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Last Visited: 27 days ago
GPS: -25.367380, -66.234430
Altitude: 2129.9 masl
Place Website: https://www.facebook.com/utopiaoverlandcamping/


Electricity: Yes - Not at Sites
Wifi: No
Kitchen: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Warm
Water: Potable
Toilets: Pit Toilets
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: No

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MODERTOR NOTE: Added by owner.

A small property near Seclantás owned by ex-overlanders.
We are busy creating a great overlander campground in the spectacular "Valle de los Calchaquies"
We have built basic facilities for you in a tranquil environment.
Always open!

We offer:
homemade sourdough bread
woodfired pizzas
asado (bbq)
indian curries and other freshly prepared dishes
cold beer
coffee/tea/hot chocolate
shakes, smoothies, ice cream
cold coffee specialities
book exchange
washing machine
morning yoga sessions and yoga lessons by certified yoga teacher
safe vehicle storage
and more....

Come and relax for a few days in our green oasis!

Internet access (slow) with your "Personal" SIM card possible.

The gate is usually closed, please let yourself in, you will find us below the vineyard.

Contact via whatsapp +905059746062


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Latest Check-Ins

Martina and Johann were fantastic hosts. We took full advantage of their culinary skills, the pizza was sublime and the curry was delicious especially when accompanied with fresh bread cook over an open fire. Highly recommend if you are in the area.

Utopia offers now iced coffee specialities

We went there because of all the good comments and where definitely not disappointed.

Sure, it is a bit out of the way, with no internet, and the bathroom and toilets are on the rustic side (if you expect a 5star hotel, that may not be your spot), but it is so relaxed and beautiful.

The road there could be muddy in case of heavy rains but we had absolutely no problem getting there with our 2.3m wide 2wd.

Johan and Martina, both ex-overlanders, made us feel very welcome and we had a great time wih them.

The place is absolutely gorgeous and quiet. There is no light pollution so the night sky is incredible.

The pizzas mentioned below are also delicious. Be sure to ask about it if you plan to stay more than one night.

The price is 4 USD per night per person (the price in pesos may change due to the wildly fluctuating exchange rate).

We wish we could have stayed longer.

Beautiful peaceful place. Highly recommend if you like it simple and clean. We stayed for 2 nights and had an delicious asado organised by Johann. Thanks also to Martina for the 4x4 short lessons.

Hey overlanders, a must for everyone who is in this area.
We find a place to come down by enjoying the quite surrounding and the reserved but carefull manner of Martina and Johann.
Whereelse you can watch the best pizza on this planet while backing in a clayoven.
We leave Utopia calm and strengthened for our onward journey.
Thank you.. hope see us on our way back in March..
Heike und Gregor

When there to check because all of the good comments. The place to park is cute but no view at all and only one flag spot. The communal area is very rustic and they asked 240pp - way to expensive.
The road to go there is unpaved and if it Rains with a 2wd forget it, there is few riverbed. We decided to come back to the municipal campground

Enjoyed a quiet couple of nights here camped beside the vines. Great site a little out of town so nice and quiet. Flat grassy area to pitch the tent, communal kitchen, hot shower (solar so hot in the afternoon), pool to cool off in, great relaxed atmosphere. We will definitely stay again if we’re passing.

It is impossible to give an objective evaluation of this campsite.
If you are looking for a traditional campsite with electricity connection, a sanitary block, a place for washing your clothes, reliable wifi, then this isn't a good place for you .
If you are happy with a beautiful setting, an open air solar shower (working well in the afternoon sun), a toilette at a distance among trees without any man made shelter, occasional wifi, sociable evenings with the owners, no electricity( it might come soon)then I recommend Utopia.

As chilled and tranquil as previous comments. Lovely place to hole up for a day or two. Very peaceful, great chats with Johan, nice hot solar shower (best times 3-5pm). Amazing star gazing. Ar$240 for myself and camper per night. Keep it up guys!

Don’t miss this place it’s better than you can imagine. Enjoy the good climate the nice views and the tranquility. We had one of the best indian currys, a very good barbecue and a tasty pizza. We enjoyed it very much for 4 days. Thanks Martina and Johan and keep on going.

We had a very relaxing time at Utopia, taking yoga lessons and eating the marvellous pizzas, breads and Assado of Martina. It was good to stay there, relax and talk with her. She also took care of us because we were a little bit sick. And she did some shopping for us in town.

Here you indeed will find a tranquil oasis. Before you go there, be aware that there is no electricity, no wifi, and — for all intents and purposes — no cellular connection; we received a Personal signal by walking 100 m up the nearest hill; it was weak, just barely good enough to send text-only messages.
Bathroom facilities are rustic indeed, the outdoor solar shower works very well and can get quite hot by the afternoon. The toilet is just one step removed from digging your own hole...😉😆
Go there to forget about the world for a while, enjoy the tranquility, excellent drinking water, and Martina’s and Johan’s home-made goodies.
As for big rig access, it’s a bit tight, and along the road from Seclantas are some low-hanging weeping willow branches, which were no problem to brush under with our 3 meter high camper. Martina and Johan have the room and are planning to expand their overlander camping, including additional sanitary facilities.

