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December 10th, 2018 hatilia Iconpopout

Clean hot showers, area for washing dishes, sink, picnic table. We enjoyed our stay.

Hostel Patagonia and Campsite -46.542120, -71.713559
December 10th, 2018 elliotmanchester Iconpopout

So this is what my experience is with these guys. Miguel the owner or manager is a reasonable guy, but I also don’t get the feeling he’s going for 100% service. They do a regular check up for 30.000, not bad.

I read they were expensive already, which I didn’t mind too much, at least if the job would be done right. They found more major parts wrong than the Goodyear garage, where I’d done a check too. Could be possible. Maybe a little too proactive with replacing parts that could last longer, but we wanted to be sure of a good vehicle to sell.

Miguel needed an afternoon and a morning to make a price list, was 471 euro’s for replacing rotulas top and bottom, bearings, axiales and rod end and some small extras. We brought the van in that afternoon (3 o clock instead of 12), so it would be done in 2 days at midday instead of one day later at late afternoon. Wasn’t a problem, but then got a whatsapp it was delayed until 4 instead of 12. So some small delays, but that can happen.

On the way back after picking it up we hit a pothole with the left front wheel and something was making a strange sound. Unfortunately couldn’t bring it back on the Saturday after because it was feriado. So checked at another garage who I talked to before and is super helpful and seems really honest (on IOverlander ‘general mechanic’ near the corner of Avenida diez de Julio with Roberto Espinoza). They looked for free at the car (where other garages wanted 30.000) and we saw the wheel was just crooked.

I whatsapped Miguel and eventually he made it to the garage so at least we could park inside and we looked and saw that inferior rotula (lower ball joint) collapsed. The security ring had broken or wasn’t mounted right (I guess) and was pushed to the side.

They got right on top of it on Monday morning and replaced the left AND the right lower ball joint too to be sure. And I asked if they could do a bumpy test ride. They estimated it would all be done at 12 but I waited until 2. But at least they fixed it as a guarantee.

Alltogether I’m not 100% convinced about the garage. It might have been unlucky with some bad parts, but it could be a sign of cheap parts too. Also the timing may just have been bad with all the small delays. But the two workers there I saw didn’t seem slow like at Goodyear but didn’t seem fast either. Communication was okay, notified with whatsapp with the first delay. But didn’t let me know with the second delay.

Monferrato (general mechanic, new Santiago-r) -33.458927, -70.636521
December 10th, 2018 Iconpopout

100usd 36.70peso good place to curency exchange

DAVSA CRÉDITOS -24.788483, -65.411733
December 10th, 2018 ameibinns Iconpopout

A very nice, quiet, relaxing place, very near its own beach. Outdoor kitchen, washing machine available, but you can also easily wash by hand.
Friendly American/Mexican owner
Not suitable for big riggs. But cars, ordinary motor homes and tents are welcome. Pets , too.

Serenidad Shardon 19.797862, -87.475002
December 10th, 2018 Iconpopout

We arrived and the owner want 10US$. We give him 100 Pesos. The place is dirty, the toilets are dirty, one shower full with water, the other out of work. No telefon receiving. The onliest good here is the beach. The road up to here is very bad, you need 4x4 and high clearance.

Campo Esmeralda 28.514864, -114.068859
December 10th, 2018 northstar Iconpopout

This place is permanently closed.

mr. moro's 25.295570, -108.524880
December 10th, 2018 suzannabostock Iconpopout

Price is still 650 a night (2 people).
There is a huge parking area across the road for big rigs if needed. The price includes breakfast (fruit, yoghurt, pastries, bread, coffee, tea, jam, butter, Dulce de leche) a private bathroom, private parking for many bikes or 2-3 cars (or as many as you like if happy to park outside), fan, use of kitchen, good WiFi, seating areas with shade and without. Bed was comfy. Very friendly staff. Very short walk to main plaza, a well stocked shop just over a block away and plenty of bodegas to choose from.

Hostal Cabañitas del Suri -26.075278, -65.973758
December 10th, 2018 tiloulsia31 Iconpopout

Le patron cherche la solution au problème

Tire repair cheap and good -41.459674, -72.948633
December 10th, 2018 fruit_loop Iconpopout

Very friendly people. Camping next to the bomberos station. Price now is ARS 150pp

Camping bomberos -43.291094, -65.497669
December 10th, 2018 fruit_loop Iconpopout

Very nice tea house. But wrong Coordination! It is located at -43.29175, -65.49575

Ty Gwyn Welsh tea house -43.291753, -65.495751
December 10th, 2018 hallomuck Iconpopout

This place is private now. ☹️ There are fences on both sides.

Lonesome Bay, Close To Ahui -41.821891, -73.875183
December 10th, 2018 Gran Viaje Iconpopout

only checking in to change the description

deserted bilding 0.292724, -78.348513
December 10th, 2018 maddy_kate14 Iconpopout

Free street parking on 6th street just across from LACMA. It’s a really busy Main Street so expect it to be loud. Parked here for 2 nights without any issues. Street cleaning on Tuesdays from 8am-10am no parking then. If you have bikes this is a great place to park your rig and bike around the city.

