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Staticmap?center= 19.441614104452952, 57.076566210069764&zoom=13&size=1170x250&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:red%7ccolor:red%7clabel:c%7c 19.441614104452952, 57


Last Visited: 7 months ago
GPS: -19.441614, -57.076566
Altitude: 121.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Hot
Water: Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Yes

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A campsite, bar, kitchen, swimming pool, hostel that serves 3 meals a day, provides expeditions, piranha fishing,inner tube rides on the river, horse riding and lots of domestic and wild animals. Big area.

100 Real for the truck camper and two people per day camping. Rustic bathrooms. Internet available at the main lodge for free.
120V available at several spots in the camping area. Couple of water taps plus clothes washing facilities. Two large screened shade structures have plenty of hammocks. Small bar open when staff are there.


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Marvellous place! Ficamos acampados 4 dias dormindo em nosso PuntoHome usando toda a infra do camping. Staff super atencioso, diária 60 por pessoa mto bem paga! Fechamos passeios diretamente com a Katiane q nos atendeu mto bem! Recomendo com louvor.

Fantastic place. We was alone in the camping. Fishing a pirhana, a jacare catch the pirhana, so I had a jacare hanged up my wire...

très mécontente de ce site. non seulement c'est hors de prix pour les prestations : piscine trop sal (en plus trop loin du camping) pour se baigner, sanitaire sale et extrêmement rudimentaire. le prix pour 2 adultes et 2 enfants avec camping car : 175 reals. les excursions, on n'a pas testé vu le prix prohibitif. nous étions 14, ils acceptaient une réduction de 50 reals sur un total de 1800 pour le groupe alors que c'était vide. nous avons fait l'équitation à san jao et la barque à araras Azul. ces derniers sont géniaux !!!!

So here is our experience. We came around 6 pm, the guy on reception didnot speak a word of other language than portuguese. Luckily husband of owner was sitting close by, so we could speak english. The point is, that nobody was able to tell the price for 2 persons and SUV for one night. After 30 minutes of didcussion between the receptionist and the owners hudband we were told it is not going to be more than 50 reaid, likely less. Totally absurd debate, so we went to sleep not knowing the price and being told that there is no boat trip tomorrow. Other day, while checking out, an icredibely arrogant and rude lady at the reception told us 100 per night. When I asked to talk to owner, manager, she showed me her T shirt, she is the manager. Wifi did not work in camp, neither posada, camp was abandonded, or seemed abandoned. The campsite is quite nice, next to river, but hardly worth 50, definitely not worth 100 reais per 2 person sleeping and cooking in their own car. Overall, extremely bad experience, definitelynot recomennded. I mean, the price doesnt ruin you, but is it normal that 3 person together plus me spend 30 minutes talking about the price with no result and then another incredibly rude lady charges you double that? Havent seen this even in Brasil until today...

Its now 50 per adult, children free, and they do push you to buy tours etc... The campsite however is very peaceful and a great place to hang out and watch caymans, otters, wild pigs, capybaras and all the birds! The hotel area has WiFi, pool, restaurant- but it is a 1km walk from campsite.

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -19.44161, -57.07657

I'll update the main description. Camping is 50 R PER VEHICLE.
Electricity is typical 4th world set up with no ground and one large breaker protecting the whole place. Ran our aircon and other appliances without protest.
Fast flowing clear (but vegetation stained) river has at least 10 obliging caymens and an iguana as well as plenty of birds.
Don't bother bringing your organic, clean green mozzie repellant because they will lick you to death to get at it. PICARIN is nearly as useless and wearing Lemon Eucalyptus attracts them. 110% DEET is the way to go.
Wifi is available at the main buildings and IS FREE.
The indifferent money-fixated staff must have been on vacation when we were there.

However, when I went to pay for a third night, I was told it was 100 Real for two people for one night. Producing the receipt showing 100R for two people for two nights didn't make any difference so we left. Your experience will no doubt vary.

