019 Los Tucanes

Their main business is a restaurant catering for truck drivers, offering very good value for money on the restaurant, which also has great ambiance for the type of business.

But they also have a nice pool (mx$ 35 per adult), patio tables for family entertaining, and a large grass area for campers, where they charge Mx$ 150. They also offer the alternative of parking by the trucks for free. Francisco, the owner, is a very good host.

Food was good and very reasonably priced. Bathrooms are ok, but not great. Wifi does not reach the campers area (for a phone or tablet, maybe a laptop would work), and telcel has weak signal.

They do not have electricity, water or dump hookups.

Very well located in the middle of the road between Chetumal and Palenque, about 1 hour from the Calakmul entrance

February 12th, 2019 Taller Diaz

Goid general mechanic, not cheap but reliable. Did oil change and brake fixing on our F250 v10. A Highly recommended by taxi drivers, who know their stuff - +529831317407

Not fluent in English, but able to communicate

February 11th, 2019 Mike's Autoshop Air Conditioning

Mike knows AC like few do. He speaks English and is a ver nice guy. Quickly fixed ours, and checked it up

In the meantime, he gave us a good Mexican history lesson!

February 10th, 2019 Laguna Bonanza

Small "balneario" next to a nice small lagoon. They mainly cater to local families enjoying the lagoon, so expect noisy kids on weekends. They have have a restaurant with limited menu that opens only on weekends.

We didn't sleep, only stopped for fried fish (and parked ouer 11" camper) but the owner told us they would take us for the night (we didn't discuss price)

January 31st, 2019 Mayalav Laundry

Very good service. Only self service. They a large variety of machine sizes an good internet. Very close to a Soriana, which makes it very convenient. We parked at Soriana and while one did groceries, the other did the laundry

January 26th, 2019 Ecocamping Valladolid

Great location, close to chichen itza and to Ekbalam. The site is well taken care off and reasonably priced (we were charged mx$ 150 per person). No electric hook up for the camper, as they are 100% solar. Kitchen is quite comfortable, so it was nice to cook there, instead of the camper, for once.

Ramon and Christian are great hosts.

And the beetles turned rooms are quite charming