Craggy Wash Camp | Wild Camping

United States


Last Visited: about 2 months ago
GPS: 34.593541, -114.361315
Altitude: 241.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

Free campsite. No facilities. 14 days limit. Lots of RV's atm. Some tents as well. The further you go into the canyon the more you are by yourself. Beautiful.


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Latest Check-Ins

beautiful views but very crowded! I went deep into the canyon and it was still full of rvs... good T-Mobile and Verizon service.

We stayed here five nights and loved it. Definitely a popular place, but we found a spot perched on top of a hill with a lot of privacy. Easily 100+ rigs out here, but the road goes on a long ways. Road in is in good condition and suitable for everyone. Less than 10 minutes to town. No amenities. Great cell service on ATT. And best of all, FREE!

Up close and personal to scenic mountains of Lake Havasu, north of town. Lots of RVs, Campers, buses.

Very busy! Pretty bumpy with a lot of small rocks/sand, but overall a really beautiful place. 5 minute drive to Walmart. Rating this a 7/10.

This is a beautiful, quiet spot right outside of town!The road is a little sandy/bumpy, but really isn’t too bad. We got there after dark, but we suggest getting there during the daylight to see where you can park (tons of space!) We woke up to a gorgeous rock view, yet it’s only minutes from a gas station and Walmart. Rating this a 9/10.

free BLM campground with 14 day restriction

Pretty full here. A little rough but got in without much trouble

Great spot. BLM land! Found it via quick google search. There is a great video and write up about it. We made it back prob 2 miles in 2wd sprinter no problem. Good amount of glass where we camped.

Great place for larger vehichles. very scenic, good verizon coverage close to entrance. town close by.

- - Vehicle: 2015 Ford Transit 350 camper van, XLT, 2WD
- - Verizon cell signal:l reflects: 3-4 bars LTE
- - Verizon hot spot reflects: 4-5 bars 4G w/out antenna booster
- - Road conditions: dirt, small rocks, bumpy but not bad
- - Campsite conditions: flat, exposed, hot, fire rings, some garbage in rings, spots really close together which would only be problematic if you’re here in the winter when it’s busy. I visited in August and there was only one other person here who presumably is living out of their tent and flatbed trailer.
- - Other people: 1 other person.
- - Perks: close to Havasu city
- - Day visited: Wednesday overnight
- - Additional info: I can see how this spot wold be really busy in the cooler months.

Road in is just past the airport fence on right side when heading north. Very popular and busy spot over the winter. Nicest views of any of the BLM spots around Havasu that we have found. Definitely recommend driving in 2.5+ miles down the access road. Gets less busy, more privacy, and better views. The first mile in you cannot camp, then a sea of vehicles will be seen. The road is in very good condition and even class A busses make it in very far. AT&T works fine, varies between LTE and fast HSPA.

beautiful location surrounded by hills. easy access to WalMart, 2 minutes south on the highway.

quite populated during the wintertime. usually friendly campers.

Great spot with 25 other RV’

Free campsite. No facilities. 14 days limit. Lots of RV's atm. Some tents as well. The further you go into the canyon the more you are by yourself. Beautiful.