We were denied entry into Cameroon today at Ekok crossing. They said it is too dangerous and the won’t allow tourists to cross.

We were there about 2 hours. We spoke with someone from the army who said that he was the one who gave the order to the consulates and embassies to stop issuing visas to overlanders. Everyone was extremely deferential to him so I think he was important. He said the situation is very bad. We went over the map with him to
Investigate alternatives. Importantly he said the Bissaula crossing is more dangerous than Ekok and NOT to take it. He said we could crossing near Gembu Nigeria which goes into the central region of Cameroon and said it would be safe.

Thankfully the Nigeria side let us go over and talk with Cameroon before stamping us out.

We rode down to Calabar and got a quote to take a ferry to Doulala for 350 USD each for our passage and motorbike. For a car the price is 1,000,000 cfa or about 1800 USD.

For us it’s not worth the risk to try up north. Also it’s been raining so much and I don’t want to ride in the muddy mountain roads haha.

Good luck to all.

Blog: mamascio

Place: Ekok Cameroon Immigration office

Visited: July 2nd, 2018


Location: 5.810167, 8.850167