Still 40R/Pppn for camping. The ticket lady is not really welcoming and only looks for money. They take credit cards. Julio manage the camping and his really Nice. We did the boat tour for 80r/pp, we were the only one, good wildlife. We also did the fishing tour (same price) and catch some piranhas. At night they cooked the piranhas so we had diner for free. Each tour is around 2 hours.

Campground near the river, a few hundred meters away from the pousada. Beautiful setting. Pousada organizes excursions; we took the bush walk and the safari (BRL 80 per person each) as well as the boat trip (BRL 160 per person) and lunch and dinner (BRL 35 per meal). Customer facing staff unfriendly and uninterested. Focus more on package tourists than on individual travelers. Electricity is 110V only. Wifi around pousada (not charged, password [Password removed by Moderator.]). Hot howers are OK (men and women). Rather expensive. BRL 40 (2 adults, camper).

Camping is right by the river, 500m from the posada. The posada has a small snack shop and a swimming pool. The WiFi network at the posada is called Santa Clara, and the password is: [Password removed by Moderator.]. The campground has good facilities, but the kitchen is mainly used by staff to cook meals for people travelling on package tours. We used the fireplace and put a few small items in the fridge, but they wouldn't let us use the gas stove. Power is 110v, there was a hot shower in the men's (which women can use, since each stall is a private room anyway). We didn't do any tours or activities and didn't feel like we missed out at all. In fact, an anteater walked through camp whist everyone else was out on a horseback ride, and we spotted a Jaguar on the main road (at 6.30am, by bridge 15 - apparently early morning is the best time to see them.). The posada has macaws and various birds and animals as pets. The campground has a few resident parrots and other animals that make regular visits throughout the day. It's a great place!

... exactly our words, (see previous entry), thank you! We couldn't agree more — Wifi use isn't even included in the camping fee. We'd look for a different place to camp next time.

An ok place, a few animals around, but overpriced at 40R pppn. Not very welcoming. The camping is a long way from the main pousada. Bathrooms are poor and Internet only works at the main pousada, not at the camping (password is [Password removed by Moderator.])

Nice camp site, 40 reis per person per night, limited facilities as not in season but a warm shower in the mens bathroom, cold shower in the womens, running water sinks and cold drinking water fountain. The staff let us use their bamboo fishing rods and we caught many fish. Activities are 80 reis per person per activity, Rodreigo is a English speaking guide who is good fun. There is wifi at the main pousada if you ask the right person they will give you the code for free, others will try to charge you

We arrived at the end of wet season in March and the campground was closed due to flooding. We were able to camp in the parking area of the pousada and use the bathrooms next to the pool. We paid 50 reals for 2 people and our truck. They didn't charge extra for wifi and we were welcome to use the pool. Bathrooms are very clean. Meals were available for 35 reals pp for lunch or dinner and 20 reals pp for breakfast.

Nice campsite. 70 pesos a day for us. Lots of wildlife! We were able to plug in and the showers are hot. Beware that most mornings people get up early do a tour just after dawn...

Great place to stay. We were surprised by the distance (~1-2km) between the Pousada and the Camping areas. Only people staying in the Pousada area can use the facilities there, including the swimming pool. The wifi is also only available in the Pousada area and for a charge of 15 Reais/day to use it. Because of these two amenities, we briefly considered staying in a room there, but it would've cost us 880 Reais more than the camping option so we camped instead. The camping facility and the Pousada facility each have their own common areas, bar, and restaurant. The Pousada also offers rooms with private bathrooms and showers. The camping area has shared bathrooms. Both areas are beautiful, have lots of wildlife and have nice common areas. We paid 440 Reis per adult which included 2 nights of camping, 3 buffet meals per day and 4 guided safari outings. Our son was able to participate in everything too for no charge.

A campsite, bar, kitchen, swimming pool, hostel that serves 3 meals a day, provides expeditions, piranha fishing,inner tube rides on the river, horse riding and lots of domestic and wild animals. Big area. We paid 70 Real for the truck camper and two people. Rustic bathrooms. Internet available at the main lodge for a fee.