Rest area/Visitor center | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


Last Visited: 3 months ago
GPS: 30.311010, -89.600880
Altitude: 10.2 masl


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Dump station located in rear. Also had designated pet area for walking


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Easy and FREE dump! Water at the dump station is non-potable, but the picnic area looked to have spickets.

Open free dump station. has water. Restroom open 24/7

It's only a sewage disposal. There is a hose for cleaning, but no drinking water. Free

Visitor building. Restrooms in rear building. Numerous bathrooms closed but some were open. Vending machines and free coffee - made fresh. At least 5 people present to offer help.

Came and talked to the staff and despite my pleading they do not allow overnight parking