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Last Visited: 4 months ago
GPS: -53.460783, -69.306010
Altitude: 86.4 masl
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About 15km South on Y-85 from Y-71 junction. King Penguins come here to hatch their eggs and raise their babies. Land owner allows viewing from 11-6, Tues-Sun. $12,000 pesos (or 20 USD) per person. Great place to see a smaller colony of the King Penguins up close! Worth the extra few miles. Viewing distance is approximately 10 to 50m and there are more than 150 penguins there (Jan 2016).

Closed June and July every year.


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Closed for June and July! Apparently the park is closed every year for these two months. No sign saying it’s closed. Finally someone from inside walked by and we got the details. We were pretty disappointed but then we stood on top of our van and we could see about 40 king penguins. They were far away but with good binoculars we could see them and about 10 juveniles.

We visited the parc on the 30 of april and they were open. The entrance says that reservations are required but we didnt need one. The parc is expensive (12000 CLP) but they had an enthousiast English speaking guide.

Beautiful pinguins... They were around 40 with babies. The Park is a bit expensive but it will be an awesome memory :)

I am one of the people that loved it! was expensive, but it’s one of the few places to see these beautiful species, and the money goes to a good cause. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself “when else am I going to have this opportunity?” And, yes, you are also quite a ways away, but it’s how far all people should be away from ALL wildlife. Take this as a lesson for your future wildlife viewings. Respect the animals. They have large binoculars set up now, I went right at 11 so not many people were there so I could use one the whole time. I found that I could take close up videos and pictures with my phone through it. I attached some for example. A very special experience.

Tentamos conhecer mas descobrimos que não funciona às segundas-feiras. Estrada de ripio com alguns trechos com muitas costelas. Na porta há a informação que tem de se reservar por internet para visita porque parque lota diariamente.

Still 12000cP. Credit cards acceptet. Penguins are cute

Totally enjoyed this place! Worth the 12,000 CLP to get in because if someone doesn't protect and respect this magnificent birds, people will do stupid things and they will leave. A big thank you to Parque Penguino Rey.

approx. 25 penguins. Nice to see them, but worth the money? Chilenian people pay CLP 3'000 entrance fee. Foreigners pay CLP 12'000. My personal view, too much for what you get.

opened. good place to see Pinguino Rey, the only place in south America. about 40 couples.
plan 45mn.
12 000 pesos per adult, free under 10.

very very good place, beautiful pinguins very close, the have clean bathrooms and a souvenir part, they have binoculars for free next to the penguins. it's TRUE it's expensive, but worth it.

The park is NOT Closed and everything is fine.

beautiful king penguins.. 12000 pesos chileno..
Lots of info about them and the onas (indigenous to Tierra del fuego)

Although the place should be open the door is locked and no one other there, phone is not answered , I checked website before and there was no season restriction ... :-(

It was worth my $20usd. Friendly staff! Saw lots of babies! Not overpriced at all. Bring a 300mm+ for your cam. 300mm was on the short sode. Binoculars available on site and bathroom.

nice place although expensive for what it is. still worth it if you want to see king pinguïns. we got the briefing together with a tour group who arrive at the same time we did. took about 10mins
then started walking the trail. saw the pinguïns from about 30m.
they were walking around and going for a swim.
the rest of the walk nothing to see.

Agree with below. Great place, man on the gate was very friendly and helpful.

We set up the tent in front of the coffee bus, to use itas a shelter. On time to visit pingouins next morning. But... some dog's shits around...

Overpriced at 12.000 pesos per person.
But hey, it's the King penguin, and this is the only place where you can see them in the wild apart from Antarctica.
Open every day from 11.00 am to 18.00 (last admission 17.30). Closed on Mondays.

Yes, everyone can have a different opinion but we loved it.
We stayed almost 1 hour and a half. We were able to saw the pinguins at 15 or 20 meters from us. The barrier between us was a good wind protection but you can also use it as a tripod for your camera and it prevent people to bother the pinguinos. Also there are very good binoculars on site to get a better look of the pinguins. And you can use it to take pic with your phone.
At this time of year, we were able to see babies, subadults and adults. At the second mirador we were able to see some of them swimming. These guys are fast.

Advice : Come at the opening, 11 am. Since 1pm, tour bus from Punta Arenas arrive and there is a lot more people.

They do a very good conservation job.

Yes overpriced but worth it if you've never seen King Penguins.

In my estimationPenguins about 30 meters away(not 50) and about 50 penguins there. If you have binoculars, you can observe the young birds being kept warm by parents.

Lady who runs it should send her résumé to become warden of the TDF prison.

Card machine works again, quite expensive for what you see, but nice view on those rey pingüinos.

