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Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: 4.536670, 35.926600
Altitude: 0.0 masl
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You have to register in a book, no customs or immigration


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the road from eliye to kalokol is very Sandy and difficult with the motorbike. if you have a big Bike don't go there. don't go to eliye with the big Bike. parts are really Sandy. it's just worth it if you stay a few days.
After kalokol to omorate it's still a difficult and rough way for Bikes. some riverveds and others parts are very Sandy and dusty.
After lowareng'ak it's not always the way on it goes closer to the Lake and gets really Sandy. really difficult with the bike.

if you used to Offroad and Sand you can make it and it's fun but a struggle.

but if you don't like Offroad go moyale Border.

I was with a 650bike and luggage and it was a struggle for me and the bike. I had 2 full days for that. take enough water with you and always look for new water in the villages along the way.

at todenyang Airport there are military and Police Officers
very friendly and you can camp there.

many guys with guns all along this road but thats not a Problem. it's normal in this Border Region.

Was greeted by super friendly Kenyans. They mostly wanted a chat and didn’t check any papers or write anything in a book.

Stopped by the police here. Checked passports. Asked for cold beer; couldn’t tell if they were joking or not.

You have to register in a book, no customs or immigration