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Last Visited: over 1 year ago
GPS: 47.898300, 106.732700
Altitude: 1225.6 masl


Repairs Vehicles: Yes
Repairs Motorcycles: Unknown
Repairs Bicycles: Unknown
Sells Parts: Unknown

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YAKMobil by Infra Engineering LLC. Building custom boxes and campertrucks on basis of Unimog, MAN, G-Wagon and many other trucks and vehicles. All travelers and overlanders are welcome, they give their best to help you solve your problems. English,German and Russian speaking staff. For repairs on big rigs and smaller vehicles. Free guest room with , Wi-Fi Internet, hot shower, toilet and clean bed sheets if the repairs need some days. Extreme hospitality and very reliable. www.infra.mn and www.yakmobil.com


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We have been here today, 10 Sept --> the place is open and operational, the comment by sylvain.briant (This place is permanently closed.) is wrong and should be deleted! (apparently, sylvain.briant was here during Nadam season)
Although they had limited capacity to help us, as we arrived without prior notice, but both, Amga and Turu are extremely nice, friendly and most helpful people!
We understand offering repair support is not their main business but they try to help everybody in need honestly and fair. If they have to organise and order spare parts from Europe, it should be obvious that the final cost is higher than from the local dealer in Europe ...

This place is permanently closed.

Really super friendly staff! They helped us reinsert one of our springs. To get there you'll need to cross a barrier and tell the security men that you want to go to "Infra Engineering" (name of company to which YAKMobil belongs).

The owner and manager studied in Germany and speak perfect german. They are pretty helpful and can organize many things. You can bring every kind of vehicle, they’ll do their best to solve a problem. BUT it is not an established garage yet. Our impression was that they are not experienced in common car problems. So in our car they made a mistake by replacing the wheel bearing and we had to change it later again. They have high european prices: 1h work is 180.000tögrök, in the other garage we paid for the whole work (some hours) 43.000tögrök. Even afterwards they were really helpful and accommodating.
But still this is a nice overlander place providing safety, kitchen and bathroom.

We welcome all travellers at our YAKMobil Garage.
Service, Repairs, Spare Parts, a Guestroom to stay the night for long repair works, Cafe Room, Office Area, Wifi Internet ....

After our clutch broke in the desert in the middle of nowhere, no one could help or get the car back to UB. Locals didn't know what to do neither did our embassy. Ektor from Yakmobil was the only one one who had a plan and he got us and our Defender out of the desert. He then sourced a new clutch and fixed everything within 2 days.

Yakmobil specializes in Unimog's and G-classes and they have a background in rally-driving. They knew their way around a Defender and we saw many other overlanders and vehicles - VW bus, MAN truck, Toyota's, etc - at their shop. They're super helpful and speak perfectly English and German. Prices are - as mentioned - like in the EU. I recommend them to everyone who has serious problems with his car in UB/Mongolia.

Great clean and big workshop, suitable for 4x4 and BIG Rigs. They build and repair big rigs too.

English and German speaking with full range of facilities.

They have a guest room if you have to stay and in future will have a Gur Camp

Infra Engineering. Service and producing campertrucks on basis of Unimog (yakmobil) with carbon!! living unit. English,German and Russian speaking. For repairs on big rigs and smaller vehicles. Free guest room with shower, toilet and clean bedsheets if the repairs need some days. Extreme hospitality and very reliable. www.infra.mn and www.yakmobil.com