Immigration - Bolivia | Customs and Immigration

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Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: -19.028480, -57.708980
Altitude: 134.0 masl


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First stop to exit Bolivia. Can park at back. Hand in exit cards, they take a photo and then you can head to Aduana over the road. Open 8-6pm.


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Very easy. Hand over passports, tell them how long you plan to be in country, and get passport back! No more fees for US citizens!

The office door was locked but someone waved us through. We came back next day morning (Monday) got our exist stamp

On Sunday 22 Sept we came here for exit stamps. The migration office was open at 12.30, no-one else around and took less than 5 minutes. No messing around, no request for money, the guy on the desk was very friendly. Aduana was closed for lunch though- there's a delicious saltenas shop up the road to get some lunch and spend up any remaining money!

The most ridiculous and difficult border crossing of our lives. I crossed into Bolivia two years ago and got my visa, and yes it was difficult but this was next level. To get my boyfriends visa they rejected us when we showed up at 3 pm yesterday saying there was no internet in the entire town and that we needed more pointless copies of things (a lie so they didn’t have to deal with us obviously) so we had to go back to Brazil to make these copies and spend the night because it was less sketchy and quieter. We show up at 8am the next morning fully prepared and a new woman is there requiring things that aren’t even on their general requirements checklist right in front of us. So we spent 2 hours printing and making copies and running around and when we get back that lady disappeared and now a woman who really loves her cell phone starts telling me she doesn’t care what the other woman asked but she wants a copy of our credit card. I speak fluent Spanish, there are no miscommunications here. I demanded that she stamp my passport and she asked if I was entering or exiting, like how do you not know we’ve been here for 4 hours at this point in time trying to get IN. she and all her little clic think what they’re doing to us is hilarious the whole time, mocking us, and making fun of our passport photos, just the typical 12 year old games you’d expect from really bored Bolivians. On hour 6 we finally get my boyfriends visa approved just in time for the lunch hour so we have to wait to register our cars. Don’t worry Bolivia, we won’t come back here. Ever.

We had nothing to pay when we left Bolivia. Is it maybe depending on the nationality? We also had not to pay when we left Bolivia in Ollagüe last year.

there is a sign stating that all foreigners need to pay 160 Bob to leave. however.... we didn't, and nothing happened. it felt voluntary

When leaving Bolivia every foreigner has to pay 160 bl. in cash at a cashier in the Migración building. Bolivianos pay 18 bl.

Exiting Bolivia: Around noon...noon on a lines. Easy to checkout. Exit stamp and photo taken. Confirmed that USA passport holders with Bolivian 10 year visa acquired after 2015 can re-enter Bolivia if the 90 days is not up yet. Even though the visa stamp doesn't say "multi-entry". No reapplication of visa required. Now off to cancel the TIP across the road! Have to have copy of your driver's passport exit stamp and copy of TIP before heading to Aduana!

took around 20 mins - remember to bring a pen, as we got a dirty look for asking for one (but she did hand one over)

It was so hot...the traffic was bad...i dont have intention to come back to I did not stop (nobody stops anyway ;). No stamp no worries. Brazilian were awesome and helpful, took em 10 minutes for all. Park after the building, find english speaking dude.

RUM :Hier haben wir wieder eine Stunde warten müssen. Ansonsten lief wieder alles reibungslos.

One of our longest border exits ever. immigration is open 8-6 true, but there were long queues when we where there (2pm Monday). Aduana across the road shuts at lunch, reopening at 2:30pm, there were queues, we needed to get photocopies and they did a full exit inspection of car. Plan for a long border crossing if our experience anything to go by.

Open everyday from 8 am to 6 pm including Saturday and Sunday.
Very quick and easy to leave Bolivia !

Leaving Bolivia. Took 10 mins. Took photo, checked passport & kept entry slip.

it is on the bolivian exit side of the road. coming from brazil you can either park on the road just on front of the old lady that just took 2 reals or 3.50 bol from you and walk over or take the first left and park on the street there.

Immigration was fast & trouble-free. Aduana across the road, not so slick!

Car search by grumpy police officers!

Exit stamp here. Walked to Aduna but was closed at 9 am so an official just looked at the documents on the road next to vehicle and took the original vehicle document. No fee.

On the border. Can't miss it.