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Parking at Hydroelectrica | Informal Campsite

Staticmap?center= 13.1739833333333, 72.5650666666667&zoom=13&size=1170x250&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:red%7ccolor:red%7clabel:c%7c 13.1739833333333, 72


Last Visited: 4 months ago
GPS: -13.173983, -72.565067
Altitude: 1824.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Cold
Water: Natural Source
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Good place to park-up for the night before or after your walk to/from Machu Pichu and safe place to leave vehicle overnight parked if you want to stay in Aguas Calientes for the night. Small cafe has refreshments (cans, crisps etc) & serves lunchtime meals to small groups arriving on minibus from Cusco but not sure if they would serve food in evening. Food until 19:00. A very friendly guy & peaceful night-stop. Plenty of room for big-rig parking round the back & its mostly level. Not sure about ground tents as the parking is concreted, but I'm sure he would find a spot for you if you need it. Shower & bano available. 15 soles for day/night.

Train departures as of 2017-10-15

Hidroelectrica - Machu Picchu
7:54 - 8:35
14:50 - 15:34
17:10 - 17:41

Machu Picchu - Hidroelectrica
6:45 - 7:29
13:30 - 14:15
15:40 - 16:11


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We left our van here for two nights while visiting Machu Picchu. It cost 15 soles per night. Really friendly people, toilet and cold shower available and really clean.

Ja, der einzige gute Platz hier. Ich habe 10 Soles pro Nacht bezahlt. Nur die Sanitären Anlagen sind eben Typisch.
Yes, the only good place here. I paid 10 soles a night. Only the sanitary facilities are just typical.

Personally wouldn't camp here as others do if you like serenity. Better options at Santa Teresa. Parked here from 8am til 10pm and paid 10 soles. Much more secure spot than leaving your car at the start of the train tracks. Friendly dude.

We slept here 2 nights (before and after MP) and were very happy here! There is a cold shower and a toilet and also a guy who is there all day and night and keep watching your car so nothing happens. He was very nice and even allowed us to take some avocados which are growing there. The only bad thing is the music from the restaurant but thankfully not all day! Also you can buy food in a restaurant (they cook very good) or I just asked in the morning for some bread and eggs and they gave me some, very nice people and the man is really happy and appreciates every guest! It is simple camping but it serves as you need. Enjoy!

Policemen said there were recently tire slashes at Hidroelectrica. We parked our van at the campground in Santa Teresa.

We leave our van one night here and they charge 10 soles, very good option. We take a cold shower too when we arrived and he doesnt charge anything

Spent 2 nights here. Friendly people, good location. Bathrooms are simple but ok. 15 sol per night.

We slept in a night here and left the van all day to go to Machu Pichu. 15 soles in all.
When the Machu Pichu returned, I would like to go to sleep in Santa Teresa's termas and sleep free in the parking lot!

Nous avona dormi une nuit ici et laissé le van toute la journée pour aller au Machu Pichu. 15 soles en tout.
Au retour du Machu Pichu, je vous conséille d'aller dormir aux termas de santa teresa et dormir gratuitement au parking!

We spend 3 nights here, to take time to visit Machu Picchu and surrounding.
The father and his son are really helpful, and friendly.
We had a problem with our van and they let us use their cellphones to contact a Mecano.
Toilets and bathrooms are ok (but with cold water).

Dejamos las motos un par de días y todo perfecto. 10 soles por noche. Atienden las 24 horas.

Left the Defender here 2 nights. No problem at all. There’s shower and toilets also. Simple but there is...

Escobar was a great man! very gentle! the place to stay was very simple but has potable water from the sink! (taste mineral, comes from the montains) We got here with a VWbus with no problems, there a lot of vans coming and leaving all day... We spend 4 night here waiting the weather open but didn't works... as we walk to águas calientes the weather gets worst, and we decided don't spend so much money to go to the top of Machupichu, maybe other time! the city there was very touristic and beautiful!

We didn’t drive here because we were worried about road conditions for our sprinter van during the rainy season. The bridge near Santa Maria has been replaced and the road is mostly paved all the way here. Every tour bus that comes out here is a sprinter van, so we really wish we had driven ourselves and stayed here.
We think the best way would be to arrive here in the afternoon, walk to the municipal campground at the base of Machu Picchu, camp the night in a tent there, then wake up early to see the ruins and after that walk back out to Hidroelectrico. This way you split the long walk up overnight and have more energy to explore the ruins.
Also at Machu Picchu they will only let you through the gate ONE TIME, we had a bathroom emergency and then had to beg to get back in.

Good parking, safe, the guy is a nice man, 20 soles for two nights. There is a simple bathroom and cold shower, really cold.

Here is how we did MP and recommend to others:

1. Spend the night in Santa Teresa (lots of hotel options) or camp out at Hydroelectrica (at this location). We just parked the car here for 1 day ourselves.

