Kolob Terrace Rd near Zion NP | Wild Camping

United States


Last Visited: about 1 month ago
GPS: 37.220962, -113.161353
Altitude: 1095.4 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Natural Source
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

About 20km out of Springdale (south entrance of Zion NP), you turn right in the Kolob Terrace Rd (paved road). You follow approximately 2-3 km and you turn right. If its rainy or its not totally dry, it will be slippery and you probably need 4x4 and high clearance due to the soft red sand. There are plenty of spots by the river. We were not alone (two caravans were permanently settled).


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Crossed over the creek and stayed right next to the creek. Saw maybe 3 other campers there but all on the other side of the creek.

Nice spot just off the road next to the river. Decent road in and plenty of space. I imagine this place can get pretty crowded but pretty peaceful when I stayed.

Great spot! Unfortunately didn’t get to enjoy it too much as we arrived in 30mph winds and a dust bowl, but it’s beautiful and private. 2 bars US Cellular LTE

BLM dispersed camping. Lots of spaces and other campers. Stretches along a creek that you can pass with high ckearance vehicle. 3 bars AT&T LTE.

great spot!
enough spots near the water. was crowded in the weekend, but on weekdays everyone can have enough privat place.
the river is Nice and warm and our 1yearold loved playing in it.

Loved it. Quiet in the off season. Beautiful cottonwoods are changing colors. Very windy one night, with blowing dust, but we just stayed inside. Great AT&T LTE cell signal.

Nice spot for wild camping! Near the river! There are a lot of other campers here! Came with an 2wd RV without any problems! If U want to get deeper/ far away from the road and across the river you need a pickup or 4wd

20 minutes to Zion. It's well used, and unfortunately, there's used toilet paper all over in the first, most heavily used pullout. At least the views are lovely. Little Verizon signal but decent AT&T.

nice spot. some fire rings. right off the paved road!

lots of spots. nice creek view. road is ok even with a 2wd.

great spot for hanging out in Zion. 20 min away from entrance with peaceful Creek views and little noise. didn't fill up on this specific weeknight, but i have seen it full in the past. keep an eye out for frog and Dobson fly larvae in the creek but I wouldn't drink from it. I was informed that its run off from a cattle ranch further north. always remember to pack out your trash!

Delightful wild camping. Zion NP and surrounds are busy with visitors but there’s still plenty of space for a peaceful overnight camp along here. Great spot to stay while exploring Zion NP.

Still a great spot near the river for free. There where a few other camper there, but still some privacy for each one. Around 20 spots in this area - easy to access with 2WD.

Very popular place close to the entrance of zion. It was quite wet but that seemed to be no problem for anyone.

Nous sommes plusieurs (10) à se retrouver dans ce décor de Far West, de la place en masse pour tout le monde... On se réveille encore avec une vue imprenable. 3 kilomètres environ de chemin de terre. À seulement 25 kilomètres de Zion.

Wow, really a fantastic spot! Many other campers! Good AT&T signal

Amazing spot! Flowing river, cows across the way, mountains, quiet, lots of space between campsites.

Not very busy at this time of year but still a couple other campers in site. We got our 36ft class A in no problem. We didn't go too far in but lots and lots of spots. 14 day stay limit per little sign/stake.

Many spots, a couple along the creek. Great place to stay when visiting Zion!

Nice place!! near small river! idéal To stop near Zion

Nice place to stay. A lot of places, some are directly at the small river.

Bel emplacement mais un peu loin de Zion en arrivant de l’est (30min), mais reste l’emplacement le plus proche gratuit (le plus proche inaccessible pour RV 24ft)
Une 10a d’emplacements proches d’une petite rivière

got woken up by a police officer after trying to camp by the library, he was nice and suggested to stay here. no noise and not much light pollution. stayed across from the construction company area (it looks like a house), no issues

Nice and quiet spot, there are a lot of places close to the creek. You don't need high clearance, we did it with our 23' MH. There were some other vehicles spending night here.

nice place and quiet at night, no facilities and it's not need high clearance.

