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December 5th, 2018 ju.lico Iconpopout

is a car washing ideal for vehicules that stay near the beach because there you can control the oil for cruzetas. it cost $70 reales for cleaning and control the oil. very aconsejable

dois irmaos deco -23.219362, -44.744802
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December 5th, 2018 Iconpopout

Beautiful place to stay. On the way to the pinguinera there are a few other spots for wildcamping. Entrance fee to the pinguinera 180 Pesos per person.

Playa Elola Camping Libre -44.838360, -65.724770
December 5th, 2018 Iconpopout

Very impressive, worth the detour from Pozo Almonte. We corrected the coordinates for the entrance gate : -20.622565, -69.638436
We slept in our camper van at the picnic area marked nearby. Very quite. Beautiful with a tree(!) in the desert.

Geoglifos Cerros Pintados -20.589744, -69.632816
December 5th, 2018 carloseduardorosa Iconpopout

Oscar ia a great Guy, his place os Very clean. Helped us a lot with our Kombi, he solved our problem, changes the oil and teached us somethings.

Oscar and his daugher that makes food -42.783648, -65.045739
December 5th, 2018 krantzlena620 Iconpopout

Flat area perfect place to camp in between the two ferrys because it's a hard wat

no name -48.961836, -72.817101
December 5th, 2018 roanaaa Iconpopout

Nós chegamos ao meio dia, almoçamos na Kombi e conversamos com a pessoa responsável pelo turismo, ele nos indicou contratar um guia. Porém o rapaz queria cobrar $25,00 dólares para 4 pessoas. Nós dissemos que íamos fazer sozinhos. Deixamos a kombi estacionada em frente a municipalidade, tem polícia todo o dia e a noite também. Fomos fazer a caminhada, são 1,8km em 30 minutos chegamos, no meio do caminho chegou uma pessoa que queria ser nosso guia, nós assustou um pouco porque andava com um facão e veio falando que não deveríamos fazer sozinhos que iam nos roubar. A polícia disse que o povoado é seguro e que não passava nada, mas ficamos com um pouco de medo. Falamos que não íamos pagar e que não precisavamos de guia, então o rapaz se foi. A Cascata é bem bonita pena que o susto não deixou a gente aproveitar mais. A ida é bem de boa, porque é bastante descida, a volta que é mais difícil por ser tudo subida, mas é uma caminhada fácil.

cascade tamanique 13.597722, -89.418201
December 5th, 2018 roanaaa Iconpopout

Estávamos em dois carros viajantes, viemos para ir a Cascata de Tamanique, as pessoas são muito boas, um povoado pequeno, a polícia nos recebeu super bem e nos deixaram estacionar em frente a municipalidade, a polícia fica fazendo ronda 24h por dia, a cidade parece ser bem tranquila e segura. Nos deixaram dormir e usar o banheiro.

Alcadia Municipal de Tamanique 13.597823, -89.418308
December 5th, 2018 Iconpopout

Nice little stop to or from Mashad. Haven’t seen anything like this and you can still see some (original?) turqious tiles. Entrance is 80.000 Rials for foreigners.

Camping around the tower is not possible anymore, the whole area is fenced. The tower is also surrounded by farmersland, so maybe you can camp there.

Radkan AstronomybTower 36.775882, 59.031362
December 5th, 2018 Iconpopout

At least 8 pumps with diesel. The station didn’t have a diesel card so you need to ask a truck driver. We also found diesel easily in Quchan, so no worries!

Last Diesel before Turkmenistan 36.950831, 58.663744
December 5th, 2018 flepis Iconpopout

Great empanadas and the bread, wow especially if you get it fresh like I did. To camp they told me to go to the church but in the morning they gave me an ice cold water. I am cycling.

La Clemira - Shop and Bakery -26.951062, -66.134646
December 5th, 2018 flepis Iconpopout

they told me to camp under the roof in the church.

La Clemira free campground -26.951072, -66.134653
December 5th, 2018 flepis Iconpopout

Did not see the water tap. The toilets are bucket flush. I tented under the roof. I was told by the police across the street to ask the lady on the house next to the church for permission. I did and it was no problem.

Camp in the courtyard of the church -26.952748, -66.136329
December 5th, 2018 Iconpopout

Impossible de remplir le tank du véhicule (van dodge). Ils n’ont pas les embouts qui conviennent.

Gasan 9.987918, -73.895437
December 5th, 2018 Iconpopout

No normal hostal more. They do groups (more then 20 people) with reservation only.

Antigua Residencia -32.971536, -68.744494
December 5th, 2018 Iconpopout

The place it self is a bit run down but the owners are so friendly that you will have a good time there!

Hostel Wineries -32.967068, -68.755380
December 5th, 2018 rocketodiaries Iconpopout

Friendly bar with great food for a reasonable price, 2USD for chicken and potatoes. Great coffee as well. Ask for Roque, the chef.

Corner Bar -26.820376, -65.228093
December 5th, 2018 Iconpopout

Decent place. Has a few light posts now with 220V plugins and a wifi repeater. A$150 pp.

