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Turista Police Car Park | Informal Campsite

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Last Visited: about 2 months ago
GPS: 14.555390, -90.739810
Altitude: 1533.5 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: No
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Located centrally in the city, this lot has a 24 hour police guard. You need to have your own toilet. Not allowed to use the toilets or showers on site, these are strictly for police only. Max 5 day stay and to be in by 10pm. A large parking lot of a grassy field offered by the tourist police. Camping is for free. Quiet during night. Comfortable climate on 1550 m altitude!


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Everyone is cool except for this ONE lady who was not very nice nor kind to any of the Overlanders staying.

Huge and safe place to park. We spent a few days here. Police were so friendly. You’ll need a copy of your passport and also to read the rules: Can’t use police’s bathrooms , can’t use police’s showers , can’t get in after 22:00 hours. Easy.

we dont have a toilet or shower, but tried anyways. we came prepared with passport and title copies and handed them over before any questions were asked. the officer showed us where to park and then made us read the rules. absence of toilet and showers never came to question.
awesome place to stay with everything in walking distance.

Stayed 20 days while repairs done to rv and car, no problem. It is quiet at night but noisy during the day. They asked for a donation of food for the 2 dogs living on sight. They knew I had food because they could see my dog. The entire town is walkable from this spot. It's free and safe. Parked here with a 25' Class C towing a car. I did disconnect the car to pull in and park. It was a little snug pulling in but larger rigs made it. I would stay here again.

excellent place, bunch of rules & actually wanted to see our bathroom facilities, copies of passport & title.

They asked us if they could see our kitchen, bathroom, and shower before letting us in (we're in a converter Sprinter). We only have a toilet seat that we can put a bag on and at first they were saying we could not come in because we didn't have a bathroom (we only have a solar bag shower that we did not show them). After a couple people telling us no and us saying we use public bathrooms and ours for emergencies and telling them we were only staying for 2 nights they let us in but parked us right by the guard shack. Everything else as described and they have been nice after letting us in. Be prepared to prove you have at least a toilet (at least when the people we encountered are working).

Safe and central place. Does'n have bathrooms or showers. When you arrive the police oficer asks you if you have your own toillet and water. You always say yes. Otherway you can't park here. Has a litlle kitchen if you need. Water available on site. Many Overlanders stop here. You find everything you need to by around the corner.

Great option! Copy of passports needed, then they give you a list of rules. Shaded and close to everything.

Showers at Casa Santa Lucia (Purple/blue front) just down the street.

Unfortunately most of the overlanders with dogs let their dogs run loose and some would steal food, start fighting, barking and creating a lot of dust... and the owners don’t pick up any of their dog poop! Please respect others by keeping your dog leashed and pick up after it. Also, it could lead to this being a pet free zone or worse... closed

As described. Be careful. No drinking outside your vehicle and long list of rules provided when u check in. Must be inside gate by 10pm or they get angry.
Clean toilets at bus station around the block. 2Q. Hotel 50 meters away has showers for 25Q

Dog Friendly.
We stayed 15 nights w/o moving at all. Just ask. Also were able to use some water onsite for dishes

as described. when entering, we had to give them a copy of our passports. awesome spot. great location. many overlanders here. no facilities but many options to find toilets around. stayed the maximum of 5 nights.

As before described, free and everything in walking distance. Police very friendly. No amenities.

Nice place to stay in Antigua, near the center and Plaza Central. You feel safe in all the town.
We spent 10 nights here (in the midle 2 nights outside the town to climb Acatenango).

no reason to stay anywhere else in Antigua! the whole thing is gated it's basically like a free campground. Also think the curfew has gone as we went for drinks came back at 11:30 and no problems! McDonald's round the corner for free WiFi and toilets too :)

Ótimo lugar para estar, seguro, tranquilo e grátis. Bem perto do centro da cidade, dá para conhecer tudo e ficar tranquilo. Tem algumas regras para seguir, mas bem de boa.

If you need WiFi there is a small coffee just round the corner (Aria coffee), super nice, and good coffee.

Just want to add:
In the hotel 50m down the street there are toilets for 3q and hot showers for 25q available.
It’s open 24/7. So no reason to search for any other camp spot in Antigua.
Can’t remember the name of the hotel, but it’s in the same road as the camping just before the crossing.

Safe and free place. Near to the market.

Very nice spot to park and visit the city. No facilities but close to hotels and markets. Policemen are super friendly.
We also did the Acatenango trip with ASOAVA with Catalino and his family.
He was kind enough to come to the parking to explain everything.
It was a great experience and the family is absolutely awesome, make sure to stay there for at least a night. Highly recommended!

Parking here - SAFE! And close to everything - lots of other overlanders here as well. Just need your own bathroom (or bucket).

Muy recomendable, amplio limpio mucha sombra, agua potable. Cerca de todo

Checked in again... 4th time! This time we noticed that the water-tap has gone, so make sure you have enough tank-water when you arrive.

Today is the third time we have checked in here, but the first time they have asked for copies of documents (passports and TIP). It seems to depend who is on duty. Copy shop just down the road (marked on iOv)

great place to stay at Antigua, right in the centre of town and for free. Very safe. Could be noisy if artisanal market door...up to 1am but ok. Watch out for street lights too when parking. Be ready to give copies of passports of all the persons with you and car registration. Very friendly.

