Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – Lago Sarmiento entrance and Ranger Station | Checkpoint

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Last Visited: 12 days ago
GPS: -50.979611, -72.799548
Altitude: 99.6 masl
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Park entrance. 21000 for foreigners, 3000 nationals. No international student discount.
Important: the entrance fee is a one-time charge. You can stay as long as you want. During the first 3 days it is even allowed to leave and enter the park again.
Low season rates: 11,000 for foreigners.


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Arrived from Ushuaia at 8pm after driving all day. Stopped near the entrance and even though some lights were on, no one was there to issue the tickets. Entered the park, took the right to the Welcome Center and all were fine.

We showed our temporary RUT and the nice ranger gave us a map and waved us through without paying anything- super quiet at this time of year I think.

We are not Chileans but we have temporary RUT numbers. We shew them at the entrance and, like all the other national parks in Chile, they made us pay national price (after some hesitations) : 6000$ per person for 3 days...

Went in after 9pm. Nobody at the entrance so free for us. After visiting the park we think its overpriced anyway. Had a good dayhike to torres del paine mountain.

If you happen to enter the park early, before 7 am, and drive to the welcome center you can just park and hike the Torres day trail from there. No need to sign in anywhere or pay to park. The hike is 20km total and took me about 3 hours up and 2 down and I saw zero rangers. (No signs at the lot, just start walking along the rail beside the road and wooden signs start popping up shortly after the welcome center). I left the park at 5pm and no one stopped me at the gate. Do with this information as you will.

It is possible to pay for the tickets with USD (rate was 1 USD = 600 CLP, not the best but it was the same as in El Cafayate).

I agree with other comments the fee us high and doesn't appear to go into park facilities or maintenance. before 8 no one will stop you and there's no rangers inside who care about tickets.

11000 for foreigners in low season . Wanted to do the day-hike but I wasn't allowed without a guide (50000 pp) which was too expensive for me. Maybe another time!

The entrance at Laguna Amarga is one of four to the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. The other three are at Serrano, Lago Sarmiento and Laguna Azul. The entrance fee for foreigners is 21.000 CLP per person. No discounts. You can stay inside the park as long as you like. In addition, you can leave and re-enter the park with your ticket and the entrance form during the first three days.

its definitely a high price to go in the park. it worth it with good weather for sure but in march the clima was not that good.

We bought our tickets from here. As the trails and road is in bad shape its hard to see here inside the park where all that money goes. If you are on low budget then enter from here after 17:00 Park your vehicle at the side of the restrooms and walk out to use them. After that just drive inside. Nobody really cares here. They are way more interested in they’re phones and big tourist buses then some “smuck” in a camper.

Still very expensive, they will not give you so much information if you don't pay. You pay 21 000 pesos/p for a map... Not a lot of day hike, not very well organized. Difficult to sleep in a protected area. If you try to go in after 9:00 pm you will have a chance to not pay, but we have been controlled. If you want to buy a ticket try to go in the afternoon, the line at 9:00 am was 150m long, the same at the south entrance. MONEY MACHINE PARK.

For those of you wanting to do the W Trek in high season but don’t have a reservation, don’t stress. There are loads of options.
We tried booking the W Trek 3 months in advance for February. Apparently that’s still too late. After a stressful online ordeal we only could get one night at Camp Cuernos with nothing else available.
After beginning the W Trek we learned most of the camps have cancellations every night. Each camp casually radio signals the next camp to check for you the night before. For the Fantástico Sur camps they charge 20000 for a tent, 10000 for a mat and winter sleeping bag and you pay for a 3 course dinner, breakfast or a packed lunch. It’s not cheap but it’s the same price as booking online and if you bring all of your own stuff you save on the costs.
We were so scared starting the trek with no other reservations as online it says park rangers could escort you back but we realised it was so relaxed. No ticket checking and no rangers to be seen on our trip. Not sure about the highly demanded Glacier Grey camp but the others seemed to all have availabilities.
If you don’t feel like forking out the big bucks for the camps, long day trips are also possible if you park in the Visitor Centre parking or get a Ferry from Lago Pehoe.
In all, we ended up doing the W trek without reservations in high season to see what all the hype was all about. We found the whole thing to be a bit of a tourist trap and all a bit overrated (besides the Torres del Paine) but decide for yourself!

I would like to add that you do have more than three days in the park. You can come and leave in the first three days as you like and then the ticket is valid for three days but if you don't leave you can stay as long as you whish for!

Important: the entrance fee is a one-time charge. You can stay as long as you want - if you do not leave. During the first 3 days it is even allowed to leave and enter the park again.

Park entrance very expensive indeed. We paid for the entrance, but we heard from others they entered the park after 9PM and were not charged for entrance. Ticket is nowhere to be shown - do with this information what you want

One of the 4 entrances to the national park. From here you can go to start all the day walk trails. Entrance fee for foreigners is 21.000 pesos pp. The fee is valid for 3 days. At the ranger stations you can stay the night in your campervan for free and use the bathrooms. When you leave the park you have to show your tickets and white form again for another stamp. We entered the park a little south: Sarmiento, coming from Cerro Castillo at the Argentinan border.

Foreigner: 21'000
Foreigner with Chile RUT: 6'000

Unfassbar, Ausländer müssen 30 Euro pro Person für die Einfahrt bezahlen. Campingplätze kosten extra.

Saw a line of backpackers here in the morning that was out the door and fifty meters down the road.

HIGH SEASON (October to April): adultos nacionales $6.000, niños nacionales, $2.000 adultos extranjeros $21.000, niños extranjeros $6.000, adulto en situación de discapacidad$6.000 y adulto mayor $3.000.
LOW SEASON (May to September): adultos nacionales $4.000, niños nacionales $1.000, adultos extranjeros $11.000, niños extranjeros $1.000, adulto en situación de discapacidad$2.000 y adulto mayor$1.000. Temporada alta se considera desde octubre a abril y Temporada baja desde mayo a septiembre.

Park entrance. 21000 for foreigners, 3000 nationals. No international student discount.