Camping Posada Del Sol -38.401917, -60.220444
December 5th, 2018 HahnSolo Iconpopout

Really, truly excellent hotel run by a very nice family. Brand new, spotless rooms and excellent, modern bathrooms. Fastest wifi of the 4 places we checked in San Luis, 6.5/0.9 Mbps down/up speeds--not very fast compared to a large city, but this is a tiny town in the mountains.

Get a room on the first floor, by the entrance, if you want fast wifi. I believe their routers/repeaters on the 2nd/3rd floors are improperly set up and have no internet connection. Or better yet, help them set those routers/repeaters up if you're technically inclined.

We paid 40000 for a double room with private bathroom, though it may have actually been 20000 and we may have accidentally paid double (weird story), which we would be more than happy to do because the place was so great and the family was so accommodating.

Little kitchenette in the hallway with an unlimited ozonized water tap.

No on-site parking, but there are cheap, secure parqueaderos close by.

Gran Hotel 6.043140, -74.993750
December 5th, 2018 maryhollendoner Iconpopout

You will be entirely stopped many different times between Pasto and Ipiales, for about 20 minutes each time. Don't start this drive in the late afternoon - it will take much longer than you think. We've been driving already 3 hours from Pasto and stopped yet again. On the bright side - fascinating to see the construction in this steep canyon, and I'm sure the road will be much improved in future!

Enormous construction between Pasto and Ipiales - multi-hour delay 1.047442, -77.458833
December 5th, 2018 maryhollendoner Iconpopout

FYI the camp area is only a small parking lot. There is no space to put out your awning/chairs/table if anyone else is there beside you. (There was one other overlander there when we arrived, plus Jorge keeps his van also in the lot.) Jorge is great and his house is lovely! But we camped next door where there is lots more space to spread out your stuff.

Waira refugio de la cocha 1.116070, -77.168410
December 5th, 2018 celine.manneville Iconpopout

Hostal very cheap but nice. We paid 10dollars for a matrimonial room without bathroom.
Well to stay one night and to visit puyango forest the next morning.

Hotel del Sur -4.019402, -80.020411
December 5th, 2018 themountainway.expedition Iconpopout

We slept here one night. We didn't use wifi, but found the toilet very cleaned, however there is no shower available. We felt safe, but is bit noise during the night.

Shell Gas Station Alta Gracia -31.650720, -64.408140
December 5th, 2018 pierreetcharlinetdm Iconpopout

magnifique vue sur le volcan Corcovado.
il y a la place pour plusieurs véhicules (motorhome ok)
nous avons passé notre temps à contempler les oiseaux (cygnes à tête noire, quero quero, etc.)
ATTENTION à la marée !!!

Bird place -43.057563, -73.569406
December 5th, 2018 hatilia Iconpopout

Nice place for a fly fishing stop. The creek has small brook and rainbow trout.

Puente Arroyo Apeleg/ bridge Apeleg Creek -44.650763, -70.970565
December 5th, 2018 hatilia Iconpopout

Perfect off road spot for a mini van right by the confluence of two rivers. Good place for fly fishing.

Off road by the river -44.665600, -71.812718
December 5th, 2018 tylerjaymiller Iconpopout

Seems to be some confusion regarding the two sites. The shipwreck and surfbreak itself are inside a gated gringo community with 24hr security and pit toilets. Free to park and surf and $5 usd or $100 mex to camp for the night. Just outside the northern fence is an abandoned campground with palapas, access looks flooded and sketch. The poverty along the coast surrounding this area is pretty striking, basically a shanty town of families collecting rocks to export to the USA.

ship wreck and camping 30.863858, -116.161368
December 5th, 2018 BlueTruck Iconpopout

Beautiful, very quiet and large CG on the lake shore. Stayed three nights. 30 Q pp incl. electricity. Very large palapa, sink, toilets very clean. Several fire places, tables etc. Enough room for bigger rigs and lots of people. Could fill up on weekends. Coming from Rio Dulce take turn left after the bridge, then follow the road down to the lake and look for sign. There are several places that offer camping.

El Mangal, Hotel & Restaurant 15.569854, -89.199362
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December 5th, 2018 joep.degroot Iconpopout

Great spot to spend the night after a few hikes on the way from Caleta Gonzalo and before the hike to the Chaitén vulcano. Nice bathrooms although only cold showers and most of the doors did not lock.

Parque Pumalín – Campsite El Volcanó -42.781444, -72.644358
December 5th, 2018 anka.i.franek Iconpopout

Relaxing and great place with laid back vibe! Lots of common areas (lovely kitchen, TV room, hammocks, terrace), swimming pool, nice and helpful staff and lots of backpackers in the hostel. When we were staying (3 nights) there was no other overlanders so we had ablutions only for us. There is 4 camping spots basically on parking, with electricity, tables and light. One toilet, one shower two sinks (one for laundry or dishes). They can organise rafting or other attractions for you. Recommended! Price: 10 usd pppn (camping) + 3 usd pp per day for internet

Victoria Falls Backpackers Lodge -17.922778, 25.826694
December 5th, 2018 stephanie.drolet.13 Iconpopout

Place was full but the owner help us find another hostel and offer us tea and informations. Nice, clean and cozy.

Puma House -51.731123, -72.498619