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Last Visited: 8 days ago
GPS: 16.936760, -89.886300
Altitude: 130.5 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - Not at Sites
Wifi: Yes - Fast
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: Cold
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Great spot, beautiful views and amazing host. Cabanas and camping only a 5min boat ride away from Isle de Flores. 200q for cabana including breakfast for 2 persons. 35Q pp per night camping. Very clean and secure Eco lodge with restaurant, bar and pool. The host Neil was very friendly, super helpful and has a great knowledge of the area, travelers needs and he is a 4x4 enthusiast. Highly recommended.


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Super nice view on Flores!
Very quiet. Good wifi, not super fast but good :)
Nice place to stay!
The road was ok for us after a big storm with our 2WD VW Vanagon (T3)

Nice spot, nice owner (Neil was there), pool was refreshing and the Internet decently fast. There is a car ferry from Flores to San Miguel, so no need to drive around. But Not suitable for big rigs, see picture. We paid 20Q for the car and 2 ppl to cross.
Showers were cold only, very cute but rather big dog on premises. He got along very well with our Wienerdog.

View is great but the place misses some attention by the owner.
Who is Neil? A lady said she is the owner. Mario is still the friendly man in charge during daytime.
Gravel road is easy to drive.
Pool is still green.
Internet was a problem. Three times a repair guy came but only after the last time internet was going well.
No restaurant! No kitchen.

Lovely landscaped property, and with a beautiful view from nice terraces. Clean bathrooms too and the internet was pretty fast. Neil is very nice.

The road there around the lake had many deep potholes and trenches when we came. It took us 30 minutes in our van, would be easier with 4wd. The place wasn't built for overlanders. It had rained two weeks up until our arrival, so most of the parking area was too muddy to park in and it was hard to get level. Don't come here in a big rig. Small vehicle with 4x4 would be best here.

Nice spot with a beautiful view from the patio. We were only camp-guests there. Clean baths and showers (warm and even hot if the stream is slow), swimming pool (too cold to enjoy) and very active mosquitoes despite the coldness: bring some repellent. Two nice dogs you can pet. We stayed during the local holiday, so Neil was absent. We had a great experience with Mario: he is very kind and helpful and speaks only Spanish. We paid 70 per night (Toyota 4Runner, 2 people inside, no electricity in the car but charged laptops in the patio). You can make laundry for 35 qtc per load, drying is included. The boat to Flores costs 5 qtc pp until the evening, later 10 qtc pp.
Really enjoyed our stay.

I guess with the new year cane new prices since we paid 90Q for 2 persons in a truck camper including electricity.
Still very worth the unexpected beautiful view from the deck.
Took the boat to Flores one day and explored the small but cute town (yes there were tourists there, including ourselves).
Otherwise as described before. Luke warm shower had to do and Mario was very friendly and helpful.
Road was ok for us with 2 wheel Toyota Tundra (it did not rain).
Bumpy road and a steep driveway up to the campsite.

Stayed two nights. Great place with nice bathrooms, warm showers, nice area to sit and relax with plugs and wifi and a view over the lake. Paid 35/person without electricity.

Nice place, but 4x4 mandatory on rainy season. Very nice owner speaking English, we paid 70q for 2 with electricity.

didn't feel welcome. mario is nice but the rest of the people there are unfriendly.

Nice Place to camp, amazing view!! Probably a lot quieter that staying in Flores, you can watch the planes land near Flores ^^
We only paid 60 qz a night, we didn't need electricity maybe that's why it's cheaper..
Close enough to the city and anything you might need.
Two very cute dogs live here as well.

such a beautiful view of flores from here. the road to get there is a bit bumpy but you can do it easily with a 2WD. we paid 35q pp. access to flores is also easy by boat for 5q pp.

It's lowseason, so the pool was not ready for use. But Neil the owner is very nice and helped us a lot with informations about flores and tikal. for reaching the place we needed 4x4.

Enjoyed this place a lot. The owner is so friendly and helpful. We made it up the entrance without problems, we have a truck camper and are 3.10m high. Would stay here again to explore Flores. I used the common patio to do yoga. Amazing view!
40Q per person with electricity (works perfect if you need A/C)
35Q per person without electricity

just adding to the previous comments. 40Q per person, a tad expensive but worth it for the amenities and the view. Mario (security guard) is very nice, we had a great time chatting over dinner ! Hottish showers way enough for the climate here, not too many mosquitoes and quiet at night. Recommended !

