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Republic of the Congo
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GPS: -4.989200, 12.055160
Altitude: 26.6 masl
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The Congo side was simple.
On the Cabinda side it makes life easier if you have passport and visa copy. At the immigration a form has to be filled out. At Douane you have to buy a TIP (around 6000 kwanza), even if they stamp into the carnet. You have to stop by at fiscal police, too.


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We crossed the border from Congo to angola. make sure that you have your dollars for the angola visa. the exchange rate for dollars at the border is around 15% (for 100 dollar you have to pay 68 cfa after a lot of bargain, normal rate 60 cfa)the rate to change xcf to kwanza at the congo side is around 7000 for 10.000 cfa. we didn't change because the high rate. if you are out of congo and are in noman lands you can walk to the gate of angola, ask for the money fixer and the rate will be 8900 kwanza for 10.000 cfa. you need the kwanza cash for the road registration.
when we crossed the border some money changers stayed stick to use from congo side to the Angola side. they didn't believe that we had dollars and they will say that you only can change kwanza money with them.
we think that the immigration of Angola was working with them together (because they had a lot of contact). when we had our Visa they asked 4 photocopies of everything. we where well prepared and had from everything they asked more then four. the guy was a bit surprised that we had literally from everything more than four photocopies. then he found out that we had to copy the visa (what he just made for use). hey asked the money changers to do it for use. We immediately interfered him and a said it was nonsense. after a lot of arguing he made one photocopies of the visa by himself. and we still think it was a show.
when you go out of congo you also need to go to a doctor on the border before the check out of because of the Carono virus. he will check your temperature.

busy border. Crossed here with my evisa, paid 120 USD at the border, was all fine. I had to make many copies of several documents including the passport visa by myself, so went to the small village after the border in Angola and came back. A guy sticked with me the whole process, who wanted to change money for bad rate (10.000 cfa for 7.4000 kwanza). Instead I changed money at the sim card shop (10.000 cfa for 9.000 kwanza, higer than rate shown on Google!), which is located on in the busy street on Angola side, one of the last shops on the left side with a sign of Unitel.

everyone on both sides of the Border work was pleasant and spoke a little bit of English. Angola side was definitely slower. Crossed to cabinda. Do the e-visa MUCH simpler and 2000 cfa cheaper. E-visa is automatically approved and everything you need to know is on the site. Print the visa and all documemts take it to the massabi border. Someone will be there to create your visa VS trying to get it at pointe noire or Dolisie both we're a complete waste of time.

Be prepared to make 4 copies of the visa - the police won't do it - go to customs across the street or the bank behind customs. We have a copier so sucks to be you. Enjoy congo don't bother with angola visas at consulates.

Applied for evisa on arrival, when it was time to pay they said they would not give kwanza back in change so make sure you have the exact amount of American dollars ($120pp)

Congo to Cabinda by bike with Angolan e-visa and no carnet.
Congo side easy, bring a passport copy and it's faster. Angola side took a bit (1 hour and half more or less) as they need to create the real visa, bring 120$ for it. Passavant 6336 kw, valid for 90(!) days.

If ur going north u NEED a copy of your passport and ur visa if ur leaving Angola

Cabinda to Congo
On Angolan side needed a copy of passport picture page and visa (there's a photocopier in the BIC if needed). Easy stamp in passport and on TIP.
Congo side, needed to visit police, then immigration building - easy. TIP cost 10,000CFA.

As stated before. Congo easy. Angola side took some time due to bureaucracy. It is better to bring passport and visa copy from Pointe Noire. We changed money there $1=350kwanzas. We paid 6.336 kwanzas for the TIP.

Cabinda side: TIP costed us 6350 KW. You have to pay it at the bank at the backside of the building where you get your TIP.

The rest is all as stated. After your documents are stamped by fiscal police and you can drive off: there's 1 last registration stop before you can cross the fence.

All friendly people and helpful people.

Congo side is easy but takes some time. Also Duane tries to make you buy a new TIP for exiting(no clue why). But you can skip them and pass.

Easy Border. Congo no Problems at all.
Angola also okay but we brought the Copies. Carnet was not stamped! The Customs Guy knew that Angola is not included in the Carnet System. So we also had to buy a Laissez Passer for 6.336 Kwanza. We changed Dollar here for 1 USD = 340 Kwanza (so the Paper costs us around 18 USD). They told us the Paper will be valid for our second Entry in Angola again (what turned out to be true).

Easy check out of the Congo. Angola side took a while because they are very slow entering information in to a computer. you need to complete a form and you need copies of your passport and Angola visa (get these in Pointe Noire it's much easier). We don't have a Carnet so had to import 2 motorbikes. Also took a while and cost 3160 Kwanza per bike which you pay to the bank. You get an official document for the vehicle. We changed a little money here for a rate of 330. You can get 360 in Cabinda.

Carnet stamp ok, inmigration and Police ok

The Congo side was simple.
On the Cabinda side it makes life easier if you have passport and visa copy. At the immigration a form has to be filled out. At Douane you have to buy a TIP (around 6000 kwanza), even if they stamp into the carnet. You have to stop by at fiscal police, too.