Santa Clara border crossing Nam-Ang | Customs and Immigration

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GPS: -17.391183, 15.891231
Altitude: 1132.8 masl
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Border crossing is not too difficult. In and out of Namibia is fast. Into Angola will take a bit longer, but going out is fast.

This is currently the only Nam-Ang border that accepts Angola e-visa entry.

Namibia side open from 8am to 7pm
Angola side open from 8am to 6 pm (Note: Angola time)


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Going out Angola very quick. To enter Namibia it took us 1.5 hours due to many people, but process also easy.

From Angola to Namibia by bicycle. Only one time you show your passport to the Angolan customs to get exit stamp, then go to Namibia side and fill in a form they give you at the desk, then they give you 3 months visa. All very easy and no extra documents required, I was through the border in about 20 minutes.

Entering Angola, you can pay for your visa in USD or NAD (no card).
As of today it's 1637 NAD, which makes it almost 10 USD cheaper...
Easy and friendly officials.

Namibia to Angola

Namibia: leave tip/stamp cdp at customs, fill in exit paper and stamp passport at immigration, cancel your car-fee-document at the police window. Easy and fast.

Angola: take the small building just before the parking lot for immigration. They only accepted usd (120) and nd (1637), nd works out cheaper. Go to second small building after parking lot, you need: copy passport, copy visa with stamp (so you’ll have to get a copy at the roundabout in Angola), copy drivers license, copy car documents, photos of the car (front, back, side). Pay fee at the bank (about 6400 kwanza). Bank is open 8-18, mon-sun. Took 3 hours.

Current kwanza rate is 4000 kw for 100 nad or 65000 kw voor 100 usd.

From N to A:
It was quite fine and relative fast for us.

Namibia 1 h: a bit chaos, but ok.

Angola 1,5 h: with eVisa (worked fine), very slowly processes, but ok as well.

Just a look from outside into the truck (because I insist of put off the shoes and he didn‘t want).

We know that somewhere and others cannot be judged by other's experiences alone. We always consider this when reading and writing reviews; however we feel we must be honest and warn others of what has happened, and potentially could happen again.

The Namibian side of this border was full of hasslers; some agressive, drunk, pushy and rude. We have lived in Namibia for 3 years and never had such a bad experience on a border crossing.
We are travelling with our dog; the people outside were antagonizing him, in the extreme heat this was very frustrating and worrying.

If you are travelling with your OWN Namibian vehicle, you must ensure you have a POLICE CLEARANCE Certificate of owner and vehicle. This must be obtained at a police station and can sometimes take a while to be processed. The police can refuse anyone arriving after 1pm, make sure you obtain this certificate no less than 24hours prior to arriving at the border. We paid $100NAD and fortunately had a police officer who sympathized with our situation.

On contrary; the Angolan side was clean, tidy, very official and organised. It took a long time to process our visas but we were dealt with pleasantly; one officer commented 'Your happiness is our mission'.

You can pay with credit card but it's actually more expensive than if you pay in cash. The money changers outside the border can give you a good rate; just check a currency converter before you go if you wish to exchange.
Overall this experience taught us many lessons; but unfortunately left a bitter taste in our mouths leaving the country we have called home for a number of years.

Angola don't accept Carnet de Passage so you have to make a TIP like others said.
Namibia/Angola side tooks more than 3 hours. We had documents from webside (visa on arrival) but they needed only approval letter, not booking reservations, etc.
Here you pay 120 usd for visa. It is multiple entry for 1 month
Then custom but you have to withraw money from atm or buy some on a street because bank don't accept mastercard and visa from Europe. Don't trust fixers about a currency. Ask other guys. There is a lot of them. In this time we got 46.000 kwaha for 100usd. (fixer wanted give us only 34.000)

Three Germans and one Brit all applied for evisa’s on sme website a week before entry (all had visas within minutes). Nambia was easy. Arrived on Angolan side and I don’t think in 14 countries we’ve had nicer border and customs officials. We didn’t need any onward reservations. You do need pictures of your car front back and sides in colour and a copy of your passport with visa in but if you ask someone will help with that. The system was slow and it took 3 hours to cross, but the border was very quiet, it was an experience but not an unpleasant one. We got 30 days from the point of entry. And a 90 day TIP

Easy crossing from Angola to Namibia.

