La Pastora | Wild Camping



Last Visited: 25 days ago
GPS: 23.486700, -110.272750
Altitude: 0.2 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

Free surf spot. Large sandy lot north of Todos Santos. There were other campers here when we arrived (Saturday). More folks come to surf during the day. Felt safe. Not sure if you can go for a swim here, so far we've only seen breaks on the beach. This place is name La Pastora (not La Pastura.


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Beautiful place for boondocking!! Lots of other vans as well as locals. Awesome waves. Big sandy beach! Cell service. And good old fashioned relaxation! Pretty clean other than some dog poop that wasn’t picked up by the owner 😔! Overall great place, we stayed two nights and will probably be back!

Just stayed another week here and it is one of our favorite spots we’ve boondocked. Due to Covid there was 1/4 the number of people as last year, but the whales and surf are still raging. No amenities, but free and dreamy. Do everyone a favor and clean up after your dog (or don’t go barefoot because there is dog poop everywhere)!!! In-and-out cell service on ATT.

Beach front camping ok for 2 wheel drive. Good surf break. Pretty quiet at night. Crew gets busy around sunset.

Our heavy van made it just fine. Lots of people here, too.

We stayed here for several nights. Felt safe. Directly on the beach with no amentities. Around 2 miles dirt road to get here, bumpy but doable for all kind of rigs. Daily many friendly surfers around us. We saw whales every day. Beachrestaurant Grren Room not fare away. Hihly recommend.

Yeah, a parking lot with some campers, but can’t see the beach. Not that appealing for the discerning.

Back in La Pastora. New signs today on beach prohibiting quads/atvs, cars, motos and trash on the beach.

Very quiet during Covid. Only 3-4 other overnighters and high tide at sunrise limited early surfers. Clean and beautiful view. Full cell service. Outstanding whale watching. Also, Betty is an on-site massage therapist from M-Sa for $40/hour or $20/ half hour. Highly recommend!

Been here three days. Surfed each dawn patrol, walking just north of the lot. Camping is primarily to the left when you enter. Follow the hedge line, or can roll into the mangroves for more privacy. Middle and right are for locales parking. Place gets most busy at sunset, then clears out. Huge party of kids that rolled from 8pm to 2am in middle. Garbage sucked this AM, but we all pitched in and cleared the lot. Parties are common in these locales, so bring earplugs, get off grid or pay for a spot, but you already know that. Green Room restaurant was takeout only. Laundry, Markets and what nots close by. TS is pretty amazing. Go slow and enjoy. Oh, and there will be sand... Lots of sand.

Good option for somewhere to camp that's close (15mins) to Todo Santos, if you're exploring that beautiful town. We're in a 2WD and we got in fine, just don't try drive in far because as mentioned it is soft.

This is a surfing campsite so if you’re not a surfer, it’s not great. Got stuck in sand almost immediately upon arrival. Not scenic. Will look for better spots.

This is called Playa Tortugas, name should be updated. Got stuck in the sand within 30 seconds of driving in. Not very scenic and way too many other vans for my liking.

We love la Pastora!
Only 15 mins from Todos Santos.
Whale watching from the shore when we were there was SURBERB! You can see the humpbacks breaching!
We stayed a whole month because we just couldn't leave.

Big spot with lots of room for many campers.

Be sure to respect and leave room in the middle for the local surfers who come in the morning.

Keep it beautiful and enjoy it!

Great spot to spend a few days while exploring Todos Santos. About 30 cars/vans/RV here the last three days so we felt very safe. Awesome to wake up and watch the surfers and whales.

PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS, please be polite

Beautiful peaceful beach to camp on. Be careful, might need 4 wheel drive to get on to beach as the sand is soft. Plenty of room for big rigs. No amenities. Good cell phone service, Verizon 3G, Google Fi has LTE.

We even saw a few whales right from the beach.

