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July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

this is a great place for spending a few days surrounded by nature and a great family! you can always ask for Freddy or Simion who will always help you in order to visit some historical places around the area and they van organise tours for you to the non so touristic Uros islands! they will help you to park the car in a safe area around the neighbourhood! 100% recommended! they have private room with or without room and is quite cheap! and fantastic food for 15 soles!

Casa de Simion -15.725401, -69.790342
July 6th, 2018 julepost Iconpopout

A very calm place next to the lake. There is an old small playground, a pit toilet and two fire places. It is free of charge.
During the afternoon and early evening village people will go there for swimming or fishing.
(In case it is rainy take care of mud when you use the place with heavy cars.)

Viešintas 55.693588, 24.960703
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July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

Fine spot for the night — didn’t check out the the showers. WiFi password is now axion2018

Axion fuel station -32.716802, -68.679547
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

just after the checkpoint on the map coming from the town go left on gravel road. amazing quite place with fresh water from mountains and swimming pool. cyclists. motor or small truck will fit. megafon 3g

camping with swimmingpool and fresh water 37.924125, 71.602538
July 6th, 2018 k_yito77 Iconpopout

In order to get to GRANIA please take Urubo Bridge ( the only one in the city at northwest of Santa Cruz). Before September is better to announce your arriving at 591-70990327 or 591-78455027.
es importante informar, que el mejor camino es cruzar el puente que va al Urubó y a Porongo! también es mejor llamar para confirmar que alguien los reciba! 70990327, 78455027 ! hermoso lugar

Granja Grania -17.838635, -63.332888
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July 6th, 2018 Blue Van Go Iconpopout

It was fine, small. Toucans and monkeys nice to see. Otherwise you have a few geese, some tortoises, a couple horses, and some house cats. Bathrooms were dirty. 20 B pp

Refugio Jacha Inti -18.197426, -63.879792
July 6th, 2018 haunliam Iconpopout

It’s a really nice spot but the fresh water and the toilet were not working as we were there and it looked kind of abandoned. But as I said the spot is beautiful with some fireplaces and really nice dogs. Also good for big rigs

Alex Free Camp 44.848689, 15.407673
July 6th, 2018 Track World Travel Iconpopout

Parking down by the river. All paved. Entrance road goes steep down. Check it out before you enter. Big rigs may have difficulties turning on the parking. Nice view over the river and you're not visible for traffic on the main road.

At Saint Laurent River 46.507383, -72.205899
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

A parking lot next to the River, located at a beach bar. A lot of small bars and cafés here. We asked the guard if we can stay over night, because usually the parkinglot closes at 9pm. It was no problem. You can hear the cars which cross the bridge, but for inner city parking it is very quiet and the mosquitos.

Urban Oasis 55.001955, 82.922432
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July 6th, 2018 jeffreyalvis64 Iconpopout

This is a large, flat gravel parking lot just off of the main street through town. There is a sign posted that says “RV parking overnight camping allowed”. There is no mention of a fee. This lot is located adjacent to many area businesses, including a grocery store.

First and Willapa 46.665696, -123.812389
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

It’s not pretty to look at but has a friendly atmosphere and is a 2km walk to the old town and is very conveniently located. We enjoyed it here for a night

Riga City Camping 56.956086, 24.080799
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

Imcruz Iveco (other iOverlander Spot) could not help us and recommended Don Walter. He has some Iveco spare parts, but not for our old Turbodaily. He improvised and did a very good job. I watched him carefully, but he was careful and seems to know what he is doing.

Its a small Workshop. The door has big blue Iveco logos. Entrance is only from the dirt road from the east, not from the big street...

Price is very fair. We payed 130 Bob for 3h of work and small parts.

IVECO Don Walter Martinez -16.544185, -68.175566
July 6th, 2018 barnis Iconpopout

there's 8 hostals here now. we stayed at El Eden which was decent. we paid 70 soles for a room for 4. bargain a bit.

Oasis Sangale - 3 hostels in the oasis with nice pool -15.597177, -71.974940
July 6th, 2018 barnis Iconpopout

nice stop. pretty easy road in most cars other than the water crossing which is not so deep in dry season

Geisir Viewpoint, end of road -15.674240, -71.861726
July 6th, 2018 dustingrayfoto Iconpopout

Good clean modern hotel. Close to everything in Antofagasta. Paid $58 USD per night. Great staff with breakfast included. Ample parking for trucks and vans. No height restrictions. Best of all, pet friendly!

