torsten.glaes Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
August 13th, 2017 Waffles de Belgica

Nice little Café with Belgium waffles next to the cidap Museum, waffles from 1,5-2,5$, friendly Owner...

August 8th, 2017 Cark Park at 4580 m

We made it with 2wd, driving experience and a bit luck comparer to some city suv! Don't hesitate, if you're not able to drive the last tricky part, park the car 2-4 bends underneath the carpark and walk up! The road is definitely in bad conditions

August 6th, 2017 El Meson - Parilla

Good value food, almuerzo 3,50$ with soup, main and lemonade. Main dishes around 10$, quite full restaurant - bring some time.
clean bathrooms!!
No loud music

July 16th, 2017 ATMA Hostel - Yoga

New Hostel opened 07/17 with brand new 2nd/3rd floor and lots of space and facilities. Dorms(22-25 Soles), Double(60-75 Soles) and Single(40 Soles). 1 secure Parking, so we slept in our Van (Hyundai H1, Max. 2,15m) which really fit thight in the indoor parking and could use all facilities for 15 p.P.,this could be used for maybe 4 Motorbikes as well.
Surfboard-, Shower- and Wetsuitcorner, Kitchen, Yoga 5 sol p.P. for guest, 15 p.P. for coming by, Mo-We-Fr Morning, Balcony and backyard area to relax.
Dutch owner, so well English speaking and got lots of tips for travelling and surfing!
#Until 08/17 20% off prices#

July 15th, 2017 BCP ATM

ATM is working agai - 700soles, it was out of order because of flood damages. Only Option for Foreigners.
The "RED Agente" in the shops are just for customers they have a account, a local told us

June 30th, 2017 Cerro Azul Surf School

Stayed here 1 night, the wave is fast and can go big, with the Longboards it was possible at the pier...
Police drove by frequently and gretted us friendly, quite at night.

June 28th, 2017 PN Paracas Visitor Center

Like other entry already said, the construction is finished in February 2017, everything is new, signs for directions and informations(English and Spanish), the road is gravel/salt mix but drivable with every car(dry season), we saw 3-4 option for bathrooms, sometimes closed, sometimes open for 1-2 sol, clean and friendly staff, close to Playa Rojo are 3-4 restaurants with, hopefully with fresh sea food.
Definitely worth to visit, nice area and nature beach/cliff sites, there is no reason to sleep at the visitor center if you can stay at the ocean, be friendly to the park rangers and they tell you where to stay! Still 10 sol p.P. per day including one stay overnight, 3 days might be 20 p.P.!

June 28th, 2017 Paracas NP - La Mina Beach

Stayed at La Mina Playa, the wind was okay, behind the toilet house (If you enter the site, in front, and depends the wind direction) was nearly no wind, but you need to level a bit! The guy from the bathroom told us to knock on his door if we need it...we will see! Sun disappeared early around 04:30pm, behind the hills! Quite and Peaceful...

June 27th, 2017 Llanteria "el Chino" (Tyre Repair)

Need a tyre fixed(nail), drove by and he started straight, clued a patch inside and after asking balanced the wheel (pretty basic machine).
For 16 Soles quite happy

June 26th, 2017 Corrupt Police Control - Light Off issue

We stopped for a Police Control, before the toll station, the first thing the Officer said, that we drove without light (of course we did not), I showed him the light switch ON, but he didn't care! After we showed him every single document we got, he started with a new problem, the red/white reflectors! So we said that they are in the back and the sides are not necessary, like the customs at the Border told us (anyway the Policecar got no sticker at all!!!). After that he checked the lights in the rear and came back with still the Light ON issue, so after 10 times saying we drive everytime with light, he walked to his colleague. The other cop came by talked the same shit but let us drive after 10min stupidness!
We heard about that issue before so be careful here and at the Panamericana, Cops do the same show there! Keep an eye on your light switch or cover it, don't turn the engine off-the lights will go off as well, Don't get out of the car, it's a law that this is not necessary! Good Luck and safe travels!