The opening times are still 11-18 from tuesday till sunday. Only on munday it‘s closed. The last comment is false. We saw approx 50 penguins and they were not very active and quite far away. In our opinion the prize is too high for what they provide here but we were happy to see the king penguins anyway.

Do not skip this place! Yes it’s 12,000k a person but totally worth it, in our opinion. Bring binoculars to see a lot more action.

Card machine wasn’t working and wouldn’t accept US dollars or Argentinian Pesos. (Didn’t find anywhere to change money between Rio Grande and here). Also would only let me fill up one water bottle!

Decepcionante después de visitar los Magallanes en Camarones y Cabo Vírgenes. Después de visitar los pingüinos de penacho amarillo en isla pingüino en Puerto Deseado. Fantástico¡!!!!!
Están a mucha distancia y sin expresión ni movimiento, parecen estar a la espera de establecer conversación con los personajes que los contemplan. No creemos que estén en su hábitat, mas bien parecen estar ubicados en un lugar que no les corresponde.
Nos pareció que no valía los 20 $ de la entrada

We visited before the Magellan penguins in "Cabo Virgenes" in Argentina. In comparison to them the penguins here where a little bit disappointing. Far away, less then 100 animals and not very active. If you have time check the other option in Argentina.

Wonderful birds - definitely worth the visit. We paid in US dollars, 20 USD pp.

great place where there very late because we thought it would be closed. but it was open 11-18 every day except monday. explanation of the ranger and then we got all the time to look! wind was inland so the wall was very handy. pinguïns were max 40m away so we were very lucky!

Nice view on the Penguins. Good facilities and nice people working there. Price was 12000 CLP per person.

Highly recommended. Penguins started coming here 2008, the private park has been established since 2011. Sounds like penguins are here a good portion of the year. The park uses the money solely for infrastructure and paying the employees who work for Global Penguin Society, estancia owner does not get any money. The employees speak English and are very knowledgeable, although signs are only in Spanish- ask questions!

Cost 12,000 PP, children under 10 are free. When we were there we saw close to 100 King penguins. You get about 50 meters away from them, but with any decent zoom lens you will get great pictures. There are two viewing areas: one of the colony and one near the beach. Overall, a little expensive but worth it to see these amazing animals.

Its not cheap, but here you also invest in research. Ask for "prismaticos" and enjoy.

Don't make the mistake and pay in arg. Pesos. More expensive because of Exchange Rate. Pinguines behind a Wall, about 50 Meters away. In my opinion there are better places to see Pinguines and I would not go there again.

opening hours: tuesday to sunday 11.00 am till 6.00 pm

Just staying in front of the pinguinera

we visited the place and saw around 65 pinguins. There is a ~1.50m high timber wall between visitors and pinguins and they are approx. 50m away, but it was o.k. The price was still 12000 per person. There is nothing els to see, and the rest is basic. toilets are open during the opening hours. The place opens at 11 am till 6 pm, no access any other time !! approx. 1 km up the road there is poss. where you can "camp" overnight.

No more camping here. Camp 2km farther. Excellent small colony, well run private park. They can lend binoculars. 12000 per person. Open Tuesday to Sunday 11:00-18:00.

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -53.46069, -69.30612

very convenient if you want to visit the pinguins but also very windy

Buen lugar, se recomienda llevar binoculares ya que están un poco lejos los pingüinos

CLP 12.000 are certainly overpriced even though the whole thing calls itself a "park" and does its best to raise the profile e.g. by listing research efforts, by being a member of the Global Penguin Society, etc. It was probably the owner of the property who dressed like a park ranger and wore a GUARDAPARQUE badge. However, they do provide some information about the penguins, there is proper fencing and wind breaks an there are toilets. CLP 6.000 would be more appropriate given that a 12-month CONAF pass is 12.000 and that a lot of essential information about the penguins on display is missing. For the price they could at least provide good binoculars (we had our own). Nevertheless, if you can afford the fee then do visit: you will get some pretty exclusive views, especially in good weather. And do take a good zoom lens as the penguins are approx. 50m away.

You can see the emperor penguins here for 12,000 pesos per person. These are the unique penguins that are larger ad have distinct orange and yellow markings on their heads. We also saw baby penguins here. Definitely worth it. If you camp here in the parking lot there isn't much wind cover.

We were even allowed to sleep in their parking lot

About 12k South on Y-85 from Y-71 junction. King penguins come here to hatch their eggs and raise their babies. Land owner allows viewing from 11-6, Tues-Sat. $12,000 pesos per person. Great place to see a smaller colony of the King penguins up close! Worth the extra few miles.

Park entrance is CHP 12000 per person. There is a colony of about 70 king penguins. You can spend the night at the parkinglot. verry quiet and free, no infrastrukture. Might be windy.