Hotel San Martin -23.645893, -70.396350
July 6th, 2018 blownglassonInstagram Iconpopout

real quick off the road look for North Umpqua trailhead.
not really sure what this was but it's pretty cool and private.

abandoned grading station.? 43.295572, -122.480268
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

This park is surrounded by restaurants and bars, including a Subway and a Brewing Company. There's also a Sushi restaurant, gourmet supermarket and "Pet spa" nearby, if you're curious about the neighborhood. All of the restaurants around the park shut pretty early, so it is fairly quiet at night and in the mornings. If you go early if will be easy to get a parking spot, especially if you want to be on the side with little traffic (the Subway side). We saw a couple of junkies, but mostly people are walking dogs or playing in park and the police make the rounds, so we felt very safe. Free WiFi here too.

El parque del perro 3.435747, -76.545888
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

We liked it here. 40rpp to camp. Boat was 750 r for 4 people + extra gas (first 20L Included). So we paid 440R for two people for a full day tour and saw 2 jaguars - then we were very lucky to get invited to another group's boat for free 3 more days for free and saw 13 jaguars in total! If you want to be almost 100% sure to see the jaguar it is important to go for a full day tour. The type of boat didn't really matter - we tried several types. Camping by the river was beautiful, you have a hut with a sink and electricity for yourself and shade under the trees. Bathrooms are not very nice but the only one with a hot shower is clean and the lady's bathroom in the restaurant is also nice. We spent here 6 nights. Many of the other guests are fishermen and the owners are not very friendly but Benicio who manages the place is very friendly. Food is expensive so we didn't eat at the restaurant. Electricity 6pm to 6 am and 12 to 2 pm. Wifi 24h at the restaurant. Several blue macaws live here too. We liked the settings much more than Jaguar Camp that we checked before coming here.

Pousada / Camping Porto Jofre -17.360286, -56.766759
July 6th, 2018 jeffreyalvis64 Iconpopout

This is a huge, flat gravel lot adjacent to the Port of Willapa Harbor building, located right on Hwy 101, that has no signs posted disallowing overnight parking. Plenty of room for large RVs towing cars. We did not stay here, but stopped to check it out to potentially help others. Two bars of Verizon cell service here as well.

Large gravel lot 46.671172, -123.775393
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

We went to Jaguar Camp but decided not to stay. The 390 pp full day tour turned out to be same price for only half day. Camping 45r pp. We didn't like the location either. We stayed somewhere else.

Jaguar Camp -17.355020, -56.768470
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

Amazing little hotel if you need a very affordable stopover option, we stayed here because of bad weather and it can not be beaten on value. Superb!

Truvor Hotel 58.520683, 31.285702
July 6th, 2018 sarahvdbij Iconpopout

Rest area. not si quiet but you have toilet, few electricity for phone or other little stuff, tables, beach.

Rest Area 48.435630, -64.329413
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

Very quiet and safe place for the night. The toilets are clean and nice. No shower. It’s good for one night.

Aeropuerto Rio Gallegos -51.612448, -69.307234
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

free showers in the complexe créatif et culturel. Enter the door under the red roof, head 3x right for the showers (which belong to the (free???) indoor swimming pool. If you can't start the waterflow ask the person at the reception, she will activate the sensors in the showers

free showers 50.021350, -66.884640
July 6th, 2018 PinziBugAdventures Iconpopout

Spacious, tranquil and beautiful maintained campground. Covered BBQ area and seating, clean toilets and hot showers available. Water, electricity.
We were the only ones here in the off-season. The ground was saturated when we were there which was the only negative. Beautiful place and best of all: quiet.
We paid 300 pesos per night (2 people and motor home). No height restriction.

Camping Camba Cuá -28.533561, -57.180830
July 6th, 2018 freespiritcoelhos Iconpopout

Typical state park. Clean showers $1 for 4min . Few 24+ 7 shaded picnic tables. Electric hookup only

Yampa state park 40.491193, -107.312154
July 6th, 2018 freespiritcoelhos Iconpopout

We needed to print (20c per piece) n scan which they did. Free wifi also had a book sale 3 for $1. Some Good finds

Liabrary with free wifi 40.514949, -107.555877
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

free dumpstation and potable water available

menramcook 45.977107, -64.559898
July 6th, 2018 jeffreyalvis64 Iconpopout

Brady’s oysters offers tours and on the road sign it shows a dump station.

Bradys oysters. 46.862001, -124.070237
July 6th, 2018 Iconpopout

Clean Dump Station with portable water. State Fee!

Silver Falls State Park 44.887737, -122.631571