June 26th, 2017 PetroPeru Gas Station

Spend a night here as well (without filling up), we bought a overpriced six pack at Valentinos Restaurants. Valentino was really nice and told us to sit in the Restaurant, drink the beer and use his average/good WiFi, with discolights and music! We were happy to feel safe and had beer plus acceptable Bathrooms and cold showers, in the shower area are 2 big sinks to wash dishes! Night was quite(consider the big Road), trucks started around 06-07:00 AM! If you need air for your tires, I couldn't find a filler, went back to the primax gas station

June 25th, 2017 Hotel Tampumayu

Spent here one night, payed 20sol for a van + 2 Persons, drank wine at the Restaurant.
The night was excellent, quite and peaceful place with lots of animals, the small dogs are super cute, the big one easy...Could use the super clean Bathroom from restaurants, no shower!

June 23rd, 2017 Quinta Lala Camping

We also spent time here, after/before Machu Picchu/Choquequirao Trekking, at our time staying there we "met" 17 other Overlander cars(+parking ones) so with one Toilet house, it is quite difficult. But the owners are really nice, and after every question, they answer and did quick what ever was wished! They Building a big new part of the House. Which should be used for following Overlander as the new Bathrooms...The Internet, download still not bad, upload horrible!
Not to do advertising for a different spot, but if you coming from Puno, Cabaña Hotel is also nice for 1-2 nights, fast Internet.... 1/2 price...(Entry in Ioverlander as well) Gets cold in the night fore sure!

June 18th, 2017 Choquequirao ruins

Really nice entry and our final motivation to do the Track.
Just some additional Informations for the time in June:

- Like already written, big rigs should not try to drive to the trailhead, on the way is a wooden bridge, not suitable for heavy vehicles.
- Day 1 or from Mirador Capuliyoc to Rosalina, this Part has Sun over the whole day, nearly no shady spots.
- Day 2 or from Rosalina to Marampata, the really hard part is at the Bottom mostly shady, 100% until 10:00am, after Rosa Alto more open spots with sun, but if you Start early you can reach 2900m mostly cool and shady (June!!!)
- Please consider: the last Campsite called Choquequirao is not in the Ruins, it is far surrounded by them, shady and cool - not nice in Winter
- We are 100% with the creator of this entry, pack all food or waterfilter utilities, we saw shops open on the way there and closed coming back! Be careful of hoping to buy things there. Otherwise people went there and eat every single meal at the small shops and Campsites, but we don't know, if they organized anything in beforehand. Their mostly Peruvians!
- After our schedule to sleep at the Choquequirao Campsite, we would now spent the night in Marampata! Why? The Campsite Choque has sun for just 5h and you need to carry your heavy backpack over the last, still hard 4km which is not necessary if you start with a daypack from Marampata, where the view, sun and infrastructure is better! (just our opinion for June, Summer could be totally different)
- Lama terraces got Sun in June by 11:30am, so you start to climb down around 11, enjoy the Lamas pictures "early"
- Park Entry now 60 p.P.
- Bring Money! Water 2,5l 12sol, Coke 0,5l 5sol, Apple, Eggs, Tomatos for normal prices
- they told us to bring our passport, but we didn't need it, may a copy is enough

Have fun and enjoy the tough and wonderful track


June 17th, 2017 Camping Choquequirao

Shady, cold and humid in June, better option to stay in Marampata! Bathrooms are "clean" cold shower was nice.
Unfortunately, the locals start a big party at night. Less than 2 km to the main plaza

June 16th, 2017 Santa Rosa Alta

We didn't stay, but is was open on the way up and down, at Choquequirao we talked to a group they stayed there 1 night before. It is possible that campsites sometimes are not open....

