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Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: 18.393590, -88.378930
Altitude: 0.0 masl
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Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Unknown
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Very good to stay overnight, quiet, no infrastructure. Free. At the public beach of Corozal


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Grassy spot at the sea. We camped there. Some locals present until 11pm. Quit at night. One car stopped at 2.30 am and vomited for 15 minutes. He did not bother us but was probably drunk. We were there at a thursday night.

I gotta say that although this is a beautiful and free spot, based upon our experience on a Friday night, it is not safe. There were three of us camping together, one car with a truck camper, one in a defender with a clamshell and is in a landcruiser with a rooftop tent. First, at 330 am two guys in a truck rolled up on us, stared for a long time driving around to each rig. Then one guy got out and started walking towards our rig. Our dog started barking and scared him, then we popped up, he saw us and then said some bullshit like "is everybody okay" then sort of quickly got back into the truck and sped off. Then, at 730 am, a guy in a rickety sedan pulled up, slowly went around to each vehicle, got out once, got back in, pulled up as close as he could to our rig, we popped up in the window, he waved at us then proceeded to take out his penis and jerk off, very pleased that we could see him doing it. He didn't go away until we closed our tent Windows. I'm so glad we were camping with a group bc even that didn't seem to dissuade these two separate up to no gooders so I can't imagine what may have happened if we had been alone.

What a wonderful place to stay for two nights just after the border crossing. Nice breeze to help over the blasting sun.a couple of palm trees to set up our hammock. Free WiFi at main plaza in town.

Free, Pretty safe, nice breeze at night

We agree. Quiet and safe. Strong wind, nice.

3 cops woke us up in the middle of the night, searched the vehicle for drugs (just the purse). The main cop searching and talking to us was a dick. The other two young cops didn't say anything and ignored us when we asked for their badge number. The main cop was very nervous and said he doesn't have id with him. I was suspect if those were real cops. When they left we drove to the police station and the cop there told us that where we were is ok to park overnight and also anywhere else by the beach. So we camped at the beach just at a different spot. 15 minutes later cops showed up again. This time a different cop asked if we are camping. When we said yes he left right away and we finally could sleep!

quiet, safe, some shade under the palm tree and nice breeze at night! not sandy beach but more grass and children playground with a somehow access to the water

Exposed, not for ground tents.

Very good to stay overnight, quiet, no infrastructure. Free.

At the public beach of Corozal