Nice place on a beach, lots of rooms. We could see whales from the beach. Not very good for swimming.

nice spot, easy access to a great little town. if there's wind bugs aren't bothersome, but with no wind plenty of bugs around.

surf is shallow, rocky (with barnacles), and steep. intermediate to adv skill recommended. nice spot to camp if beginners want to go surf the beach at cerritos during the day though.

Great camp! 15 minutes from Todos Santos, Lots of other campers and vans. Intermediate surf spot, can dip your toes in the water. Beach is rocky...Green room restaurant one km down the beach. Stayed here for a few nights! Love it! Keep it clean and enjoy every moment here

Stayed 4 good night here... Quiet at the night, many surfers at the day...

Spent one night here, got here early afternoon and there were just few surfers.
Mosquito/sand flies situation was quite bad, we went back to town and came back just to sleep but in the morning we had to leave as it was almost impossible for us to stay outside the van.

Really nice spot, there was about 6 cars to watch sunset and they left, we came back at 9pm with another two campervans. You can come really close with 2WD. The waves are too big and strong for swimming.
Recommend to visit close Beach bar/restaurant The Green Room, really cool place for a drink on Beach!

Nice spot for camping, especially if you have 4wd to drive on the beach. Lots of people coming to surf and watch the sunset. We really like this spot until a group of locals showed up at 9pm to party. We were the only ones here when they showed up and they decided to park 15ft from us (this is a large area with lots of options) they proceeded to make a ton of noise making it really hard to go to sleep. If we hadn’t set up camp already we would have moved. And after all that we woke up to all of there trash scattered around (which we picked up). Really brought the spot down

super amazing spot and very safe. usually strong beach break.
don't drive onto the beach without 4wd.
some dudes surf in the morning/ evening

insta: coco.overland

Wonderful secluded beach outside of Todo Santos. Road to get in is bumpy but doable in any vehicle. Sand does get soft, but air down and engage 4x4 and you won’t have any problems. Plenty of places to park with 2WD as well, just further from the water. A few surfers came and went but mostly had this beach to ourselves. Not great for swimming. We had a nice breeze here that kept the heat at bay. Spent one quiet night after driving a bit away from the parking lot down the beach. Safe and recommended. No facilities.

Nice beach, large waves crashing on the shore, a few people came to surf. Lots of people spending the day at the beach or there for the sunset but we had it to ourselves once night fell. SO MANY FLIES! Only stayed one night due to them sadly.

Nice beach, a few people spending the day or evening here, couple people surfing. Big waves crashing right in the beach. Once the sun set we were the only ones here! Felt safe, Beautiful spot! A ridicules amount of flies during the day though.

Stayed one night, no issues, soft sand as others mentioned. Pulled out a stuck 2wd van. A bit busy with surfers during the day, moved to the next spot to the North where we were all alone for two days.

As described- great wide open parking lot with some nice options to get stuck but much more without adventure and even a good spot for some nights; we stayed one calm night and felt safe; the beach is wonderful and pretty clean!

Big Beach, quiet,
Grande plage de sable blanc avec de bons rouleaux qui font la joie des surfeurs, gratuit, réseau Telcel, mais pas de commodités, très calme et tranquille d'autres campées seront là pour la compagnie.

Great spot to kick back for a few days (or to return to again later!). Open large beach with lots of other friendly Overlanders. Safe. Great surf break.

Big camping area with a lot of surfers and a lot of campers but enough space for everybody. The beach is very long and very clean and once you walked away from the camping area there are very few people. The road from Todos Santos is a bit washboardy and bumpy but fine for all kind of RV.

Very nice spot. No amenities but great view . We saw masses of whales every day.
Be careful with soft sand . Easy to get stuck.
Lot of surfers in the morning, evening and on week end.

Flat beach, a lot of surfers. No shade or toilets but a lot of space to spread out. Soft white sand and cell service.

This is a large beach that gets lots of use by friendly surfers and their dogs we are driving a 55 foot motor home and found this easy to get in however watch out for soft sand. No services but good cell coverage. Lots of more secluded camping as you head north. Lots of room for tents too

Spent three nights here. Only hear the waves at night. Very quiet. Parking on the left in the grassy area is limited to 4-5 spots (hard sand). The rest is soft so be careful.