June 7th, 2017 La Cabana Hotel

Easy and fair Deal! We're not sure how much we was around 20 sol, to park, use bathroom and hot shower, electricity in the reception and WiFi was really good!
The neighbourhood is nothing special but there a few car partsshops, where I got most of my required parts for Hyundai H1, the ladys at the shops are really nice, one of them speak English (out of hotel, cross the street and walk up, the second shop it was I thought or ask) Tottus 5min, cheap Petrolstation (Repsol Diesel 10,60), Laundry, Almuerzos close by/same street, Minibus 20-30min to the Center

June 6th, 2017 New Rainbow Mountain Parking

Start the here as well, around 06:00am is perfect to be one of the first Tourist at the Mirador, earlier could be nice, but the sun isn't high and strong enough to get the colors illuminated (in June)
Later is an option too, but consider the weather, it starts closing with clouds early, in our case already 11-12am!!!
Don't forget money for Entry 10sol p.P and coins for toilet and drinks on the way
Have fun!

June 5th, 2017 New Rainbow mountain car park/campsite

Camped here as well, beginning of June it gets icy at night, but there isn't a better Start for Tourist Attractions like this.
We arrived at 04:30pm, on the way still minibuses passing us, so be careful on the way there!
Consider the Sunrise direction for your Diesel Engine, lots of people we met had problems to start the frozen Engine, although because of the altitude (~4600m)

June 4th, 2017 Tinajani Canyon

Like the other said, nice place, quite except some bypassing vehicle but didn't bother us! In June it is quite cold in the morning... around freezing level, but sun then superstrong

June 1st, 2017 Hostal Casa Blanca (plus camping)

really nice place, clean bathroom and useful shower, 37 Soles for 2 p and a van. we filled up the water and we are fine, the owner was really friendly and the WiFi incredible(compare to Bolivia)

May 29th, 2017 Daniel's Camp / Parking

paid 30bobs for 2persons + van, the owner was really friendly, bummer that the shower is ice cold and the toiletseat is missing, otherwise it would be great place to stay

May 28th, 2017 Fuel Station, first after rough Road to Rurre

Again, drove by, ask for "full and sin fractura" - no problem at all.
This time used Bathroom - okay!

May 28th, 2017 Rurre Agua natural 20l Jugs

Nice lady, selling filtered water from nearby mountains.
We ask if we can fill one 20l jug in our 2 10l cans, instead she give our cans to a guy who cleaned them and filled them up...really nice - 20 Bobs

May 28th, 2017 El Gekko Hostel & Camping

Hostel & Campsite located at the hill in Coroico, they have doorms(35pp), places to pitch a Tent and a small levelled spot for 1 Camper(15pp), shared Bathroom, mini Bistro - basic Breakfast (10Bobs), stunning views.
the place is basic and almost clean, the owner was really friendly.
the street to get there is quite steep and slippery, if rain, may hard to get there

May 21st, 2017 El Mirador

Its a bummer that we couldn't visit the Campsite, we arrived at the driveway on a rainy day and couldn't drive up the hill, with speed we just reached 60%, the cobble stone are so slippery!!! (2WD Hyundai Van), really sad after the hard way! This is not a message to avoid the place, just for information!

May 21st, 2017 Hotel Oriental

A nice place to stay, the yard with hammocks are super relaxing, we paid 150bobs for 2 Persons, double room with private bathroom and parking our car in the yard, there are space for 2 vans, I would guess, we left our car for free, while we went to a Pampatour, the rooms are clean und practical! no windows, instead moskito net, it is sometimes a bit noisy! location in the center is perfect! wasn't the cheapest stay, but kept us relaxed and away from Moskitos

May 21st, 2017 Fuel Station, first after rough Road to Rurre

First Fuel Station after the rough part to Rurrenabaque, drove in, without negotiations filled full for local price for diesel. Nice girl, tipped, spend a break there, bathroom as well, but didn't use it!

May 20th, 2017 Mi Supermarket

Big water jugs 20l for 25Bobs, refill straight on the parking place and give the bottle back, didn't pay deposit

May 6th, 2017 Palmas de Agua-Piscina

Restaurant along the route Sucre - cochbamba, beautiful garden + pool + plenty of relaxing area.
On a Saturday they had just Hamburger with fries for 20bobs, but delicious! The Party Music was a bit loud, but for the stopover okay! Toilets clean!