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GPS: -47.750894, -65.919462
Altitude: 16.0 masl
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Expeditions to the Ria Deseado, 2 houres, different species of Kormorans, Magellanpenguins, Sealions and Dolphins. Friendly staff. Price 600.- p.P. There's also a 6 hours trip to the Pinguineisland avaible.


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Even so it is the end of season, Roxana thought of asking a privat tour if we could join them. We could! Was a great tour, and the owners were really nice. We spend two nights in their parkinglot with wifi. If you would like to buy fresh fish, just ask Roxana, we got in delivered at 10pm 200Ars/kg (4-5 €/kg)

Great team, many thanks to Javier and Ricardo. Due to the bad weather and even worst forecast we couldn’t sale to Isla Pingüinos... 😢 they still gave us tips and tricks on what we could do in our way South and offered us to stay for the night in their parking lot and let us use their wifi for the night. Fully recommend these guys for the tour hoping you’ll have better luck with the weather!

very nice excursion. well-organized. duration 6 hours. thanks to Roxana and Xavier, for the beautiful day. Maria

Fantastic tour to Penguin island. 3000ap pP including lunch. Roxana is just great. We waited three days for the right weather conditions. Thanks to Darwin Expeditiones.

We wanted to do the isla pinguino tour but it‘s not possible to do it by windy weather. So check it by phone before you do the long way from ruta 3. We were there by windy weather :-( The staff was very friendly and we could sleep at their parking lot. We also could use the toilets, lounges, wifi, ... as it is our home.

Very good and friendly, good organisation and well equiped. Enjoyed to have Roxana as guide, she takes care of all of us and answers to all questions you may ask..isla pinguino 3000$ very good excursion. should go for.....

we agree with the positive statements! the equipment is well maintained and save. actual prices are 1200pp for the 2h river tour and 3000pp for the 6h island tour. we did the island tour and saw all the birds, seelions and many dolphins playing around the boat. in the ria the comoranes are easy to see from the cliffs but dolphins are rarely.

Only if wind is recent and the group has at least 6 persons thé boat is leaving. 7 times in oktober 2018. In januari Every day. We waited 3 days and were very happy we did. Roxane is a lovely guide.

Highly recommended! Fantastic tour to islo penguino. We saw dolphins swimming, next to the boat, the rockhopper and magellaen pinguin, sea lions and even sea elephants. Good lunch (vegetarion on demand) and great guide!

A great experience and Roxanna is a perfect guide and English makes it bit easier. Discount is possible. All was perfect.

Very great Tour to the Pinguin Island.
If you come with your motorhome, please ask and you can spend the night on the parkingarea here.

If you plan to do a penguin tour (and more than just walking around on the mainland) at some point on your journey let it be this one to isla penguino! Yes, it’s $100/person but it’s worth it for many reasons:
1) You see magellanic and rockhopper penguins in their natural habitat. We’ve stopped at many other penguin spots along the way and this was definitely the most remote and wild. (We also saw two types of dolphins, sea lions, albatross, and many species of birds also in their natural habitats)
2) The tour groups are *small* - never more than 20 people on a zodiac boat (we had 12 and it’s high season)
3) Roxanna is a fantastic guide (speaks very good English) and Javier, one of the owners, is a great captain and first visited the island 30 years ago.
4) The “parking lot” that they let you camp in is super tranquil, has a great view of the bay/harbor, and the sunsets are beautiful.
***Cash only and they provide a basic lunch***

Possibilité de dormir sur le parking à côté de Darwin.
Très calme même si nous sommes près de la route.
Vue sur le port et les quais d'embarquement de Darwin.
Toutes l'équipe est chaleureuse et accueillante. Roxanna est un excellent guide et pédagogue avec les enfants.
2 sorties vous sont proposées :
La première durée 2h pour voir les îles avec manchots de magellan et différents types d'oiseaux. 1000$p/Arg
La deuxième durée 6h avec repas du midi inclus.
Nous avons vu manchots de magellan, lion de mer, des éléphants de mer, des tonina overa et des gorfu sauteur.

Darwin Expediciones organise des excursions vers l'Île des Pingouins et sur la Ria Deseado où Magellan et Darwin ont fait escale. Vous verrez de très près, les fameux Gorfous (pingouins sauteurs), des colonies de lions de mer, les Albatros. Les dauphins vous accompagneront pendant les 6 heures de bateau. Roxana guide biologiste parle Français et Xavier et Ricardo sont des capitaines qui vous permettront d'accoster sur les îles pour marcher au milieu de la faune sauvage. Vous pouvez en plus bivouaquer sur le parking avec tous les services (électricité, eau, très bonne Wifi) Roxana est très attentionnée et aidante. Nous sommes restés 5 jours pour profiter au mieux des sorties en mer , des beaux paysages et du Soleil.

No dejar de visitar la isla pingüino, pero pedir informacion a las otras dos compañias. -
Se habla ingles

We did the Isla Pinguino and Ria Deseado tour. It was a magnificent experience, very friendly staff and very good service. A must do.
Nous avons fait Isla Pinguino et Ria Deseado tour. C etait un experience magnifique, une tres aimable equipe et un bon service. A conseiller.

Did the long boat tour (8 am to 2 pm) to penguin island and loved it. Great guide, bilingual and very knowledgeable. You can walk on the island and the penguins come very close. The rockhoppers are very funny. We could stay at the office for the night and use the nice lounge with wifi. One of the best attractions in the south of Argentina!

we loved to do both boat tours. yes they are expensive, but worth it. you will get all information- in all languages and you will see magnificent places with a lot of animals. just come here and talk to the very friendly and helpful people!

Roxana, Javier and Ricardo make a great team! Very friendly and helpful. Roxana (guide) speaks Spanish, French and English (and a bit of Catalan!) They also take very good care of the islands and animals, but there are no fences of any kind in any of the islands. We took both tours and both are amazing. The tour along the turquoise river is a pleasant boat ride, we saw plenty of dolphins, sea lions, megallanic penguins (with babies) and other birds. The tour to Isla Pingüino is a boat ride to the sea, so it is rougher but well worth it; we also saw dolphins, sea lions and megallanic and the so cool rockhopper penguins! The scenery with the old lighthouse on the island is astonishing! Tour to the Penguin Island is 1600 pp including lunch. You can park your camper in their parking lot to spend the night. One of the highlights of our trip!

Booked the day tour to the penguin island for the family. 5 pers. 300 US $. Placed the motohome behind the office. Staying the evening with good internet in the lounge.

They doubled the price of the tours in only two years, without changing anything. We didn't feel like supporting that unreasonable price explosion and went to agency 'Los Vikingos' more further down.

Expeditions to the Ria Deseado, 2 houres, different species of Kormorans, Magellanpenguins, Sealions and Dolphins. Friendly staff. Price 600.- p.P. There's also a 6 hours trip to the Pinguineisland avaible.