Angola side: Stamped passport out, and they took a photo of me. They looked at temporary import document and returned part of it.

Namibia side: Filled in a form and passport stamped in. Filled in another form, and paid 196 NAD road tax for motorcycle. Road tax has increased for all class of vehicles since 1st May 2019 (there's posters on the walls).

To Angola with e-visa (
We (Dutch couple) got our e-visa within 5 minutes with good WiFi. At the Angolan border park your car and go to the small building in the middle where customs is sitting behind normal tables without glass or formal costumes. The process was easy with very friendly customs but it took a 2 hours due to the slow system. Customs wants a printed page of the e-visa. We didn’t need a international drivers license, nor reservations of hotels (but had to write down two places of stay) or had to show car insurance. Costs usd 120 p.p. in cash. Visa for 30 days.
Car road Tax: Then we went to the small building on the left next to the gate to Angola. You need to fill in a form and give them a copy of: your passport, passport page with visa, drivers license, car papers and a picture of you car. After filling in the form you go to the bank to pay the fee for the road tax (Toyota landcruiser was 6,800 kwanza). The kind customs helped us with changing 610 n$ for 17,000 kwanza and they even helped us making a copy from the visa page in the passport. They say with this papers the car can stay 90 days in Angola.
We didn’t use a fixer. The border was very quiet.

Crossing from Namibia to Angola was a horrible experience for me.

Namibian process was easy: stamp on passport from immigration, then stamp on Carnet from customs. At customs, no direct sight of the motorcycle.
After the Namibian border, two fixers followed me to Angolan customs (one of the middle lanes), to "show me the process with the TIP"
Cusoms gave me a form and a paper with the account details, left the helmet with them, parked the motorcycle in front of their booth.
Went to immigrations through the back door courtesy of my fixer, had the passport stamped
Went to the Santa Clara Konica copy center near the roundabout to make copies of the passport, entry stamp, driver's license, Carnet (page with the details), motorcycle registration
Changed 100USD for 35000AOK after negotiating with one of the fixers and showing them the black market rate at
Went to a bank next to immigrations exit and paid ~7000AOK for the TIP, got a receipt
Went to customs with the receipt, the copies and the filled form
Received the TIP stapled next to my filled form.

Was able to be on my way.

Quick update: 30.- us or 200.- namibia dollar.
Pic front, back, side

Update coming from south: u need to pay a road tax of around 6.500.- Kwanza for Angola. And u need a copy of ur passport, car papers and carnet. They didn’t stamp my carnet. Saying Angola isnt part of the agreement! I hope DRC wont make a problem now

Easy Border on both Sides, no Bribes. There are three Fuel Stations in Santa Clara on the Angolan Side, Gasoleo (Diesel) was available - good to fill up before crossing the Border. Namibia gave us a 90 Day Visa (free), Road Entry Tax was still 277 ND and Carnet was stamped.

Dutch citizens without Carnet.
Angola side exit;
Take your passports to get them stamped out, into the first small square building at the left.
Then take your car to the small square building at the right in the back where they will take in the last pages of your TIP and will give you the first page as receipt.

WARNING: Angolan Kwanzas cannot be changed anywhere in Namibia so you should change it at the Angolan side of the border before exiting. The 'high Angolan Kwanza black market rate' is ONLY useful IN Angola! it is not that you get double Namibian$ because of the good black market rate. The rate we had was Nam$ 100 : AKW 2750.

Namibian side entry (open from 8 AM to 6 PM);
Fill out a form and show your yellow fever card at immigration. They will stamp in your tourist visa without problem and without fee.
The roadtax payment is in the same building and is as stated by previous overlanders(see attached photos for pricelist).

At customs the person sitting there at 4.30 PM did not know anything about a TIP, although there was a paper on the window showing 'apply for TIP'. They first told us that our country is not included in their TIP system and that it is stated on the TIP form. However, on the TIP form(see attached picture) there are no countries stated at all. After an hour discussing with the chef in charge and him and his colleague calling around, and after getting our car checked, we received our TIP for free. Friendly people though, let us camp on the parkinglot at the back and showed us a clean toilet to use.

You drive at the left in Namibia!

Road tax... you can pay cash or card. We paid for each motorcycles 177 N$

Border crossing is easy. Road fund is different for every vehicle. Motorcycles pay 177 Nad, cars 3500 kg 579 nad.