2WheelsInMotion Check-Ins

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January 25th, 2019 Hotel Jardines

Great place, nice and quiet, extremely clean with super comfy bed. Excellent parking for all (motor, cars, vans, trucks). 35us for queen bed, huge bathroom with great hot water. The surrounding gardens are lovely and we were told we could help ourselves to any and as much fruit from the trees we wanted. Ate at the resturant, couple of wines, couple of margaritas and some of the nicest food we have had in 2 years of travel, 700mxn. They also have a website for more info, Overall a good stay

December 22nd, 2018 Overlander Beach Campsite “Don Taco”.

As everyone else has said, probably the most relaxing time spent here in 2 years. The beach is safe, the water clear and warm. Came for 2 days stayed for 5!
Road off the 200 is about 13km of solid base for those on 2 wheels. There are small tendas for basics and main shopping is 30 minutes away. The community is great and various restaurants (Capi up the road was wonderful). 150 per night for tent camping.
Just a note on the one bad experience (compared to all the others) 150 to camp....Even in a hammock is great considering it costs 300 for them to fill the tanks fresh water; it's all the facilities that cost money. I'm wondering if he stayed at the right place as the common area is definitely there.
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Overall a great stay

December 18th, 2018 Marsi Hotel

We stopped to enquire about the cost of a room, it was a Monday afternoon, the town was desolate and wind swept and the hotel empty.........and they wanted 600p. In a line from the classic Australian film, "The Castle"..........."tell em their dreaming"!

December 17th, 2018 Posada Isabel Hotel

Travelling 2 up on our motorbike this was a great place to stay. Price was 400p per night for room with 2 single beds (apparently all rooms have singles in them) with private bath. The water is now the hottest we have had in our 2 years of travel. The rooms are basic and clean, beds comfy with nice clean sheets. As mentioned only 8 min walk into Centro and far enough away to be nice and quiet. Isabel and her husband were lovely. Parking in the central area would not be for really large rigs. Overall a great stay

December 12th, 2018 I'll get back to you

Wonderful place to stay, 10 min walk to old city Centro and 1 min walk to markets

December 9th, 2018 Isla Holbox info

This is purely information for those considering travelling over to the island. We were travelling 2 up on our motorbike and caught the Cargo ferry across. For us it cost 275p total one way, there are times listed at the ferry entrance, ferry de carga, schedule appears very flexible!. At Chiquila where the ferry leaves from there is parking available for 100p for 24 hrs if you wanted to leave your car/ camper there to visit the island, they looked secure. Once on the island the roads are hard packed sand, but in many places have water pooling, sometimes up to knee depth. We rode around but couldn't get to our camping spot due to this water so stayed in a hotel. Not 100% if you take a car/ camper over if you can park up and stay the night anywhere....maybe just check.
With the moto really just a few roads to ride on.....not much really.....in our opinion

December 6th, 2018 Ecocamping Valladolid

Hmmmmmmm, yes not to bad but price for camping.....apparently because it's now December is 250 pp........yes you heard right, and 700 to sleep in a car for the night. My wife wanted to sleep in a car so we stayed....happy wife happy life apparently!

November 23rd, 2018 Bad road

For those on 2 wheels we travelled 2 up on a fully loaded GSA. Going from Rancho (West to East) the road changes from paved to dirt as described. Technically this is NOT a hard road(IOO); its a solid base and simply bumpy/ rocky. We travelled after some rain, but the base was still solid. There were a couple of sections we both stood and many trucks and cars but nothing where i was saying #$%^ . It took us an 1:15 in mostly 1st/2nd and the dirt stops at San Cristobell heading towards Cobin.
Could you do it in a 2wd car absolutely, but it would be a slow ole trip, simply because you cant dodge the potholes like we can....in a larger/ longer camper type van i believe it would be a challange.
Overall a good trip with great views.

