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January 1st, 2012 Hotel Pousada das Missoes

The price consists of 12 reales / person for a private bathroom and a 10-Real / person for breakfast. We were allowed to stay with the truck right next to the barbecue area of the youth hostel. Well maintained grounds with shared kitchen and lounge, free WIFI. Very good and rich breakfast buffet. Very clean bathroom with hot shower and towels.

Right next to the hostel there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Jesuit reduction of São Miguel das Missoes (Admission: 5 Real / person)

January 1st, 2012 Camping Peras Buenas

Campground, 20 minutes' walking distance from the center of San Pedro de Atacama. There are several, partly shady sites under large trees. Small palapas at almost every site. Grills, tables and chairs for use. The ground is a very dusty kicked up with every step. Several cold showers and clean toilets.

for those who arrive after the lagoon route without diesel and food in San Pedro de Atacama: There is a gas station in the village (629 chil pesos / liter of diesel = 0.96 euros.), and small grocery stores.

(Originally 4,000 chil. Pesos / person, but after hearing only 3,500 chil. Pesos / person)

January 1st, 2012 Pull out in riverbed

To ensure that our diesel heater won't break, we did not want to drive higher up to the mountains. We pulled out of the road in a dry river bed, visible from the street anyway.

January 1st, 2012 Camping Turismo "La Cienaga" Municipalidad de el Carmen

Camping Municipal de El Carmen. We parked very nice on a grassy field and under shady trees. Everywhere there were bank / table combinations concrete barbecues. On the site was a building with shared cold showers and simple toilets. The main attraction of the place were a large swimming pool and sports fields. From 10pm the park is open only for campers.

(15 arg. Peso / person)

January 1st, 2012 Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena

This camping is actually a giant kidney shaped swimming pool with benches, tables and grills are the edge. The sites are very close to the swimming pool. Very hot shared showers, clean but basic toilets. The bus to the center of Salta leaves right outside the campground.

(6 arg. Peso / person and 25 arg. Peso / car)

January 1st, 2012 Camping Municipal

Actually more of a picnic area, but we were allowed to stay overnight for free. Shady sites under old trees, next to a large field with vineyards. Benches, tables and grills. Very well kept. A toilet is located on the sports field, but we did not use it.

January 1st, 2012 Camping Los Alamitos de las Thermas de Fiambalá

A gorgeous thermal bath located on a mountain with several natural stone pools and different temperatures. We were parked very nicely with a view to the valley. There are toilets and cold showers in the parking lot. At the hot springs above, there is additional nice hot showers.

(The very high price consists of the entry of 45 arg. Peso / person and the camping accommodation of 70 arg. Peso / car. Self camping had 18 arg. Peso / car cost, so for camping really only an additional cost of 52 arg. peso = 8 euros are incurred.)

January 1st, 2012 Refugio at the hot springs of Laguna Verde

You couldn't imagine a better view. Located on the shores of the turquoise lagoon. The campsite was used by several campers. Right at the lake there are two natural thermal spring pools. When we were there it was very windy, but at night not as cold as expected (0 ° C).

We drove there directly from the Argentinian / Chilean border without having done the border formalities for Chile. But it was not a problem, you can also do it a day later.

January 1st, 2012 Laguna Santa Rosa

Site with views of the lagoon and the peaks of Cerro Tres Cruces. As it was extremely windy, we searched for protection behind a huge rock. We had originally parked with even greater views of the peninsula in the lagoon, but there the wind was so strong so we had to move.

January 1st, 2012 On the beach of Bahia Salada

We pulled out next to the small dirt road on the beach. Quiet at night. But be cautious, the sand is very deep and you get stuck quickly.

January 1st, 2012 El Almendral Parque Recreativa

at the river in the Elqui Valley there is one campground next to the other. Most offer both picnic areas for day use, as well as sites for the night. Almost all of them have one or more pools, grills and picnic tables. The prices for a night vary from 3000 to 8000 Chilean pesos per person. El Almendral was already a bit old, but nicely situated. Rustic toilets and cold showers, large pool. Very friendly manager.

(3,000 Chilean pesos / person)

January 1st, 2012 Road pull out

Just beyond the control of the Argentinian police we pulled out to the river and stayed for the night between two trees at the river. A lot of flies. Visible from the street.

