io Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
March 11th, 2020 Overlander Beach Campsite “Don Taco”.

We planned to stay for 2 nights, ended up with 7. Very nice amenities for including hammocks, outdoor kitchen, tables and palapas. We also enjoyed swimming and snorkeling very much. A place to rest and relax. Nothing more to add on previous comments, just one thing: bring insect repellent.

January 21st, 2020 X DIVE MX WHALE SHARK TOURS

We did the Whaleshark tour with Armando today and it was such a great experience. Due to the fact that boats are limited to 14 per shift and due to the high number of whalesharks in the bay you have the chance to see the animals without being disturbed by other boats or too many people around. We were just the two of us in the boat and swam with 8 of those giants. Armando did everything to make it a very special day for us. He gave us good explanations, spotted the animals, guided us in the water to get as close as possible without disturbing them and gave us enough time to encounter and observe them. Communication in English was easy and flexible via WhatsApp and the price was very reasonable compared to competitors. Secure parking is available at his property and we even got nice pictures in the end. 100% recommended.

January 3rd, 2020 Agua purificado

Aqua purificado with Hose for RVs. Very nice staff, good price of 2 Peso per Gallon.

December 6th, 2019 Hot Shower and Laundry

Found the shower block, but were told there is no laundry.

December 5th, 2019 La Cueva Del Pirata

We arrived after two days of rain. The rough road in was quite wet, muddy and there were a few big waterholes right in the beginning. It got better after 1km and we made it with our 20 ft campervan. 10 gravel lots in total with 5 directly on the cliff, quite levelled and equipped with non-potable water, electricity, fire pits and wood and bbqs. We stayed one night without using the bathroom (just the restaurant toilet) and were the only ones on the campground. However the Restaurant was visited by locals. We had a delicious margarita and the pirate burrito which was fine, though nothing special. All in all a quiet place to stay for a night and to enjoy a nice drink at the veranda with a few over the cliffs. Nothing else to do here though.

December 4th, 2019 El Faro

As everyone described. Just a parking lot in the harbour / tourist area. We did not see and use the toilet. Security was around all day long, not sure about night time. Got louder once at 2am by a group of (drunken) men, but other than that it was not noisy till 6am. Good if you want to be close to bars and restaurants.

December 3rd, 2019 L. A. Cetto

Arrived there and security asked us if we want to do a wine tasting and/or stay overnight. He asked for our harvest toast membership, which we don’t have. He was nevertheless happy to help and to arrange that we could stay there (of course he asked for a tip). We were directed to the backside with views into the wineyard. Security around all night long, but mainly out of sight. Usage of toilet was possible 24 hours. The tour with wine tasting (100 peso per person) was nice even if in Spanish. Guide gave us some info in English though. Tasting included 2 white and 2 red wines.

December 1st, 2019 K58 Campground

After the border crossing we ended up staying here for two nights. Big parking space not 100% levelled and as already described with basic toilet block and outdoor showers. 200 pesos per night for staying directly on the cliff and with access to the beach. Place is not really secured, no fence or anything and only „secured“ by the family who runs it (so practically not). However we were a handful Rvs there and felt okay. Some touristic bars around. Very good taco stall/ truck nearby (close to Oxxo; 20 peso per piece) and on weekends (Fr-Mo) there is also a good local Tamalis Stall there.