Some food pics 🍻

very relaxed place with great owners, Martina and Johan.

Wow! This is a really one of a kind overlanders stops. Johann and Martina are stunning host and being travellers themselves knows what we want. Nope its not made for city slickers looking for a porcelain bowl. This is off-the-grid chillin.
You guys rock, keep it up!

Utopia really is a little world in itself, being located outside of a small pueblo you will be in camping in a beautiful wineyard and hanging out either there or in front of this amazingly beautiful clayhouse they constructed perfectly, between an outside kitchen of the same material, a fireplace and a clay-oven where the owners make the probably best pizzas and home made bread you can get in argentina. The owners are travellers themselves and wonderful, interesting people beyond every description.
Its like time doesn't really exist in this place next to the desert, it is indeed a perfect Utopia.

Very peaceful spot to relax a few days. Very nice owners, that travelled themselves a lot. Hot beautiful solar outdoor shower during the day. You can camp near the vineyard and sit in the shadow under the vine❤. Great place...we enjoyed it very much!

Peaceful place with great guys Johan and Martina. I would call them Mr. And Mrs. Travellers, because their stories are amazing. They created this calm place where you can chill in the wineyards, go for a walk, chat with interesting people. Shower is warm only during the day, because of the solar system. Very lovely spot ❤️

the owner are very nice and welcoming. their place is tiny and cute. but unfortunately are neither the location nor the road to them suitable for big rigs. too many low branches and narrow curves. our Globi had to suffer a lot - many new scratches. the place is ideal for Land Rover kind of vehicles.

See other descriptions

Beautifull grassy campsite.
Delicieus chili con carne and the best pizza in argentina.

1620 pesos (2 pax 2 nights, 2 pizzas and 2 chili con carne and a home made bread)
We love to come again.

When you use maps me:
First go to the town and in town go to the camping.

160ARS to camp. Good food with reasonable prices. Kitchen, pool, hot shower, basic but good toilet.
Friendly hosts, tranquil spot, would definitely go back. 5km South of town , so not far for supplies if wanted. They have drinking water supplied free.
As mentioned, when leaving, don’t go south, as a finca has put up a locked gate. Backtrack the 5km

A great relaxing stop along the way. The pool was refreshing in the hot sun. We enjoyed chatting with Johan and Martina through the evening. We wish them luck with creating their dream overland oasis. 160 pp/pn to camp. All amenities mentioned below are still present. Note: upon leaving we drove south down the dirt road to find a locked gate 10 km or so down. I believe you have to enter and exit through Seclantas.

Lovely place in a vineyard. The camp facilities are pretty basic (outdoor shower, dry toilet hole in the ground) but the solar shower was very hot and the whole place is very tranquilo. Johan the owner is such a friendly guy and we liked the pizza he made for us and the nice chats. A great place to relax a bit, especially if you want to escape music overloaded argentinan campgrounds during the weekends...;-) here it is just the sound of the birds that welcome you!

Price now 160A per person. Vehicle camping is in the front orchard, a short walk to the outside solar shower pole near the owner’s house, and a decent walk from the dry toilet (not a pit toilet and not for dumping cassette toilet/porta potti). Quiet location and nice owners. No bread or yoga available as one owner was out of country during our visit. Over priced in our opinion for limited amenities.

Wonderful location and setting. overland facilities. We enjoyed the hospitality of Johan and Martina. Two special people who made their dream come true! Meet other overlanders here, chat around the campfire and under the stars.. ..and if you are out of stories.....Martina and Johan have hot some left! Paid 330 for two and a campervan....and a litre of icecold beer! Don't miss this place!!

We enjoyed the time in Utopia with Martina. She can tell stories about 15 years of travelling. It's very nice place to relax in the nature. At night it was very windy in our tent.
We paid 120 pppn and 90 Pesos for a 1 liter bottle beer.

would love to have supported this campsite, however the entry was fenced off, we stayed outside for approx an hour sounding or horn, but no one came to open up.

disappointed has we went out of our way to visit this campsite.

Here you camp in a small wineyard with a beautiful few of the mountains! Martina and Johan make an amazing Pizza in their self-built stone oven for overlanders who stay on their campground! Also M
artinas sour dough bread is absolutely fantastic!

Click on the Camping dot here called " utopia campground" to read more about the place. It is well worth a visit!

(as it is not a public Restaurant, we put it up as a place of interest)

This is a great place to get away from the busy city's and just relax in great surroundings. it was great to talk to Martina and Johan .

Also if we stayed only one night we enjoyed this place. Martina and Johan are perfect hosts and are working a lot to create a oasis for overlanders.

