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March 20th, 2019 vantastiks Iconpopout

La Rayuela is a place to stay 1-2 days, but not recommended for a longer stay.
- 10‘000 COP/pP

- fast WiFi
- we could give our car a quick wash (free)
- wash laundry (free)
- friendly people, will offer you „tinto“ (coffee) every morning

- kitchen (but neither good stuff to cook and there was nothing to wash dishes! - we used only our things)
- they‘re constructing, so lots of dust and noise
- toilets, shower and kitchen quite filthy
-Employees do not really care about guests. They begin making noise from 06:30am.

La Rayuela 11.121633, -74.226667
March 20th, 2019 Karl Wolf Iconpopout

We camped here per night and it was kind of cool being the only people there after 5. It is in the jungle so the bathrooms are a bit buggy especially at night. Overall we probably wouldn’t stay here again since there is now a good alternative (El Pelegrino) but if you want to explore the eastern side of the island and don’t want to drive back-and-forth to it this is a pretty cool option. Don’t miss the Tarzan swing or the view of the volcano just got the path from the springs. It’s $16 for two people including the $5 per person entry fee.

Ojo De Água 11.519970, -85.567400
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

We pitched our tent directly beside the “arco” close to the sand rock. Windy place. Spectacular views and wildlife. No facilities.

Playa Mendieta -14.059687, -76.261024
March 20th, 2019 still.move.ment Iconpopout

Just go! It's a set menu of proper Indian food and flavours (so much better than any other indian or indian inspired food we had on this trip) for every meal time of the day and its so so worth it! The soup was delicious, the beans, the bread.. all vegetarian and so delicious! So much depth on flavours and different spices from what you get around. If you feel like a change from peruvian food and if you dont (like I didnt) it's still delicious enough to make it worth it. Even the bread is home made and on natural fermentation. Lovely!

Krishna Bhog -9.529357, -77.524534
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

See other descriptions.

Nice spot, but owner is mad. He tried to kiss a couple of time.
Do not go here is you are a woman travelling alone.

40 (2pax+travelcar)
If you park on the beach next to this place it os the same and free.

Las Aldas Guesthouse -9.712173, -78.293844
March 20th, 2019 clareburgener Iconpopout

All as previously described, super friendly owners, great space, delicious food. Just to add that more space is being cleared all the time so they could fit lots of vans and tents now.

Balbo’s Liberia 10.815206, -85.543522
March 20th, 2019 arnaud.font Iconpopout

Easy to find follow signs on the road. Really good place, helpfull owners, clean, there is a chief so good food, but there isn’t kitchen access to cook your stuff. Can park motorcycle in the garden. Bungalow, dorms, camping with your tent.. dorm of 6, 3 ground floor 3 first floor. Big beds, just to know there isn’t electricity plug on first floor but there are lockers. Hot water. Nice garden, saw colibri. No view on the lake but on the canopy. Pétanque playground. My advice not for big rig because way to go is short and slippery and 2 turn at 90! (see pictures), car no problem.
Good spot to stay for visiting Tikal

Alice Guesthouse 16.997960, -89.700230
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March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

Like stated before but to be emphasized are the very corrugated road conditions throughout the whole park. To us this spoiled a lot of the fun visiting the park. We needed to focus on the road instead of the wildlife viewing. If you love your car you might consider a guided tour instead of a self drive.

Galton Gate (Etosha NP) -19.314081, 14.482559
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

Nice place on the lake. Pretty busy in March, but a good crowd of people made it a non issue. Some generators during the day. AT&T cell was poor to non existent, T-Mobile was fair.

Telephone Cove, Lake Mohave 35.230339, -114.593830
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

It is possible to ship without brooker, but this will take u up to a week or more.
We are very satisfied with Victor. After some initial contact by WhatsApp our rv was processed in just one day.

Victor Lau Shipping Agent 19.200033, -96.141983
March 20th, 2019 suelen da silva Iconpopout

Bom lugar para passar a noite, banho de graça mas o chuveiro não esquenta!

YPF Gas Station -53.809955, -67.780546
March 20th, 2019 lizakatharinameyer Iconpopout

Great campsite!! Well maintained, equiped, central location, very pretty and Mario is a very nice host. Thums up!

Camping y Cabañas Millalen -42.908045, -71.306125
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

we checked out this place. looks like on the photos.
we didn't stay here because the river is very unclear, but locals having baths in the river.

Camping By The River 15.507895, -87.667703
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

Amenities and cost As described. Lovely old lady showed us around and cleaned toilets. Told us about her life here (a tough one) and came by later in the evening and gave us tomales.

We saw howler, and spider monkeys as well as scarlet macaws all from our camper.

El Retoño -very nice! 16.255886, -90.861338
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

We drycamped here for 100 pesos. we had wifi in the courtyard and access to a couple of bathrooms until about 9 PM and again around 5 AM. Nothing but a dirt lot, but some sun or shade and Clemetine was super nice and gave us directions to the malecon which leads to old town and is only a couple blocks from her hotel. she kept an eye on the truck (and it was in a gated area while we were gone for about 5 hours exploring town. there was no one in the hotel so we had the place to ourselves (it's off season).

Hotel Montesclaros 26.410924, -108.629467
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

Nice place right on the beach under a palm tree. The two places mapped further down the road are fenced off now.

