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Staticmap?center= 43.9962386632731, 72.3107378675045&zoom=13&size=1170x250&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:red%7ccolor:red%7clabel:c%7c 43.9962386632731, 72


Last Visited: 5 months ago
GPS: -43.996239, -72.310738
Altitude: 62.8 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Natural Source
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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FREE. Parking up at the fishing lake. Wonderful view. Peaceful night.


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It’s hard to add something new to the previews comments, many options to camp next to the fishing lake. Beautiful views of the mountains. Leveled grassy areas. Firewood around and great memories. A must if you are around.

Beautiful place!! We came here in the afternoon and spent a nice time on this lake. The water level was too high to get with the campervan down to the beach, but the grassy place on top was nice as well! The night was quiet. In the morning the fishermen came with their boats.

Very nice spot. We came down the dock and there was a lot of space for vehicles and tents, just beside the lake. The water was very quite and low, but we think it grows up in other season. Great place if you go down the dock, plenty of space

fantastic place and vieuw. we stay at the parking and it's possible to walk at the playa. locals went to fish. good place!

the place just have 2 spots, wen we arrive they was occupied by others adventures, we back to the town to sleep, seems a busy place at the day a lots of fishing boats drop, but at night should be great!

Great spot! We could access the beach and camp everywhere along the lake. Very quiet at night. In the morning there were many fishermen in their boats. The only bad thing are the mosquitos...

Nice spot but lower your expectations, not that special.

Lots of boat lauching from locals.

Amazing spot. We loved this place. We were alone all the night but there is enough space for 2 cars. Great view of the lake.

This is a fishing dock and boat launch. Several fishing lodges use it. We talked to the guides and they told us that after heavy rains the water level of the lake rises dramatically. Sometimes high enough that they drive their boats OVER the railing of the fishing dock. So think about that when you drive down to the beach and decide to camp there. There really is only one safe spot on higher ground, the rest of the space is used by the fishermen and their boat trailers.

Great spot! There was a firepit, a dumpster for trash, and even a dock with a view. No noise all night long.

Beautiful spot as described. Caught a few lovey trout and had them for dinner. Yummy.

Great spot for camping. Quiet with nice views, saw a few locals. Beware of cow dung on grassy area. Good trees for climbing.

A great spot right near the dock and boat ramp. The caretaker visited in the morning and was very friendly.

Very nice spot, especially for tents. They can camp at the 'beach' in the rainforest. We parked the van on the parking in the grass witch was also lovely. Fire pit with natural wood. Popular with locals. Some came over when we were there (weekend). Bit smelly of urine sometimes
Trash around unfortunately. There is a bin at the 'dock'. Use it!!

I can't imagine there is a beach...
Nice lake and view.

Nice place, fire pit, trash and nice view.

Stopped by looks as described. Probably just high water in the spring time.

Several parking spots at the top of a boat launch. Lake was too high to park below.

Great camping spot. The water level is too high to camp on the beach at the moment, you cannot even get further than the end of the boat ramp with your car, so we camped on top, which is still an awesome spot. Fire pit, bench and garbage can. We went running in the morning and jumped in the lake afterwards, cold but refreshing! Unfortunately the dock and fences have collapsed, but you can still walk on the first part of the dock.
It's quite private, some cars came but didn't stay. (Yet, we still managed to meet other Dutch people over there)
There are lots of farms in the area (maybe this is where the dog came from?)

We came here with very high expectations because of the comments, but we didn't find it like "the best spot ever" so we decided to keep looking and didn't stay.

Yes indeed, beautiful spot right by the lake. When we camped here it was raining the entire time and when we woke up the next day the water was so high we had to drive thru it to get out!

Beautiful spot right on the lagoon with the rainforest right to the back. On a sunny day amazing. Stayed one day longer as expected. Please keep it beautiful, there is a trashcan at the dock. Didn't see the dog any more, sorry.

Very nice place. There is actually a nice dog living - alone :( He is very nice and we were just before to take him with us. Unfortunately we can't. So if you go there, bring some food for him and give him some love. We called him Lago. Appreciated! And if you arrive there and he is still there: would be great if you can give us a short heads up at watchtheworld.de or timmhimlefim@web.de. Thanks

A true leap year 5 star gem. We couldn't access the beach with our van because of high water but there's one spot up top that worked great. Had a large fire, swam, caught brown trout, got drunk on cheap wine, enjoyed the scenery, ran into an old time friend from Montana in the morning unloading his guide boat. This place is the tits. Magical. Lives up to the hype.

Amazing spot, one of the best of our whole trip so far. Drive along the shore and round the corner to find a very quiet and beautiful space. Very peaceful and great views. No facilities. Free.

Pretty sweet spot!!! Awesome panoramic view! 5 Star Rating!

Lovely spot not far from the Carretera Austral. So peaceful. Fish are jumping right out of the water. You can drive on the beach a little way for more privacy, or park up top like we did (forecast was for rain overnight, and we were not sure how the ground would hold up).

Direct on the lake Roseelot. Remotely, beautiful, firewood from natural sources..

FREE. Parking up at the fishing lake. Wonderful view. Peaceful night.