Great place to stay near Flores. The view of the island from the hostel's patio definitely makes up for not staying on the island itself.

Grassy area right near the pool where Neil let us park the truck. Somehow we managed to be in the shade, yet still get solar for a good part of the day.. :)

Neil is really nice and definitely enjoys checking out rigs. He's a great resource for both Guatemala and Belize, so make sure and chat him up if you're wondering what to do or where to go in either country.

Toilets, showers, and pool were all in great shape and well cared for. This is an awesome place to spend some time and is only a short walk/boat ride from all the resatraunts on Flores or even the fancy new mall if you need to stock up on stuff.

But seriously, the view. I could watch the boats, traffic, and weather for days (I did..) off the patio of this place.

Owner is friendly. Restrooms and showers are clean. It's a nice spot to relax and to enjoy the amazing view. The lanchas to Flores are in walking distance (5 Q per people). We payed 35 Q per people/night for dry camping.

Very nice place to stay. Clean Toilet and Shower and a great view.

We stayed there 4 nights because the view is nice, this is a quiet place to hang out and easy access to Flores by lancha. Nevertheless, people working there are far from being nice and we had to ask in order they clean the baños. At night, we were on the terrasse discussing with other travelers. Suddenly the owner turned off the lights without warning because it was late. When we left, only the baby-sitter was there and she did have change so we ended paying less. I would stay there again but not because of the warmness of the owners and workers.

Not necessary to ride on the steepy track to arrive at the hotel : just drive on the road behind.

Great spot with amazing view, good food, drinks, and a pool. If you talk with the owner he will make a deal with you for tents and hammocks

The entrance to this place, and the place where you park for camping in your car is a little ruff in comparison to the rest of the place. When we first got there we were like, why does everyone love this place so much. We parked anyways, set up, then realized. The view is wonderful, there is a nice hangout, hammok /palapa/good spot for yoga area, there is the bar/restaurant and the Internet work well in both those areas, not so well in the camping area. There is enough that if you buffer youtube or whatever and then bring it back to camp it plays well. The cabin/bathroom /shower area is down a pleasant path through citrus trees and chickens. It's all nicely done. Camping is 35Q per person and electricity is 10Q more per person, which we thought was strange. We explained we only run our fridge and the rest runs on our battries and talked him into just 10Q extra not 20Q. Niel the owner speaks perfect English and helped us with an issue we were having with our external hard drive. We also lucked out. Every year starting Jan 6th the Isla de Flores has a week long party. Each major family host a different day, and our first night in Guatemala was also the first night of partys, and happened to be Neil wife family's day. It was a blast, and taking the boats across is fun too. Isla de Flores is a really cute town. Large enough to get anything you may need a big city to take care of. We found the distance perfect for relaxing, but still an easy cummute in.

Unlike the previous poster I get a strong hostel vibe here, and I'd definitely classify this as a hostel. While there's no common kitchen there's a common area where travellers (mostly young backpackers) hang out in the morning and evening.

The premises are gorgeous, overlooking the lake and the island of Flores. Grounds are extremely clean and well maintained. Boats to the island are ~5q.

35q camping, 55q (iirc) for dorm. Bathrooms are clean and nice, and there are hot-ish (electric) showers. Owner is very helpful and courteous.

This is not hostel and thus the atmosphere is not like in a hostel. We prefer to camp at hostels because we like the common areas, shared kitchen and the backpacker vibe. This place runs short on this. The drive to the place takes about 30minutes from the main road and if you drive a big rig you won't be able to enter the property due to it's very steep ramp.

This aside the place has indeed incredible views, a nice owner and with the boat you can easily reach Flores.

My girlfriend and I spent two nights at Neil's place and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The property is beautiful, the view is amazing, and Neil is incredibly helpful and kind.

As mentioned in other check-ins, Neil speaks English due to his Belizean roots, and offers insight into his home country as well as Guatemala. He also provides many services beyond camping such as arranging transportation to various locations in Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize should one require them. Also his restaurant features a simple menu that's affordable and tasty.

Transport to Flores is, as mentioned, Q5 each way via the many boats which travel constantly back and forth. In Flores you can stock up on groceries at the store on the ground level of the Maya Mall complex just over the bridge into Santa Elena. There's also various small shops on the hostel's side of the water well within walking distance.