La Palmera 20.818250, -86.901267
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

A lovely little camping area attached to a hotel with pool and restaurant. Price of 70dh includes electric, water, showers, emptying and wifi by the reception area. There are washing up and laundry sinks also available. The restaurant serves typical Moroccan meals as we as hot and chilled drinks and ice creams. Surrounded by mountains so some lovely views. Few general stores up the road on foot. R107 from north is flat with narrow tarmac and from the south very steep and winding but again with narrow tarmac. We did both in a 7.5 2wd motorhome.

Vallée à Tarsouate 29.577608, -9.022528
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March 20th, 2019 movingearthandjupiter Iconpopout

We went there after the great and “cheap” experiences we had with Iveco in Argentina. We wanted to do a check up and examine a few new noises after 12’000km, focusing on breaks, oil and filters replacement. They sent us an estimate proposal for the work to be done for the above mentioned for 3’079’000.- CLP (4’500.- US$) !!!!!🤨🧐 you don’t even pay that in Switzerland!!!! I called them because I was so surprised of the price and they said “we can’t give you a 100us$ estimate and then realize it will be 1’000$ or more”. The problem is that if you don’t agree with their proposal, they don’t check your truck so you’re basically agreeing to leave a blank check for oil and filter change and a check of vitals... 🤓

Iveco (sigdotek) -33.392767, -70.688742
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

See other descriptions.
Klean, nice and quiet.

Lots of musquito’s

25 soles (2pax+travelcar)

Ecolodge Manita Helmita (+hotel) -6.702000, -79.895700
March 20th, 2019 TravelingSixMonths Iconpopout

Not wanting to arrive in El Paso late at night (not knowing the city), I stayed here overnight. Mostly big trucks stay overnight. A bit noisy but felt safe.

Rest Area on I-10 west bound about 4 miles before Van Horn 31.043540, -104.752560
Restarea4milesbeforevanhorni10westbound Restarea4milesbeforevanhorni10westbound
March 20th, 2019 phxpsd Iconpopout

Seafood restaurant with an awesome waiter Yasar. Good dishes custom made. Prices are average for the area. Shrimp was really good.

El Viejo Playa Blanca 26.010059, -111.341809
March 20th, 2019 cookierenn Iconpopout

Beautiful place with lovely hosts - Teresa and Luis. We are vegans and Teresa made us some delicious food from her garden and everything else from scratch. There’s some chickens, turkeys, dogs and cats running around. We camped and the lawn area was clean and quite with lots of plants and flowers that were well maintained. The dorm room was built, with shower and toilet which we were free to use even if we were camping. Took a dip in the river, which is only 20 meters away! Highly recommend staying here! It’s been the best place we’ve stayed in Mexico! Worth the trip to Urique!

Campamentos del Rio 27.219163, -107.913195
March 20th, 2019 aitor.dru Iconpopout

Este taller está especializado en VW. El hombre es un experto. Sí tienes una combi T1, T2, T3, T4.... o in bochito no dudes en ir! Te ayudan mucho y es súper honesto. También te puede recomendar un taller depende el coche que tengas.

This is a VW especialist mechanic, if you have a combi T1, T2, T3, T4.... or a bocho go there, he know everything and he help you a lot. Very honest gay. Also he can recommend you another mechanic depending the car you have .

Taller Rojas taller de vw 16.243550, -92.142846
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March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

Nice hike through dense jungle with three waterfalls. $7 entrance but we found it worth that.
The hike takes at least 2 hours up/down.

waterfalls hike 8.841633, -82.478140
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

Awesome wildcamp in a bay in the rocks in the valley after the Van Zyl pass. Shelter from a tree and surrounding boulders. Some cows strolling by. You can climb up de rocks to check the surroundings and we did not see or hear any people. 6 km from this point you got a couple of Himba settlements (going to Puros).

After van Zyl -17.696664, 12.613336
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

Very nice spot directly at the beach, as described above. The night was very quiet and the trees offer protection from the sun in the morning.

Beach in South Penang 5.279257, 100.240869
March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

it is a nice jungle walk and though but too much money for the hike!
there are gorillas living on that vulkano. if you are lucky the guide will allow you one minute with them when you are close. we had the feeling that we have been very close because we were not allowed to walk in special direction to go to toilet and they ask often if we are going to make other tours in the park. we said no because of the high prices! May be it would be smarter to lie! on the top you will spend 30 min and than the rangers want to leave.
we refused to take a porter but they followed us just in case. we did not like that they jump in front to lift you even if you don't want to.It was not nice because it disturbed the hiking expirience.They were friendly but the end they want to get a tip for giving a couple of times suport nobody asked for.
african policy! if you really dont want to have a porter say no,no,no with lots of energy!!!

Bisoke -1.461197, 29.488840
March 20th, 2019 aprudilova Iconpopout

If you go from the city Las Lajas there is no route to the river, so this is the first one. There is plenty of possibilities where to stay for the night. We picked one very close to river and behind the small stone hill to not be seen from the road.

Rio Agro Las Lajas -38.504552, -70.438353
March 20th, 2019 slaba.hana Iconpopout

Free water here just in front of a parking lot which id in fron of El Mirador reastaurant and Banco Santa Cruz. White plastic pipe and inside pipe with water!

Free water to refill your barrels -49.340533, -72.874369
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March 20th, 2019 Iconpopout

nice grassy place between small trees, hidden from the street. you can hear the traffic quite good.

fairy meadow 37.448226, 37.204550
Image Image Image