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Last Visited: 9 days ago
GPS: 23.441368, -109.427444
Altitude: 6.3 masl
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Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

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This was an RV park at one time and may be again someday. For now it is a large open space with a few rigs parked here and there and horses grazing. It is beachfront and beautiful. Walking or biking distance to town. No fee has been requested of us at the time of this post.


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Latest Check-Ins

Great free oceanfront bliss! This is the perfect place to set up for snorkeling/diving Cabo Pulmo. I swam with a whale shark! A special time. Recommended.

great place. big rig friendly. felt safe.

Beach is not easy to take a swim because of stones.

3G Telcel.

Dos noches muy buenas, muchos RV que ya están hace tiempo, pero cuando entras y doblas hacía la izquierda podes estacionarte donde quieras. La playa es rocosa. Pero tenés un hermoso amanecer.

Great spot on the ocean. Mostly permanent residents. We were lucky enough to get seemingly the only available spot for overlanders and enjoyed our time. Walking distance to town for provisions.

GREAT SPOT! Can take the rocks all the way down towards light house. Breezy...snorkeling by lighthouse as well. Enjoy

Beautiful spot!
It's a bit crowded at the entrance, lots of campers.
We drove all the way down the rocky beach towards the abandoned building for a nice quiet spot. It helped shelter us from the wind as well.
Some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets here.
Water is calm and Good for snorkling and kayaking. There are also hiking trails nearby.
We loved it and stayed a whole week.
Keep it beautiful amigos!

As described. Didn't get a beachside spot as all were taken by locals and snowbirds, but the large main area was fine for one night. More secluded spots further north up beach. No facilities but quiet. Lots of spikey plants all over, no bare feet! Short walk into town, dinner there good but tourist prices. Road from north is fine. From south we did it in a rwd Ford van, good clearance, but wouldn't have liked to have been in anything bigger or less clearance. Lots of potholes, dips, one very steep dip that big rigs wouldn't make. Bad sections mainly in first 15km of road.

ok spot. close to town. one of the few free spots in the national park. can get noisy with locals playing loud music, like everywhere on mexico. mariachi.

Nice place, but it was way too hot (&no breeze) for us to stay. Even at 6pm. Went to "Playa La Ribera" a lil north. It is MUCH MUCH cooler, windier, & sandier.

Beautiful spot close to the little community where you can enjoy tacos and pizzas and beer. Rocky beach. Great trails.

Camping at a pebble beach north of Cabo Pulmo. Access is easy with 2 WD. Nice snorkeling on the north end of the beach. Great kayaking and snorkeling at the corral reef, which is located ca. 0,5 km offshore from the northern end of the beach.

Large pebble beach . 5 min walk from "town"
Very quiet. No amenities. Free.
Some winter birds take the best places and ask you not to stay to close to them....( are they owners of hyd lace ?

Rocky beach and what remains of an old campground. Great spot and free! No services but within a few minutes walk to the basics. In the National Park with hiking near by. Got to see whales from shore as a perk.

Not a bad spot to stay overnight. It was quiet. You can walk to town. There were a few people camping here. Beach is rocky.

stayed three nights without a problem. there was no sign to pay or anything just be aware that there are no amenities.

Still there, still good. Snorkeling on the left was nice, little hike up the rock there gave a nice overview of the beach. One windy and one calm day. Notes: Beach is mainly pebbles. If you have limited time in this area, go for Los Arbolitos instead, the experience there is allround better.

nice and quiet place next to the beach. enough space for many rigs. stayed for two nights. liked the place. trash bins provided. easily accessible with any 2WD.

we stayed 2 nights overnight here.
lots of campers overnight here.
Nice snorkelling just walking through the beach and passing the town.
Loud music from other campers at night.

Really good diving in front of the restaurant end near the Old building in the left side tons of fish
Flies problem all day nonstop!!

Nice and quiet place really close to the town.

Excellent wild camp spot. 5 min walk to town.

its a Place just before you will arrive Cabo Pulmo in a beach with little stones. you stay near the beach. when you arrive Cabo Pulmo on the left side (to the beach) is a fence and it is open.

Grass field, with horses and lots of mosquitoes/bugs at night. Got there quite late because the road to Cabo Pulmo was under construction, many kms of driving on dirt roads. Can't walk on the beach into Cabo Pulmo, you run into private property. Left very early in the morning and Pepe's, a dive/snorkel shop wasn't open yet so we didn't end up paying.

There is a sign that says to pay for camping at Pepe's which is down the road towards town. The lot is still vacant and the spots are pretty trashy which is too bad because it's right on the beach and the beach area is beautiful! We went to Pepe's 3 times but no one home. The town is also very nice and friendly...great spot to eat and explore the reef.

This was an RV park at one time and may be again someday. For now it is a large open space with a few rigs parked here and there and horses grazing. It is beachfront and beautiful. Walking or biking distance to town. No fee has been requested of us at the time of this post.