We came here directly from the Chilean / Argentinian border without having done the border formalities for Argentina. But it was not a problem, you can also do it a day later.

January 1st, 2012 Mendoza - Parque Suizo

Large campground with beautiful, but very small sites. Most sites have a large palapa and a barbecue. Table and chairs are provided. The whole area is covered with large shady trees and well maintained. Hot showers, clean toilets, (slow) Free WIFI. There is a pool, but has no filter system, so the water is quite dirty.

(50 arg. Peso / person and 30 arg. Peso / vehicle)

January 1st, 2012 Camping Municipal Uspallata "Apuyam"

Older, municipal campground under big trees. Benches, tables and grills. Hot showers and toilets (the toilets in the mens were all not working). Small swimming pool.

From here you can visit the Puente del Inca (S 32.82473 W 69.91170, 2,765 m) and the Aconcagua Provincial Park (S 32.82364 W 69.94229, 2,860 m). From Horcones Valley Trail you have a great view of the highest mountain in the Americas. The entrance fee is 10 arg. Peso / person and you are allowed to hike a maximum of about 1.5 hours. Who ever wants to do longer hikes on Aconcagua, the Trekking / Climbing ticket for arg 150. Peso / person. is required

(25 arg. Peso / person and 20 arg. Peso / vehicle)

January 1st, 2012 Camping El Montañes

One of the worst campsites we stayed in Latin America. But we are to blame, we should have had al look at the place before paying.There was a lot of garbage, benches and tables were often broken as were the grills. The toilets were either blocked or the water did not flush. There were supposed to be hot showers from 8pm to 12 pm, but there was hot water only at the men's bathroom.

January 1st, 2012 Reserva Natural Laguna del Diamante

Admission to the park costs 50 arg. Peso / person (~ 7,70 €), however you can stay as long as you want camping at the Laguna del Diamante. The turquoise lagoon is located at the foot of the 5,323 meter high volcano Maipo and is surrounded by snow capped mountain ranges. There is a camping area right at the lake with very clean toilets. You can do nice hikes around the lagoon. From the park entrance to the lagoon it is 43 kilometers passing through an impressive mountain area, at 3,650 meters above sea level. The road is recommended only for 4x4s, but thought it was not challenging.

January 1st, 2012 Camping Municipal Malargüe

Unfortunately, the campsite was very busy when we arrived. Therefore, we did not get one of the beautiful sites near the entrance with benches, table and barbecue under the shady trees, we had to stay at the back of a small area. Bathrooms with toilets and hot showers. Hot water was available only from 6pm. Free WIFI did not work when we were there.

January 1st, 2012 Wild camp close to a Oil Derrick

Wild camping on a small parking lot. Not visible from the road, very quiet at night. The site is located just a few miles from the ferry which goes to the island of Tierra del Fuego. The ferry crosses the Strait of Magellan several times a day and costs 13,900 chil. Pesos (car incl. all people).

January 1st, 2012 Parque Nacional Monte Leon

Not because of the campsite, but because of the amazing national park, this campsite was one of our favorites. There is a huge penguin colony amongst which you can hike. In addition there are sea lions and cormorants. Admission to the park is free.

From the site there is a view to the sea, has very nice sites with bench/ table combinations and grills. There is a brand new, very nice and clean bathroom. Unfortunately, there was acute water shortage in the park and the water had to be supplied by tankers. Therefore, the (fantastic) showers were not open.

(The second night cost only 90 arg. Pesos)

January 1st, 2012 On the way to Monumento Nacional Bosque Petrificado

It is forbidden to camp on the grounds of the park. A ranger sent us away quite rudely. Alternatively, we then parked just outside of the park next to the road. As the road is almost exclusively used by the visitors of the park, it's very quiet here at night. Toilet at the visitor center of the park.

There is no admission fee for the park and we thought it was the most impressive one of all the petrified forests (USA, Ecuador, Argentina) we have visited.

January 1st, 2012 Rada Tilly - Camping Municipal

For a very long time an Argentine campsite with reasonable prices. Beautiful, marked sites with good shelter. Grills at (almost) every site. Clean bathrooms with hot showers. Free WIFI. Walking distance to the city and just a few minutes walk from the long beach.

Laundry service at "lavadero Easy Clean" (S 45.92979 W 67.56494). German propane bottles can be filled with US adapter at SURGAS (S 45.89146 67.53436 W) in Rivadavia.