A lovely place under the grapes, there is shade as well

We stayed only one night but if we could we would have stayed much longer ! Martina and Johan are welcoming people and their little adobe house and garden are like a little paradise that they are building step by step with their own hands. Really inspiring people, we wish we will come back to Argentina to see the evolution of the place !

Stayed 4 nights at this lovely place. Nice people, recommended! 80 pesos p.p.p.n.
The delicious and huge bread is 90 pesos.

We had a great stay at Utopia with Martina and Johan, the place is peaceful and Seclantas at 6km is a nice Town. We helped with some gardening, building, ... we heard some interesting stories thanks to Martina and Johan who traveled a lot in the world ! we also joined Martina every morning on her yoga session and we loved it ! thanks for this time guys !

Utopia now has a splash pool

We stayed for Christmas almost a week and really enjoyed it. It’s just lovely, quiet and relaxing. We asked to help anything and enjoyed to work a bit after all the traveling days.
They have a little pool/bassin now witch is lovely to cool down on a hot day. There’s still not much and all basic, but theyre cute little house is amazing and they have lots of good ideas. We‘re shure it will become a great overlander spot. Go there and help them or just relax and enjoy the good company of Martina and Johan.
We definitely recommend it and would like to come back.

Really nice, quiet. Campground. Really basic facilities.
Outside shower and toilet. Living in the nature.
But since a few weeks, they have a nice pool. So its an amazing refreshing during the hot days.
The Garden is beautyful and well taked care.
The owners Martina and Johan are so lovely. Where travelling their whole life. So a lot of intresting storys to share.
They do Pizza (stoneoven) and BBQ events and there is a nice breakfast with selfmade bread.
Paid 50$ Arg per night with my bike and tent.
Drinkable tapwater and beer ;-)
Best place to stay a few days and enjoy the nature.

It's a very basic campground, still very green and grassy. You cannot access with your car to the lower part of the camp, which will ultimately be the official campsite. But this place looks promising.

There is water, hot shower and a kitchen at the moment. No power, neither Wi-Fi. Maybe one day.

There is not much here but Martina and Johan make this place amazing. They are great hosts and super friendly. This is not your average cold campsite where you just stop for a night and forget it the next day. Such nice evenings with the campfire. There are probably lot of things you can learn from their years of overlanding.

Martina and Johan whipped their bike around on Ruta 40 and invited us to their beautiful campground-in-the-making. Genuine, interesting people to share an evening with. Their property is refreshingly tranquil and the homemade bread alone is worth a stop. Stock up in Seclantás before showing up, especially if you're on a bicycle. (No wifi currently, but a very friendly dog and outstanding outdoor shower.)

We love this place! Martina and Johan are great owner whos working hard to made a place to spend more than few days! We had a great time and we will be back thats for sure! Thank you !
Danny and Kristyn

Had a nice stay here and really enjoyed talking to Johan and Martina, they certainly have travelled to some facinating places. They have a great long term project to establish an Overlander camp, at the moment the facilities are rustic. No wifi and phone reception patchy.
If you are in the area drop in and support their project. 100 pecos for 2 with camper.

A pity that we only stayed for 2 nights...

We had an amazing time at Utopia! 2 days easily turned into 6 and we could have stayed longer.. Johan and Martina are amazing hosts, and it was so interesting to watch their adobe project develop. Do not miss this camp spot if you are driving the Ruta 40 between Cafayate and Cachi!

Very nice campground-to-be! Johan and Martina are building the perfect meeting spot for overlanders. Being travelers themselves they know what we are looking for. For the moment you can stop and help together with backpackers volunteers. For now what is ready : flat space for parking (big rigs ok) or tent, potable water, solar shower, pit toilets and a wonderful cob oven for bread and pizza! Helping includes: finishing the roof of the adobe round house, cutting trees and bushes, gathering wood, pruning fruit trees and vineyard … We had a wonderful time with them, lots of travel talking!

so, so, so great. Martina and Johann are lovely, genuine people. I had a great time visiting for a couple of days. parked in a corner of the old vineyard. was a bit too windy to pitch tent, so I just slept in the car. the facilities aren't the Ritz, but you know that already :) it's more than made up for in great conversation, good company, lovely campfires, and solid stargazing. if you can, go be a part of building up this meaningful project.

Excellent people, wonderful project!!! Loved to stay with Martina and Juan, both amazing people... they may not have much structure to offer right (sure will soon) now, but they have a cozy environment to stay, an amazing solar shower, a view and the Stars!!! Omg the Stars!!! Thanks again amigos!!

We were the first overlanders to check out the new property of owners Johan and Martina. They have a very nice plot of land 6km out of Seclantas. The ideas of how to change this land into an overlander camping look great and well thought of. We stayed with them two nights and helped constructing. If you like to get off the road for a day and do some voluntary work, give these people a hand:)

a small finca owned by ex-overlanders.
hi there! we are just establishing the place. come and camp for free and give us a hand with our natural building project!
nice people and helping hands always welcome!