Bad experience. We went to Rogelio with a broken sliding window and a bunch of other stuff to do. After 3 days only the window and the oil change were done. Although the real problem here is how they did the window. I think it was probably wiser to just replace the broken glass, however Rogelio suggested to put a frame plus window with different frame color, different window sizes and different glass tint...still this is not the biggest problem.
While installing the window they have dented and bent the the body in different places and ruined the window seal in addition to this they removed lot of paint from the outside while removing tape.
When I was presnted the bill of 2500 I said I was not satisfied with the work and that I would have to pay somebody doing body work to fix that and that I wanted a discount.
From that moment onward a very nice person turn into a nasty person. I was told that the only alternative was for me to give back the window and pay nothing, knowing that I would need the window anyway, that seemed to me a total slap on the face from Rogelio. I paid and said I wanted at least my old window back. I think I can do a better job and I’m not a professional.
I said to him many people remove all the windows to repaint their car, but when they put the windows back they don’t destroy the car like he did.
Anyway, if you care about your car don’t bring it here, they will make you wait (and time is money) and will do a sloppy work.


Place: Geraldo's VW

Visited: January 24th, 2019

Location: 24.155700, -110.319710