Corrupted Police Station | Checkpoint

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Last Visited: 26 days ago
GPS: -17.400283, -63.824245
Altitude: 322.0 masl
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Recent advice from Aduana is that your TVIP is accepted in lieu of an Orden de translado and the police at control points should stamp the back of the TVIP and make no request for a payment or a tip.

We had to pay 50 bol to pass through. We didn't want at first but the policeman menaced us.. so we payed..
Second time for us in Bolivia with corrupted police..


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Stop us, check safety stuff (botequin, extinguidor...) very nice and friendly, they even gave us there phone number to called them if someone (another policeman) bother us until Santa Cruz (he was a sergent who knows everyone he told us). Did ask anything but we noted it to not seem rude.

No problem here. We were asked to come to the office to check the paper stuff. Said we should drive carefully and let us go..

Rope was down when i went through so rode straight past.

came here or another checkpoint.
i showed all papers he wanted but only COPY.
at the end the big guy showed up and told me something like he wanted to drink a soda. I just said "no entiendo" and he showed me to leave.
try to go on the "no hablado espagnolo" this may work

Still the same problem here. We had to come to the office but they just wanted to see our passports. They asked us very friendly if we could help them out with a little bit money because they need gas for their police car. We just gave them 40 and they were happy. We really wanted to go on and not discuss with them.

We did not have any problem. We showed the TIP, driving licence and car papers, thats it. They were really friendly don't show any fear.

The post is standard so we picked to by pass them. Coming from Santa Cruz there is a gas station about 500m before turn there and after 3 blocks turn left.Drive another 5 and turn left again.That will bring you back to the highway and after the road block.

We had no problems here with our Chilean car. Showed our documents and smiled. Also some other police stops on the road to Cochabamba but some didn't even bother to look at our papers.

He checked everything for 15 minutes.... you must have:
Importation temporal for the car
Orden de translado
International drivers license
Passeport with immigration paper

He did not ask us anything ! Was probabely unhappy that he did not find something to fine us!!!

Asked for driving license, gave the international one. pretend to not understand Spanish. but the officer gone to his hoffice with my papers.
had to follow him while my wife was waiting for me near our motorbike.
asking for first aid kit that I don't have.
they said to me with Google translate to let my helmet on the bike and then we can talk. I refused it. my camera, fixed on my helmet was filming. they said I was not right with law, I asked for the paper and the price they didn't respond.
after maybe 15min one of them came with my papers near the bike to see my medicines, I was unpacking to show him,but he stopped me he let us go.

So my advice film all, be straight in your boots, and pay only if they give you an official paper. You may loose 15/30min but you'll save money.

No problem. They did ask us for our driving license but that's it.

Luckily a lorry was pulling out and another one was being dealt with so we drove through without being stopped

the same problem. we dont pay. start to film them and say we will go to tje autorities

They whistled at us and there was a rope on the ground so we pretended we didn't understand and we kept going . But we did see a guy from a trailer get off and go to the police station I guess to "pay"

We had to pay 50 bol to pass through. We didn't want at first but the policeman menaced us.. so we payed..
Second time for us in Bolivia with corrupted police..