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June 26th, 2020 South I 80, Shoemaker Island

Addendum, just spoke to a local the Sandhill Cranes are seasonal, said normally in March.

June 26th, 2020 South I 80, Shoemaker Island

Not at the coordinates, a hundred yards or so further along the road. No signs saying No Camping/Overnight Parking so maybe we will be OK for the night. There is a observation deck over the Platte River, and I believe you can see Sandhill Cranes there. Don’t know if it is seasonal or daily so will go down there in the evening to see.

June 11th, 2020 7 1/2 Road, west of Bighorn Canyon

Went to the GPS location but...... they have been working on the roads and they have left a small berm instead of a curb. There was no way I would push across some of the smaller berms in my class C. The GPS location was half way up a small tight canyon, so I would question the 360 degree views from that point. However there are some wonderful views, we cruised around looking for some place but none found. There was a lot of roads in the area, all dirt with the small berms either side. There was also signage from mineral companies all around, although we did see a sign that said it was open range when we first turned in. Very possible these mineral companies, who probably put in the toads don’t want prople camping.

May 17th, 2020 Foote Public Access - North Platte River

Found the camping area, my GPS was way out but there is only one road. Once you come to the boat launch you will see signs about no overnight camping. Go a little further and you will find the campsite with the toilets. Limit of 5 days, nice and peaceful, cool due to shading from trees. Put out my solar panels but not expecting much. River is real close and there was what looked to be puddles left over from a rain storm, which makes me think that maybe if a heavy rain does come it might be an idea to pull out. We were the first one here and got the space behind the toilet block. Took a bit of manuevering in my 27’ Class C but managed to back in and got a fairly level spot. Sketchy AT&T service.

April 27th, 2020 Savannah Tree Farms

The guy who runs the farm is really nice. He pointed out various water spigots I could fill up in, and where I can dump. We were in a back lot where there was mounds of compost, but we are only here for one night. Compost difn’t smell and there was a lot of birds around

April 22nd, 2020 Mesa verde Nationalpark (outside In BLM)

Second time here, first back in Feb 2020 when road was just too muddy for our 27’ Class C. Didn’t get stuck but got a lot of mud in the wheels. Second visit in April 2020, road in very rutted but hard packed mud. Kept on climbing and eventually found a good spot with excellent views of Mesa Verde. Only saw one other sote occupied with tent campers.

April 21st, 2020 Cinder Hills OHV Area

Road a bit bumpy but accessible to all rigs at this time. There is a lot of shaded camping and a huge field of what looks to be black crushed gravel. Bear in mind what OHV stands for, there are loads of off road trails for motorbikes (and probably other off road motors). Apparently it gets a bit noisy at the weekend.