2. In the morning, do the walk along the train tracks to Aguas Caliente. Plan on 3 hours and consider starting by 8.30am at the latest.

3. In Aguas Caliente, get lunch and then take the bus up to Machu Pichu. If you didn’t buy the ticket to MP before, you can buy it here. Half day ticket is $47 USD and same day is OK. Bus is $12 USD one way and takes 30 minutes.

4. Enjoy Machu Pichu from around noon to 5.30pm on a half day ticket. For us, it was enough — although you may decide to get another ticket for the next day.

5. Walk down the path from Machu Pichu towards Aguas Caliente (plan on 1 hour) and then follow the train back to Hidroelectrica (plan on 2.5 hours). Bring a headlight as it is pretty dark at that time.

6. Pick up your car at Hidroelectrica (or camp out there for the night).

Key tips:

- there are lots of places to get food and drinks along the train tracks on the way to MP, but most close on the way back
- our cost was about $60 pp for admission ticket and the bus up combined. It was well worth it at this price point.
- you can plan to stay an extra night in Aguas Caliente or Santa Teresa. Both have a ton of hotel options.

We slept here for one night and left our van (6m) for the second night while we stayed in Aguas Calientes. Willi, the owner is super friendly and kept an eye on our car. The parking spot is behind his house, on leveled concrete. For us the best option to leave the car and walk to Aguas Calientes.

No problems either but did not want to tent camp there.

left 3 fully loaded motos for 2 days while we went to Machu Picchu. put our gear inside. all good, $10sol per day

Slept one night in a parking lot, nice place. parked car for one night more when hiked to Maccu Picchu. 15 soles/night. Great walk!!

Parked our 4runner here for 2 nights with no problem. Friendly chap directed us to parking spot. 10S/night. Hike in to Agua Calientes very straightforward , follow the signs.

We left our kombi three nights at Don Escobar's place, during our stay at Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu pueblo). Very simple place, but really quiet and safe. 15 soles per night. Just 5 minutes by walking to the Amazonic Access checkpoint to Machu Picchu.
Deixamos nossa kombi na propriedade do Sr. Escobar por 3 noites, durante nossa estada em Águas Calientes (Machu Picchu pueblo). O lugar é bastante simples, mas muito tranquilo e seguro. Pagamos 15 soles por noite. O local fica a apenas 5 minutos do controle do Acesso Amazônico a Machu Picchu.

Buen lugar para dejar el auto para ir a Machu. Nos cobrarán 15 soles por noche. Se puede duchar ahí también gratis.

Well, we didn't want to create a warning but here is what happen to us: We parked our car the 19/12/2017 then made it to Machupicchu and came back the 20/12/2017. When we get back to the car we realized that during those 24h the alarm get activated​. The alarm is not easy to swich, you really need to play with the door handles or shake the car pretty well, anyway we ask the lady what happened​, it could have been just a kid playing around or any other reason and it would be fine for us (nothing missing in the car and it looked unopened). The answer from the lady was: "Nothing happened! we don't know! and there is plenty of people coming everyday we are not going to look after your car all day!" at this time an other person from the restaurant nearby came and made it pretty clear that they don't care about what happened or could happen to the vehicules! talking with them was impossible as they didn't listen or just laught when we were asking details. Hope that will not happen again, but if we knew we would choose an other option to do the trip to Machupicchu!

The cute small puppy is now older and apparently scared of dark. Wouldn’t shut up almost all night on both nights when whe where parking here. Owner is super nice older Peruvian man. His kids are running the restaurant/tour bus stop just down from this parking lot. Amazingly Claro works here and you can even top up your phone at the Hydroelectrica train station. First glance to Machu Picchu is at the football field for the electric company workers about 200 meters from the train station. Just look up

Great place to leave your vehicle totally safe while hiking or taking the train to Agua Caliente to visit Matchu Picchu. I left my motorcycle here for 10 soles per day and when I returned i pitched my tent inside a concrete slab shed for no additional fee. Just paid 20 soles for 2 days. In addition the owner is very friendly.

Deixamos nossa Kombi por dois dias aí sozinha, senhor super gentil e lugar seguro, não tivemos problemas nenhum, quando voltamos de Macchu Picchu conseguimos tomar um banho gelado para tirar o suor. Negociamos por 10,00 soles 24h.

Update with train departures.

Basic secure parking lot behind owner’s house. Convenient place to camp and park while going to Machu Picchu. 15 soles to camp or 15 soles to park overnight. Added bonus, cute puppy on site :)

I wanted to tentcamp here, but it is not possible to pitch a tent at the guys parking lot. You can not drive a nail into the concrete ground. There are possibilities to pitch a tent down by the Restaurant or further down, but the ground did not look good. Very little grass. And there were a lot of these noseeems biting flies. They would have spoiled my hole evening and night. So I went back to Santa Teresa and took a Hotel. The guy wanted 30 Sol for 2 nights, but would have settled for 20. He dose not care how many people you are or if you want to camp. He just charges for parking. The Hotel option in Santa Teresa worked better for me and I parked my car the next day for 10 Sol to do Machu Picchu. I could not find any Hotel in Santa Teresa that offers secure Carpark. You have to park your car on the street, but it is safe to do so.

good spot to leave the car while going to Machu Picchu. 20 soles for two people two nights. really quiet night.