Sea lions in the reserve Punta Marqués / Rada Tilly (S 45.95903 67.53634 W, 20 arg. Peso / pers.), Museo del Petroleo in Rivadavia (S 45.83706 W 67.48095).

(... 27 arg pesos / person, 42 arg Peso / Caravan We have taken the weekly fee to complete: pay 6, 1 day free Therefore, only 82.30 pesos arg / day ~ 12,70 Euros..)

January 1st, 2012 Camarones Municipal Campsite

Beautiful place with views of the sea. Grills at site. Rustic bathrooms, but with hot showers.

Further north there is a huge penguin colony in the Reserva Provincial Punta Tombo (S 44.04529 65.23657 W, 60 arg. Peso / person)

(25 arg. Peso / person, 25 arg. Peso / vehicle)

January 1st, 2012 Camping bomberos

Camping of the volunteer firefighters from Gaiman. It is located above the river. Many picnic tables, benches and grills. Simple bathrooms, but very clean with hot showers.

Camping in Dolavon (S 43.30512 65.71148 W), large area in the sand, benches / tables / grills, bathrooms. The campground is free, the guards wanted a tip.

January 1st, 2012 Camping ACA

You get significant discounts with ADAC card. The prices depend on the season and rise up to 160 arg. Peso for non-automobile club members. Our vehicle was classified as Camionetta and not as a camper (90 arg. Peso / day).

Huge camping area with marked sites. Large bathrooms with hot showers. Separate barbecue areas, free WIFI.

wild camping on the cliff of Punta Ninfas (S 42.97910 W 64.30888). Unfortunately, in April elephant seals were not there. Usually, there are stairs down to the beach one and you are very close to the colony of elephant seals.

January 1st, 2012 Camping Río Colorado

The campground was officially closed for the season, so we didn't have to pay. However, the bathrooms were open and there were clean toilets and hot showers. Between the trees there are very narrow sites which are too tight for an RV.

(14 arg. Peso / person, 21 arg. Peso / vehicle)

January 1st, 2012 Camping Municipal Azul

Large park with tall, shady trees, right on the river. Benches, tables and grills. Clean bathrooms with hot showers.

(10 arg. Peso / person, 20 arg. Peso / vehicle)

January 1st, 2012 Buenos Aires Buquebus Terminal

One of the most affordable 24-hour parking in the center. On weekends the huge parking lot next to the pier of the Buquebus Ferry (ferry to Uruguay) and the Argentine Navy is almost empty, but during the week it's full to the last pace. We camped here seven days and felt always safe. Very nice guard. For such a big city pretty quiet at night. Within walking distance to Puerto Madero and the city center. There is a toilet in the parking lot (dirty and only with bucket flush), which we did not use. Only within a five minute walk you can use the clean toilets at the Buquebus terminal.

Andeanroads, S34.45098 W58.68197. The former Overlander Christian operates a RV rental and also provides possibility for RV Storage (50 € / month outside, 65 € / month inside) and a shady area for camping (7 € / night).

January 1st, 2012 Hotel La Magdalena

Very basic hotel in the district of Gethsemani. It is a five minute walk from the Old Town. Room with no windows and no natural light. Open bathroom with cold water shower and toilet without seat. TV. Spotlessly clean with daily change of towels and linens. For the above-mentioned price we have booked a twin room with fan. Because none was available, we were given a triple room with air conditioning without any additonal charge. Unfortunately no safe deposit in the hotel. Although we had been offered to lock our papers and our money, it turned out later that the things have been stored in an open drawer at the front desk for three days.

(Not including breakfast. Booked via http://www.booking.com)

January 1st, 2012 Hotel Stil

Nice hotel in the heart of La Matuna. It is also a five minute walk to the old town. We had a large room on the 9th floor with a view to the old town and the sea. Air conditioning, television, refrigerator, large bathroom, cold water shower. In-room safe deposit. As breakfast is included, therefore it was the better deal for us compared to La Magdalena.

(Breakfast included. Booked via http://www.booking.com)

January 1st, 2012 Hotel Bellavista + Camping

In the backyard of the hotel's Bellavista parking lot. A little trashy. Cold showers, toilets very simple. OK for the night after shipping, otherwise too expensive for what you get. Inexpensive food at the restaurant.

(40,000 COP / day with electricity)