Only a few camping sites, but not many people know about it/want to camp without facilities. A dirt road, low riding vehicles be careful, not impossible!

Very hot in June, even in the shade. But it was a good spot about 20 minutes from Zion NP. Plenty of spots and it's beside a creek. Sandy so safe maneuvering is needed.

Excellent spot. Really quiet! Stayed here for two nights while visiting Zion NP.

Lots of options, however very full, seems to be THE spot for boondocking near Zion. Perfect for a night. Free and lots of shady trees. Mobile reception but no facilities, so everyone has to „dig his own hole“.

Spent two nights. Nice spot, a lot of people but reminds us a typical campground, guitar playing, singing...!

Nice and quiet place close to the river.
Come early because there is a lot of people.
No amenities.
Easy access by dirt road.

As described very nice place down the river, around 25m to Zion. Plenty of space, very safe and a lot of wind.

I would not describe this spot as fantastic. It's a pretty setting, but the wind and red sand/dust is insane. Our dogs were immediately covered with sand the minute we let them out of the car. The creek was lovely, but garbage lined the shores. Seriously, people? Haul out your garbage! The spots are tight and fairly small.

That was a perfect spot to spend an overnight and visit Zion during the day, we stayed 3 nights, calm safe and free!

Fantastic spot. Plenty of secluded spaces, even with a few other rigs around.

Perfect and quite spot to visit Zion. Sandy but ok for our 24 ft RV. When you want to see a amazing area drive the way true till the water reservoir. 30 km absolute great viewings

Nice place to spend some days, you can star for 14 days, big RVs can park there with no problem. Good creek in this time of the year

Beautiful spots as descriped. stille very busy end of october!
difficult to find spot in the dark. We had stormy weather (very windy no rain) . Everything was covered with red sand. But next to this,perfect spot before Zion.

nice place with small Creek
lot of pepole
perfect for visit zion

wonderful. free and legal. Quiet and nice people. wonderful small river.

The best place in 6 months! water, fire, sun, tree, quiet,... we stay a week!!!
Le plus chouette camping en 6 mois! De l eau grace a la riviere, des feux de camps (=barbec!), du soleil, des arbres pour l ombre. nous avons profite de zion et avons pris le temps de remettre notre blog a jour. nous sommes restes une semaine dans ce paradis. merci a la personne qui nous laisse profiter de cet endroit, pensez a lui glisser un billet dans la boite rouge des toilettes

Excellent spot. Many places (25-30 at least)
Went with our 17foot travel trailer without any problem
Approximately 45 minutes from Kolob (Zion) and 20 minutes from Zion Canyon

nice place which is also accessible without 4x4, but only when it's dry (because of the soft sand)
quite crowded even during the week.
try staying near the water and away from the high grass where people are doing their business (at least it smells like)

As described. Very pleasant wild camping.

Nice spot to wild camp near Zion. Lots of trees to shade, and maybe a flowing creek depending on time of year. Pretty popular, but lots of spots. Great for camping near Zion.

Very nice spot near the river

As usual in this season it is almost impossible to get into a Zion CG without reservation and even South CG fills by 08:00, so we returned to here. There are many spots along river. We crossed the river in our 4x4, there are only few on the other shore because the crossing is steep and sandy. The river had good water because of recent rain

Huge free campsite, lovely sites along both sides of creek (4WD and dry weather required to cross). Portaloos at both ends of campsite

In the summer it's not exactly a nice place as it's very crowded and there's no water in the creek but it's one of the few options not too far from the Zion NP and it's free.

About 20km out of Springdale (south entrance of Zion NP), you turn right in the Kolob Terrace Rd (paved road). You follow approximately 2-3 km and you turn right. If its rainy or its not totally dry, it will be slippery and you probably need 4x4 and high clearance due to the soft red sand. There are plenty of spots by the river. We were not alone (two caravans were permanently settled).