Agreed with all the below, good place to camp before/after machu picchu.

Also regarding trains between Hidroelectrica-Aguas Calientes, this is info we would have liked to know beforehand... The schedule stated there would be two trains leaving to hidroelectrica after midday, at 15.40 and 18.00, but we asked and they said the last train would be at 13.30. We had walked from hidroelectrica and were planning to take the train back but this would be impossible for us as we had an afternoon ticket, big dissappointment haha. The reason the train was not going acc to schedule was that there wouldn't be enough people, even though I expected beginning of June to be high season. Not sure how to check in advance. walking there and back the same day is doable, if you take the bus up and down MP, but you are close to 30 km (mostly flat terrain though). In hindsight we would've preferred to take train from Hidroelectrica to Aguas Calientes, take bus up, and walk all the way down and back.

Left our van here while hiking to machu pichu. It's the house to the right of the restaurant, little bit uphill. super nice and welcoming owner. 10 soles for the day, 5 more if you want to stay the night.

Good parking and Imbiss before leaving to MacuPicchu. Restaurant until 19:00.

We stayed two nights here. Friendly owner, 15 soles per night, quiet place. Once you cross the bridge there will be a hydroelectrica security guard in a booth on the right, he can direct you forward, the place is just ahead of there.

We walked to Machu Picchu from here, about 10km up the railroad then a steep 400m climb up to the ruins and then back. Left around 9am, had the half day Machu Picchu pass (1-4:30pm), got back around 7pm. Tiring but doable.

It's a parking where you can live your car to going to Machu Picchu! It's security. We come and one day and left the car to make the tracking by Machu Picchu and another day we come back and sleep here! Really nice! We paid 30 soles for two night. You can negotiation.

all fine.15 soles for a day and half.

As described 15sol per night. regarding the walk to aguas caliente, when you get to the train tracks there will be a bunch of shops, follow the tracks and just after the shops stop,on the right, there will be some stairs with a sign post. the sign post is missing a sign which would have read 'aguas caliente this way' go up the stairs and there should be another sign just after the building at the top. the stairs will take you to the top of the train line switchbacks. there are heaps of signs. when you get to the train bridge look up and you will see macchu picchu. between hydro and the train bridge it is possible to see the inca bridge on the rock face. you will have to be super human to see it on the way in but after you have seen it up close you should be able to find it from the train tracks. we took the bus up the hill, and walked back. this was a good idea because there is a lot to see up the top. remember bring your passport and tickets can only be bought from aguas caliente.

Friendly house. We paid 20sol for two nights (moto). Perfect

Parked for two nights and the owner settled from 15s a night to 20S for two nights. When we left we gave him 5S tip. When we drove back out they were fixing the road - should be a smooth dirt road in a few weeks.

This is no longer just a driveway of a private house, the friendly owner has extended the park-up area around the back of his house and turned the side area into a small cafe/restaurant serving the tourists arriving/departing on the shuttle mini-vans from Cusco. There's bano and shower (but we didn't use them) and parking above/behind the house for at least 5 or 6 vehicles. It's a very peaceful and convenient place to park-up for a night before or after your walk to/from Machu Pichu and safe to leave your vehicle if you want to stay in Aguas Calientes. 15 soles per day/night.

We paid 25 Soles for 2 nights (2 people and 1 car). Shower, Toilet and potable water. Very nice owner. Walked from here to Machu Picchu, exhausting, but doable.

The guy was waiting at the Machu Picchu checkpoint of the hydroelectric plant and showed me where I could park my motorcycle. It is not allowed to park at the hydroelectric plant/entrance of Machu Picchu. He charged me 5sol for the day- 10 when overnight. Private house but friendly persons. Safe.

The road is in the worst condition between Santa Teresa and here but not too bad if you go slowly. I was worried that this place didn't exist anymore but it's still there. Before the checkpoint turn left over the bridge, follow the road and around the bend there is a driveway on your right. They asked for 15sol/day but took 20 for two nights. Driveway is paved. Friendly people. Took us just over 2 hours to walk from here to AC. Restaurants, campsites and lots of places to buy snacks on the walk to AC.

We parked the car at a private house while we spent a night in Aguas Calientes and looked at Machu Picchu. In Aguas Calientes we had no reservations, but we had no problems finding a cheap hostal. We stayed in Hostal One, not too nice, but it was just for a few hours’ sleep. Double room with hot shower cost 35 Sol.

Price: 10 Sol for 24 hours