Always a good place to stay. Quiet at night, lousy during the day. Don’t drive in the sand unless you are prepared to dig yourself out

very good place! we spent 15 nights here, beach is beautifull, whale every evening, bar restaurant at the left, on thé beach, the owner Thomas is very nice. precaution, the sand can be soft.

What a magic place. And very clean.
Stayed here for couple of nights.
Rough ride to the beach.

beautiful, large and quiet spot !
We don’t have a 4x4 and the road to get there is a bit rough, just go slow and it will be fine! But then we went on the left side of the beach and parked not on the very side but just a little off and got stuck. Be careful! Other then that, very nice moon set and sunset. the stars are good to watch and a little windy to make a fire but we did anyways with the moist wood. didn’t last long. Not too much flies because of the wind. Good place to stay long for free. There is a little resto bar a little walk on the beach to the right. IT IS delicious and not too expensive !!

Free beach surf spot . Good beach break with some friendly surfers. A lot of space to park, right in the middle theterrain is a little bit muddy so be careful not to get stuck. We stayed 6 night, we sirf every morning and go to town every day because its too hot during the day. Amazong experience

Great place to stay, wonderful views and free! no good for surfing with a foamie though waves breaking right at the beach. Also our first experience of sandflies so watch out!

Free spot with amazing sunset.
A few surfers in the morning.
Very quiet and safe.
Not to hot at this time, a little windy.

Great beach camping at a very good surfspot. Campers mostly stay on the right side inbetween the bushes. The area in the middle is more for daily use.
Whales rest in the bay on the South end of the beach. They come very close, great show!
Only 15-20 minutes from Todos Santos and the first store is 10 minutes away.
Higly recommend this place for surfing and whale watching.

sandy beach close to todos santos... many wild campers around..

plenty of open camping and rv parking. lots of room. flat and firm parking on the south end of the beach. quiet notes.

Whale jumping in the morning. Beautiful sunset.
Happy overlanders around.

10/10. Would HIGHLY recommend.

Great surf beach! Gets busy during day but clears out to usually a handful of campers at night. Amazing sunsets!

Great spot, beautiful sunset, a few other rigs also present. Telcel 3G

Great place to free camp. All other campers in the area were friendly and quiet. One of our most enjoyable stays so far in Baja.

Really nice place to sleep and stay for couple of days. We spent here 5 or 6 nights. Lost count at the end :) Always 3-5 other campers in the same area. Wide open spaces so you can be a kilometer away if you dont like company. Whales jumping out from the water every morning and sting rays are putting up for the same show every afternoon.

Quiet, like the others a lot of surfers watching and surfing. Felt safe.

Tent camped here 17 Sept 2016. Was wonderful. Surfers came out about an hour before sunset and just before sun rise. Everyone was so nice. Also during that day a local family invited me for the fish lunch even though I do not speak Spanish. Love Mexico!

big sandy beach
a lot of surfers during the day
very windy at night
big party at night as it was Friday but still a cool spot

big sand lot with lots of free camping. no amenities, not sure if you can go swimming as the waves break on the beach. lots of surfers.

Spot at the beach. Lots of people during the day, but hardly anybody at night.

nicke place wichtig facilities

God place for surfing an whale watching. For free without amenities but a beautyfull place to stay direct on the beach. Many surfers in the morning and in the eventing but during day we were almost alone.

Free beach spot. No signage on the way in, just watch for a dirt turn off towards the water. Wide open field, half sand half grass. Heavier rigs be warned, there are a lot of soft spots. Great surfing, not so much swimming. Very quiet here on a Saturday night, tons of surfers showed up Sunday morning.

Free surf spot. Large sandy lot north of Todos Santos. There were other campers here when we arrived (Saturday). More folks come to surf during the day. Felt safe. Not sure if you can go for a swim here, so far we've only seen breaks on the beach.