All the bathrooms on the property were clean and all but one of the toilets had seats. The showers were cold, but no problem given the heat. There's covered areas with hammocks and chairs to hangout in, as well as a pool to use. The wifi wasn't the best, but was usable.

What's really nice about the place is you get a great view of Flores you wouldn't be able to get almost anywhere else in the area, and you don't have to deal with Santa Elena/Flores traffic to experience the city. The road in is no problem, 4x4 isn't required, but there is a steep section that could pose problematic if it was wet. Also, the hostel isn't really signed save a faded/small painted board; just trust the coordinates, if you're at a corner looking at a building up some stairs with the edge of a hill/the lake to your right and a short, steepish driveway to the left, you're at the right spot.

Overall, we highly recommend this spot whether overlanding or backpacking (the cabanas look nice but we didn't stay in them). We paid Q70/night for two people without electricity, but the Landcruiser beside us was plugged in, so it looks as if electricity is available.

Great place to rest up for a day or two. We spent two nights here and took the little ferries to Isla de Flores both days. Neal is super helpful and runs an upstanding establishment. You can park your rig inside of the gate and feel at ease about it.

Beautiful, lush grounds with a great view of the lake and Flores, refreshing pool. Paid $35QZ per person without electricity. Lancha to Flores is $5QZ per person each way. Driveway and parking area are a little slick when really wet. Neil speaks English and is a great resource for info on Guatemala. The restaurant has a limited menu, soft tacos were 4 for $25QZ.

Great place with amazing views. The host is very kind. A boat ride from Flores. You can park your car there. 40q per night per person

beautiful spot, there is a lot of space for overlanders (at least 4 pick up campers will fit), great view, nice owner, boat to Flores for 50Q/p, the gravel road to the hostel is average but easy to drive

Nice quiet place but be aware this is not a hostel but a lodge with cabanas and camping. We fit and are 26' long and about 10' high. 3 rigs here total now so a bit tight. Neil and his staff very friendly and helpful. Pd 40Q pp. Got laundry done for 35Q a small bag. good Wi-Fi but not at sites only in bar and palapa. Sadly the pool was closed while we were here as it had a crack!

cool place with nice pool and super friendly owner,limited rv parking(maybe 2 in the garden)rest outside.
beautiful views to flores and nice free museam.

beautiful spot overlooking flores.bad road there but 4x4 not needed just slowly slowly.very limited parking for anything bigger than vw bus.

Perfect place to stay if you are in the area. Especially if you are looking for a quite place for camping. Bathrooms are clean, the view from the restaurant ist spectacular, wifi is o.k. and only a few minutes to Flores on foot and by boot. We are here with our 4 x 4 RV and the first who can stay on the proberty with this kind of vehicle (high 3,4 m; wide 2,4 m; long 8 m) because the owner cut a tree, so we were able to go up :-). Price 40 Q / Person

Rough road to get in. Steep and narrow entrance. A rig over 7ft (2.10m) wide and 7 1/2ft (2.4 m) high will have to park in front of the house.

spent one night here with several other overlanders. Neil is very friendly, nice spot to relax, have some drinks, and take in a fantastic view of Flores.

bathrooms functional but could use a little improvement. we did not use the shower so can't comment.

road in was very rough, and entry into the camping area was steep, we needed a good running start. our vehicle isn't the most off road capable so others with better suspension and traction may find it an easier drive but it was quite an adventure for us to get there.

Very nice place just across Flores. Beautiful view, free boat shuttle, showers, free wifi, laundry. Steep entrance ramp.

Nice camping/hostal place tucked in on the north side of Flores. Great views and a private quiet place. Nice restrooms and showers nice hangout area. Laundry available 5 quetzal for a boat ride to Flores. 40 Quetzales per person

It is a beautifull place with an amazing view. The host is super nice and you might get a free boatride to flores. Clean bathrooms and also laundry, electricity and wifi here for 40Q per person.

Great spot, beautiful views and amazing host. Cabanas and camping only a 5min boat ride away from Isle de Flores. 200q for cabana including breakfast for 2 persons. Very clean and secure Eco lodge with restaurant, bar and pool. The host Neil was very friendly, super helpful and has a great knowledge of the area, travelers needs and he is a 4x4 enthusiast. Highly recommended.