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Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: 24.155700, -110.319710
Altitude: 10.9 masl


Repairs Vehicles: Unknown
Repairs Motorcycles: Unknown
Repairs Bicycles: Unknown
Sells Parts: Unknown

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Rogelio at Geraldo's VW is the man. Great service and price at getting Ursula our 1980 vanagon back on the road


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very nice owner. we got there with a broken drive shaft and a pumping brake pedal, it took a whole day and cost a lot of money to get it done. the brake was still pumping and the drive shaft was defective after 1500 km. we also had a jerk in the car that Geraldo pushed onto the clutch, so the clutch was replaced. another day of work and no improvement! if you are looking for a part and want to see a nice workshop with cool cars, it is good, but otherwise I cannot recommend it. Too bad

Really nice owner very helpful. We have find our Filters there.
For our vw T4 Syncro

Sehr nette und hilfsbereite Besitzer!
Wir kauften dort nach längerer Suche unsere Luftfilter, Ölfilter ein.
Super verständliches Englisch!

Rogelio is super friendly and speaks good English which was very helpful for us who are still very limited with our Spanish. They got us in right away and had us back on the road quickly. professional service and great prices! Highly recommended, especially for any VW owner!

Can’t say enough good things about Rogelio and his team. From squeezing us in for an oil change to a complete rebuild of the front suspension of our ‘81 Westy, the service was great and pricing was very fair.

Good shop. Recommend to everybody. Does all VE’s.

Bad experience. We went to Rogelio with a broken sliding window and a bunch of other stuff to do. After 3 days only the window and the oil change were done. Although the real problem here is how they did the window. I think it was probably wiser to just replace the broken glass, however Rogelio suggested to put a frame plus window with different frame color, different window sizes and different glass tint...still this is not the biggest problem.
While installing the window they have dented and bent the the body in different places and ruined the window seal in addition to this they removed lot of paint from the outside while removing tape.
When I was presnted the bill of 2500 I said I was not satisfied with the work and that I would have to pay somebody doing body work to fix that and that I wanted a discount.
From that moment onward a very nice person turn into a nasty person. I was told that the only alternative was for me to give back the window and pay nothing, knowing that I would need the window anyway, that seemed to me a total slap on the face from Rogelio. I paid and said I wanted at least my old window back. I think I can do a better job and I’m not a professional.
I said to him many people remove all the windows to repaint their car, but when they put the windows back they don’t destroy the car like he did.
Anyway, if you care about your car don’t bring it here, they will make you wait (and time is money) and will do a sloppy work.

really sorry but cannot reccommend. sorry because rogelio seemed to be a nice person. we had a side window replaced. they replaced the window with a second hand one, which was ok with us, but they ruined the body. the paint is all scratched in several spots and by the look of it it is gonna cost us quite a lot to fix it. we also asked to fix other things but nothing happened and after 2 days told us they can't do it. they presented a bill of 2500 pesos, when we complained the owner got really upset. we still had to pay the bill. makes me sad cause we had a really good relationship until that point

Good place for fix your vw, they are professionals, and also good price. We were very well attended by all, especially Mr. Rogelio, owner of the shop. We recommend.

Sometimes people makes the difference and Rogelio with his team really did it ! We are travelling with an old VW combi and in one week they were able to fix our engine + others stuffs for a good price. We bought this van in Puebla and we have been already in a lot of garage but for us Geraldo VWs is the number ONE ! Glad we met him and now we are back on the road !

This is a very good mechanic place for all the vw family ,the owner been so generous with of he's time and knowledge with us and all the crew is '' muy profesional '' .!!!

I would recommend with no hesitation!

Just a quick visit for us to get some window cranks after ours broke. We dealt with Rogelio. Parts were cheaper and better than the ones I bought from gowesty before the trip, which broke on us. Rogelio speaks good English and was super friendly. They close down for 2 weeks for Christmas so if you're here then, you might be SOL.

Mala experiencia, no puedo recomendar. Despues haber esperado cinco dias para una cita, Rogelio me ha hecho correr porque he hablado con el mecanico (itentando de evitar que el pone el gato en un punto no apto y peligroso). Me ha hablado bien rudo sin necesidad (“callate y vayate!”). Es uno de estos talleres parecidos a Estado Unidos donde no quieren que ves que hacen, y de verdad, no los importa tanto que quieres tu que piensan ellos que hay que hacer. Me encanta mi vehiculo (Kombi Westfalia 1984) y no voy a tomar el riesgo que alguien lo daña como resultado de su orgullo arogante. Tampoco no sirve su oferta que “si danamos tu carro, te pagamos”. Prefiero qu no lo dañamos en primer lugar, muchas gracias.

Bad experience, can't recommend. Waited five days for an appointment only for him to literally throw me out of his workshop. He got rude and I left.

What happened? One of his mechanics was about to lift my Vanagon with the jack being put at a dangerous and unsuitable spot, so I asked for it to be put elsewhere. No problem with the mechanic, but manager Rogelio then pointed at one of many "no access to workshop area!" signs, and rudely told me to talk to him and none of his mechanics. This clearly wasn't about safety in the workplace but about the manager's pride, and I won't risk my vehicle being damaged by that. He literally told me to shut up and get lost. In my opinion, if you do good work, there is no need to make a secret about it, and his arrogant attitude shows little respect (put mildly) for people who love their vehicle, like most overlanders do.

That said, if you're okay with leaving your car with them and them not really being interested in what you want, come here.
But it won't come as a surprise to you that I advise you to avoid this place.

Actually a real mechanic. And we've been too many of them here in Mexico. Usually they tend to be very chaotic and the tools get lost in the trash all the time. Not in this shop though. And even if you need a complete overhaul he's your guy. He even does machining and has all the spare parts for every Volkswagen engine. He's a nice guy and speaks good English. And if you got a little time he can get you even all the body parts. He charges more than average but it's still alright.

Good place for any kind of car repairs or maintenance at reasonable prices. The owner is very friendly and helpful and his staff did a good and efficient job.

Kind, honest and affordable - everything you'd want in a mechanic. Rogelio fit us in last minute - super awesome guy. He speaks fluent English too. They performed a full suspension inspection, fixed a broken front wheel bearing and did an oil change for us$65 in one day.

Nice guy. They did some welding for us on our 1987 Syncro. They have a lot of spare parts as well. Price was reasonable. Every agreement we made he kept.

Excellent mechanic! Taking great care of our van. Will update with detail and price after he is finished. The marker on here is wrong. He is on Modero not Allende. Right across from Baja Paradise

Rogelio at Geraldo's VW is the man. Great service and price at getting Ursula our 1980 vanagon back on the road