November 11th, 2018 Hotel Anahuac

Great hostel.
Approx 2 minute walk from town in a lovely tranquill setting, prices have gone up a bit, they have private rooms with bath (hot shower 😀)for $30 for two people (cheaper if only one person), and large spacious dorm for $11pp. The staff were absolutley wonderful (maria, ismael,luis) and the place nice and quiet. Parking is at car wash down the street if needed, we parked the moto out front and covered it......no issues at all. We have added photos

November 4th, 2018 Mado's Hotel

Stayed here after trying the very expensive Guail hotel. Very clean and secure parking for our moto. $24 US for room with 2 double beds and one single. initially she want more for a 3 bed room (understanable) . Air con worked well, beds were comfey, quiet, only suggestion was maybe book online first as it was full on a Saturday night. Heaps of fast food places and a mercardo within 5 min walk

November 3rd, 2018 La Fraternidad, San Marcos de Colon, Honduras to El Espino, Nicaragua

Ok so this is those going South to North, we arrived at the Nic boarder on a Saturday around 12......no truck line and hardly anyone around......best of all no painful helpers!!!!. Got to the boom gate, officer asked to see passports and gave us a form to complete for the moto. Once he had notified ahead we rode 50 meters to the light blue building, parked up, gave an official the completed moto form and went inside to get passports stamped. Paid $4 US exit fee each with a receipt/ factura. 5 minutes later went and got paper for moto from guy outside, all he did was initial it, im assuming to say he'd checked the moto....which of course he hadnt. Went over to Aduna, in same building as passports just opposite window, he checked our in coming TIP and the initialed form from outside, gave us a signed copy to give to exit guard and said good bye. Ride 50 mters to exit guard, gave him signed paper and he said goodbye.....all up 30 minutes.
Ride 20mters to Hondorous gate, show passports, he lets us pass, park up a further 20mtrs in front of building, go around side window to migration, get passports stamped, photo and fingerprints. Paid $3 each entrance tax....again with a receipt, walk 5 mtrs to Aduna, he filled out the form and asked for $42 in total explaining it was the total, taxes, insurance cost etc, told us to walk up the street to get copies done of stamped paperwork and on return...said goodbye......all up Hon side 30 minutes. The only thing i questioned was the 42 charge as i thought it was only 35 but others there assured us i
t was 42.......like i said, quick, quiet and no bulls%^t fumigation crap

November 3rd, 2018 Poco a Poco

Great hostel close to centro with great facilities and a wonderful vibe. Cost was $7 for dorm through to $30 for private with aircon. There is plenty of room to relax and a spacious kitchen area to cook. There was room to park our moto but only off street parking for others, im sure they could arrange secure if needed. Overall a relaxing enjoyable stop in Leon
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October 27th, 2018 Garden Grove

Great place to relax for a couple of days. Quiet and a 30second walk to the beach. 2 large rooms with shared kitchen, shower, toilet and 3 self contained units. Cost in off season October 25 for 2 nights in shared rooms and 30 for self contained. Plenty of space and peaceful, the beach is a bit rough to swim but great surf

October 22nd, 2018 El Machico Hostel Boquete

After riding around Boquete on a rainy day wondering why the hell we came here we tried everywhere to find a place to camp. The RV park doesnt allow camping and Possian.....well is it really a campsite!.All other places wanted $45 for a room. We finally went to Boutique and so glad we did. For $35 we got a lovely room with wonderful breakfast. The place is great with good wifi and large gardens. There us a well equipped kitchen to cook in with bbq,stove,micro and fridge. Its a 2 minute drive into town and in a nice and quiet location

October 21st, 2018 La Isleta

As descibed, arrived but gate closed, walked up drive and they are always open for camping. Huge area for the biggest of rigs. We arrived with our tent and they allowed us to use the undercover area of the bungalow. Showers, toilets, kitchen area all very clean Cost 10$ for both,all up a great stop

October 21st, 2018 Panama Camping RV park

No solo camping here!!!!!!!!!
Travelling 2up asked to camp and they said only RVs......

October 20th, 2018 Windmill Hostel

Here in October(rainy season) Friday night, no one around to make noise. Still 10pp for camping no elec; this, we have found is about standard. Nice pool and great fully stocked kitchens

October 17th, 2018 Entre 2 aguas

great place to stay, a bit on the expensive side at $44 and that was apparently with a promotion discount! Secure parking for moto, clean, big room with nice beds and aircon. Close to centro and most shops. F or us a good base for a couple of days in Pan city. Breakfast include (basic) and kitchen to cook. Not big rig friendly (trucks) but smaller vans should be ok.
Added photos

October 5th, 2018 Surf Monkey Beer brewed by Santa Marta Beer House

Great new micro brewery, Wil the owner speaks English and Spanish and has started the brewery from scratch. A great find and great beer

