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GPS: -51.259132, -72.335289
Altitude: 133.7 masl


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Cerro Castillo border crossing point.
Just next to the cafeteria.
Very quick check from Chile to Argentina. And other way around.
Open from 08:00 - 22:00h every day.


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This wasn’t a bad Chile cross did check for food well made us cook sealed sausage. Something that the last person said we could keep.
Did cook the sausage at the border because? I’m not giving these clowns anything I don’t have to.

Aduana was super cool guy.

no trouble passing with chilean plates to argentina. not too much people on a weekday at noon. guy checked our van, took veg and fruit. didn't mind about milk and yogurt, nor our box of spices

Chile to Argentina. Quickly and no problem, do the 2 pasos and Ok. didnt check the car inside.

Well, if you see buses on your way here, overpass them if possible! Long queue when we came back to Argentina.

Easy passing for us, very friendly guys at the migration and custom. As always, we prepared one or two old fruits to give, maybe that's reason why they did not checked everything. No problem for the butter, and milk.

Very easy and quick border crossing, were the only ones there and everything took less than 5 minutes. We were a bit stressy since we hid a ton of veggies, 30 eggs, and lots of cheese in our van for Torres Del Paine. We spontaneously gave them 1 egg, a bit of persil and an old piece of broccoli, which was enough to not raise any suspicion about us not having any veggies. Our van was not checked and with a big smile and heaps of freah food we cruised to Torres Del Paine. Ciao! 🙌

Argentina -> Chile fast and easy crossing. we started queueing behind tourists from a bus, annoyed at the long queue, but we got directed to a second migration desk for immediate processing. so check if there are 2 lines. the guy only very superficially checked the bikes (open the top case) and did not ask us to remove strapped bags to run into the scanner. Got lucky I guess!

The SAG guys take their job seriously... We stuffed some food items deep in our backpacks, but we had to take them through the scanner. Thus a lot of vegetables were taken. Dairy products don't seem a problem, despite being depicted on the posters. Cooked meat/eggs is also fine.

Busy border with lot of tourist buses (even at 8am). So the queue was pretty long.
Friendly staff

From Chile to Argentina. We were there in a Saturday near 10 AM. Really easy, quick border. You need to ring the bell near the booth and wait for the officer to come. Friendly officers

Argentina —-> Chile
No problems when crossing as a foreigner with a Chilean plated car- took about 10 minutes. Very quick look at the car and took eggs, lemons, pears and bananas (but left our potatoes as we’d bought them in Chile). Left the honey too. Think it’s really just luck if you get searched at all and what they end up taking. Nice guy, spoke good English.
Winter hours 8am-8pm.

No problem for foreigners without residence but with Chilean car to cross border here, slow but nice people.

Easy crossing, the SAG guy was really friendly but had a dog. It was impossible to smuggle some meat for Torres del Paine trekkings.

Easiest crossing into Chile so far(it's the 4th time by now.) Border open from 08:00 - 22:00 h. Everything super fast and easy, I think the SAG guy didn't feel like working, just had a quick look through the window.

Dirt road is in great shape. Good road condition could’ve due to summer weather.

Quick and easy, but I was the only one around. Had to ring the bell (only ring once!!) . They took fruit, eggs but I could eat my salami inside the building and they offered me hot water for the noodles, very friendly. In summer it can be very busy here I guess. Be aware of the very bad road conditions after where they ran out of asphalt.

Sanitary Inspection - besides the normal paperwork you have to fill in a declaration form (merchandise, money, FOOD !!!) . They check this meticulously. Searched my car and trailer for fruit , vegetable etc. - took everything away.

Friendly and effective immigration and customs office.

some officiers here don't know you can buy a Chilean car as a foreigner.
1st : he couldn't make the difference between my RUT and my passport number.

2nd : he said it was impossible I passed a border before today, and was trying for ages to figure out how I arrived in Torres Del Paine...Was quite sure I was lying and fake papers...until I asked him to check at the stamps on passport, then got mad he couldn't catch a fish and let me go.

Efficient border crossing into Chile. Usual inspection for food.

This border crossing it is open every day of the week...

Another quick and painless border crossing back into Chile. Staff not uber friendly but professional. SAG guy looked round the van and took one onion and honey. He even warned us about the winds in the park. 170KM speed winds two weeks Ago!

Showed up at 4:00 on a Friday and they said it was closed until Monday. Gate was locked. We had to go to crossing further south.
Sign on the door said it was supposed to be open 8:00 - 20:00

Very friendly guys. We were the only ones so offcourse they checked our campervan, but really nicely. Potatoes are also not allowed 🤓 cheese was fine (besides, we bought it in Chile, not Argentina) and left-over food (rice with baked vegetables) was also no problem. There is a shop really nearby in Cerro Castillo with fresh vegetables, some fruit, cheese, sausages, food in cans, freezed food and hamburgers, bread (even at 17:30), beer, juice, etc. The only shop between here and the entrance of the National Park Torres del Paine, gate Sarmiento.

Surprisedro hear officials on Argentinian side are friendlier. Our experience was the opposite. Chileans went through every single box we carried...they were not particularly friendly either...but crossed without problem.

After our episode on the Argentina side (see other entry) we made it to Chile. Everything completely professional and normal here, no issues whatsoever with My in laws rental car. SAG officer was super nice, even asked us to stay the night in front of the building and offered us, a meal, hot showers and beer!! Everything in life always balances out :) :)

Exited as foreigner with a chilean car !

1. I went to a Registro Civil to get my Certificado de Inscription y Anotaciones Vigentes (historical of the car)

2. I went to a notary with the section of the law 17 ( and ask him for a "declaration jurada" which states that i will bring back the car during the allowed period of 180 days.

Go to the border crossing, take the declaration jurada (1 per chilean border crossing) and the law and show the custom you know your right (always with smile 😁)

Enjoy your trip ! 🚌☁️☁️


We crossed the border with our dutch registered vehicle. No issues there. We were searched for food items quickly by an agent, our eggs and garlic were taken (to be expected) but he didn't go through all our luggage and we were away in less than 20 mins total.

Do not miss this border crossing as we did! There are no signs that it is the border - only letters on the building and you can see them after you actually pass it. The woman just opened the barrier and let us through not asking for anything!

There are two lines - for entry and leave so dont get stuck after a bus line which stands to enter while you leave.

There is WC here!

Chile to Argentina: Three Stations at the boarder, three really nice officers. No troubles, no looking for something. All in all about 15 min (and we are carrying a dog). Relaxed crossing!

We are foreigners travelling with a chilean car. On this border the customs gave us problems, but in the end allowed us to pass.

Crossed the border with our newly registered Chilean car. It was easy to get the exit stamps for our passports at the PDI but we had some issues at the Aduana. We were told that it was not possible to exit Chile as foreigners with a Chilean car. The guy at the Aduana said it was a new rule and told us to go back to Puerto Natales to arrange our papers properly. Since we knew we got the right papers (RUT, Padron, Statement of transfer of the car - verrified by notary, Authorisation of previous owner, insurance card) we asked the friendly guy of the PDI to help us. Finally it worked. We couldn't find anything on the internet about this so called 'new rule'.

Going into Chile they took all our fresh vegetables even though we hardly had any. We had no meat. They did not take our yogurt. The most we been searched. The guy was rude, too. bummer. There is a small store after border. Yellow building. Credit cards welcome. Yes, it's Chile!

Cherro Castillo border crossing point.
The building seems to be under construction but already fully working.
Just next to the cafeteria.
Very quick check from Chile to Argentina.