Free Streetparking 34.064961, -118.356095
December 10th, 2018 jonnymf74 Iconpopout

Great little campsite, super friendly and helpful.

Sukuta Camping 13.419207, -16.715634
December 10th, 2018 karinschmidt Iconpopout

Lots of Space for tents, but only one or two cars can Park in Front of the hostal. Hot showers and good wifi.

Casa Kayam 6.233757, -75.145366
December 10th, 2018 gnarlynathan Iconpopout

Nice hotel with a warm shower. No thrills but it does have electricity! we paid 300 pesos a night and parked our motorcycles in the garden.

Hotel Mary 27.026486, -107.739405
December 10th, 2018 gnarlynathan Iconpopout

simple know frills hotel with a warm shower. We paid $300 pesos a night for a double bedroom and Parker on motorcycles in the garden.

Hotel Mary 27.026467, -107.739392
December 10th, 2018 sam.vandamme Iconpopout

Seaside camping with a lot of amenities and friendly staff

Camping Elimar 9.614755, -85.143642
December 10th, 2018 suzannabostock Iconpopout

We went here for the 4.15pm tour and we were the only ones which was great. Tours are 50 pesos per person still including a tour if the winery, explanation of processes and tasting of 4 wines plus cheese. Our guide asked us if we preferred sweet or dry. Good portions. Very relaxed. We bought a Torrontes reserva for 120 pesos and the cheese was fantastic (costs 175 pesos per pound). Many wines available to buy in their shop ranging from 90 to 250 pesos (I think) or a little more for large bottles of table wine. Highly recommended.

Hermanos Domingo Winery -26.075226, -65.973734
Image Image Image Image
December 10th, 2018 Iconpopout

This place is permanently closed.

Chelenka Cervezaria -47.801290, -73.536050
December 10th, 2018 PanamePanam Iconpopout

Just perfect!
Nice place close to downtown and beach
Quiet, shadow,full hookups for 250pesos
And restrooms and hot shower super CLEAN!!

Romanita RV Park 26.010751, -111.340660
December 10th, 2018 Iconpopout

Very clean place with all services, toilets, showers with hot water and electricity. The owner is very welcoming. If you ride the night at $ 25 USD per person camping is free. I recommand it.
Endroit très propre avec tous les services, toilettes, douches à l’eau chaude et électricité. Le propriétaire est très recevant. Si vous faites le tour de nuit à 25$USD par personne le camping est gratuit. Je le recommande.

Santamaria's night walk CAMPING 10.326522, -84.829195
December 10th, 2018 yannikienroute Iconpopout

wc ok, hot shower, eletricity and wifi! good for 1 night.

Camping Pescazaike -51.624930, -69.615245
December 11th, 2018 ZONA CAMPERS KAWALLU Iconpopout

contacto: +57(321)2929149

KAWALLU 2.445350, -76.608460
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December 11th, 2018 Iconpopout

Self-service laundry

One 10kg load is 10元.
Dryer is 26元

Bring your own washing powder or have 2x 1元 coins ready for a dispensing machine.

To activate (pay) the machines you need either wechat or alipay

Laundrette 24.457179, 118.082505
Image Image
December 11th, 2018 De Einder Voorbij Iconpopout

Well set up campground with functioning and clean facilities. Good kitchen with dish washing sink, washing machines, small swimming pool, free wifi. Some sites with good shadow. Power, taps and drain at every site. Walking distance from township. AUD 25 (2 adults, campervan, power always included).

Peterborough Caravan Park -32.981650, 138.834232
Image Image Image
December 11th, 2018 De Einder Voorbij Iconpopout

Fascinating museum of the rail history of Australia. In Peterborough met the north-south and the east-west railways. Visits by guided tour only. The tour lasts 90 minutes. It cycles between all items on display and therefore can be joined at any moment. No need to wait for the next tour.

Steam Town Heritage Rail Centre -32.974760, 138.827510
December 11th, 2018 LotteNielsOverland Iconpopout

The resort (or private residences, not sure what it was) seems to be finished. Now there is a gate in front. We opened the gate and walked up the property, but we did not bother to ask to stay for camping, as this is clearly not meant as camping ground. Anyway, it indeed is a nice place, still with plenty of space to camp. So if you feel like, give it a shot.

In the North of Don Khong 14.234275, 105.846224
December 11th, 2018 Iconpopout

Bushcamp on top of the hill overlooking the reservoir lake and nice view of mount ararat. In sight of the road. But less muddy access than the spot down at the lake. 2wd accessible. 3G on MTS Armenia.

Buscamp next to a graveyard 40.084836, 44.618856
December 11th, 2018 De Einder Voorbij Iconpopout

Very well stocked supermarket. The biggest one we have seen since we left Alice Springs.

Foodland -32.973240, 138.837250