September 26th, 2018 Los Sauzos

Traveling 2 up we stayed here, initially we took what we thought was the right road but came to a small bridge, just take the next road across. Look the place its self has seen better days, but for a place to camp or park up its good. While the drive in (100mtrs) may be a little tight, once you get to the house there is plenty of room to park up. Nice and quiet and a 15 minute walk into town. The owner was very friendly and opened up a room for us to use the toilet. Its basically an area to park up for the night, but secure and peaceful

September 26th, 2018 Playa Blanca at Lago de Tota

Went here Sept 2018 and were told camping no longer permitted. The guy at the entrance showed us a sign that said from the 1st September. Those visiting for the day may still get access as there are boats etc down there and it appears as though its open for something.....just not camping apparently

September 25th, 2018 Renacer Hostel Colombian Highlands

This is a great place as has been mentioned......no issues with music at all as previously mentioned. Cost was 18000pp but we were happy to pay thd higher than normal cost. The place us clean, quiet with plenty of space for camping or campers. There are plenty if areas to relax and the kitchen is on if the best we have cone across. One note, the sign on the main road is hard to see, basically the entrance is up a short, crappy dirt road...about 100mtrs so dont let the look of the entrance put you off....it was one of our best places to stay

September 24th, 2018 Finca San Luis

This is one of those places where you say to yourself...." how the hell did someone find this place".
Couple of updates, the " paved road" mentioned is just a 20 meter section of concrete up a steep section. we dont believe its a Y section, the right is simply a short road to a property. Also the mention of "stay right" , not sure why......just stick on the road. The coordinates given are correct so input them. Some great views along the way.

September 20th, 2018 The Lake Hotel Camping and B&B

The attached photos are a bit deceiving as they show a 4x4 with roof top tent, this is only possible if their height is low, the ground is dry and the access way clear.....allot of variables. There is only one flat area to camp and we rode our bike down but had trouble getting back up due to the wet ground. As mentioned if you have a camper best if you park up the top on the road and walk down first to check the access and to confirm there is a parking spot available. Maps me took us to a locked gated, just drive another 100mtrs to a sharp RH turn to access the hotel. Cost was 15000pp to camp and our stay was good......but from the photos we thought there was a big, flat, easily accessible area to camp.....this wasnt the case

September 12th, 2018 Bon Appetit

Jardin has a number restaurants, this is a good little place that has Thai influenced food as well as Pasta, Curry and Stir Fry. We had the Spring Roll with Pollo which were great and for main we had Pad Thai see and Jardin qi Wok. Both were very good. Overall a good change from Colombian Traditional and good service.

September 10th, 2018 Finca La Playa Verde

We were travelling two up on our motorbkke and stayed here for a couple of days, as described it was a lovely place to pitch our tent in a peaceful environment. Couple of points, you follow the road out from Filandia for about 1km where it then turns to dirt for about 3km. it could be a little rocky for low clearance vehicles but just take it slow as cars travel it all day. At the moment there is no signage at the entrance but the road up to the house is directly opposite a Hostel which is signposted. We have included pics of campers that obviously made it ok as an idea. We were charged 15000pp per night to camp. We caught the collectivo into town for 3000 pp one way.....just be prepared you may have to stand on the back and hang on 😀 Overall a great, relaxing time there

September 4th, 2018 Bestrong fisioterapia

My wife and were travelling 2up and she developed a sore shoulder. We came to Medellin and had appointments with the Physiotherapists at Bestrong and they were great. They have a large area with all the required equipment and we were happy with the result and the professionalism of the staff

August 30th, 2018 Santafe Guaduales

4 of us got here at 5pm (owner not present when we arrived) and left by 8 the next day. We camped, used the toilet and had used the only available shower.....cold water by the pool.....and got charged 15000pp....a joke!! Nice surroundings but a rip off.

August 26th, 2018 Bongo Hotel

We checked in and 40000 for matrimonial room with private cold shower .....plus 10 for parking moto inside....i think we got scammed
Room was clean, bed comfy and it was a good nights sleep. Added photos

August 19th, 2018 Camping La Casa de los Sueños

Agree with all previous comments. We were travelling 2 up and didn't ring prior but were still welcomed to be able to camp for 10000pp per night. we have added a heap of photos. its a five minute walk into town and little things like "cleaning schedules" listed in showers for when they were cleaned last. Best of all it was peaceful with just the sounds if the nearby river. Big rigs, trucks, campers should have no issues as they own the block next door and there doesnt appear to be any height restrictions(see photos). Not sure if wifi reaches the next door block....but not a show stopper. The town itself is also great....all up one of our mist enjoyable stops