Wonderful place to stay in the city and well protected. Free but no services.

estuvimos 6 dias en este lugar. Super tranquilo, seguro y a muy pocos pasos del centro de la ciudad. Sin lugar a dudas la mejor opcion gratis de la ciudad.
We were 6 days in this place. Super quiet, safe and a few steps from the center of the city. Undoubtedly the best free option in the city

Great place to stay in Antigua. We felt very safe, the guards where very nice and its a beautiful „parkinglot“ with a lot of trees and shade and all for free!

Perfect to visit the city. The pw of the Antigua Hostel (sometimes you can have the signal with antenna/ is only 5 min walk on the main road) has change: @ntigu@hostel.

THE best place to stay in Antigua. Bring copies of your passports to hand over!
Not so strict about the 5-day rule anymore, they will let you stay longer (if you behave!).
Lots of shaded areas, and water tap to fill your tank.

If you are planning to do the Acatenango hike (and you should!) we can highly recommend ASOAVA (Catalino’s team).
They are a small association of highly qualified guides who have been hiking the volcano for years, many of them since they were children!
They are trained as rescuers as well and know lots about the natural environment of the area.
You can get in touch with them via WhatsApp (‭+50255004707‬) and talk to Catalino.
You can either stay at Catalino’s house (lovely and very welcoming family) either in one of their rooms or parked at their entrance for a true Guatemalan experience; or, if you are parked in the Policia Turistica of Antigua they can also pick you up here.
They have a established campground on top with quality tents and sleeping bags, they offer really good and yummy food for the hike and they will have patience and help you if you are a bit slow going up.
We went with his brother, Jaime, and Alberto, amazing guides and generous people!
All in all, an amazing experience which is definitely one of the highlights of this trip! 100% recommended!

Spot gratuit pour les voyageurs, un incontournable à Antigua.
Proche de tous les commerces et des curiosités de la ville à pied, espace fermé et sécurisé 24/24 par une horde de policiers. On ne peut pas mieux faire niveau sécurité !
Il y a de la place pour tout le monde, peu importe votre véhicule, c’est plat, il y a de l’ombre et c’est calme la nuit. De l’eau est à disposition sur plusieurs robinets, vous pouvez remplir le réservoir de votre véhicule. Il n’y a pas de quoi vider vos eaux usées, arrangez-vous avant d’arriver. L’alcool est interdite sur le site. Les chiens sont tolérés si vous les gardez attachés et ramassez les déjections.
Vous pouvez rester 5 jours maximum mais vous pouvez gratter jusqu’à 10 sans problèmes, si besoin.

Une chose importante : Merci de garder le site propre et de respecter les règles si vous voulez que le site reste ouvert gratuitement aux voyageurs le plus longtemps possible !!!

Best spot for overlanders in Antigua. Free. Nice people. Rules still apply. Recommended!

If you want to hike the Acatenango, the Association ‘Amigos del Volcan de Acatenango’ (ASOAVA) are the best. Catalino Sologui and his brother Jaime have been tour guides at the volcano for decades and they are certified by the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism. Other travellers recommended them to us and we are extremely happy with the service we got. Two experienced guides (one at the back, other at the front -other companies give you just one-), good meals (chicken, pasta, hot chocolate -most agencies just give you noodles for dinner-), tent and sleeping bag, transportation, etc. If you get too tired while hiking, they carry your bag for a while so you can rest (they did it for us!). They even offer you to stay one night for free at their house and meet their lovely family (they will tell you where to park your rig, many overlanders have choosen this option). They rent gloves, bags, jackets or whatever you need (some things they even give them for free). Price is around 225Q pp + 50Q pp (it depends on your group size). I cannot recomend this guys more. Catalino’s number is: 502-55004707.

Last recommendation: Rent sticks, they will help you a lot!

Nice park-like police compound with lotsa trees.
Stayed here 11 days without a toilet in my car...had to talk my way in. No one bothered about the duration...but some officers take the 10pm closing time rather seriously (still got in at 2am after a discussion).

Unfortunately they didnt let me in as i don't have toilets in my van. It's a shame because it looked very nice

super spot gratuit en plein centre d antigua. proche de tout .nous sommes resté 10 j tout s est bien passé. vous pouvez prendre des cours d espagnol à l hôtel calle ancho avec armando 7 dollars de l heure par pers. watsap +50255063447. super gentil cours personnalisés de 3h par jour s adapte à tt nivaux

Good place for visit Antigua
I stayed 5 nights,
Policemans are super friendly.

Deux Bretons autour du monde

stayed here twice, first time for 5 nights (limit of allowed nights) and then 2 nights the second time. Guards were very nice and friendly. No amenities here but was able to fill water at the sink by the office. such a great place if you are self contained.

Wow, we wish every city in Guatemala had a place like this. Nice grassy lot, shady in spots, right in town, free. The only water tap that seemed to be working was the one on the wash basin next to the building. We asked permission before we used it. You have to tell them when you leave.

As described. They asked for your own bathrooms but we know is mandatory. Great location

No room at Hostel Antigueno for our rig. Christian recommended this place. Free camping, gated, secure and guarded. Water available. Plenty of space for larger rigs. Walk to main part of town and market.

At first they told us, that we can't stay if we don't have our own toilet (4runner), but they quickly asked the boss and he said we can.
We stayed for 5 nights, with 3 other overlanders, without any issue and had a good time. We also left the cars there while we went on the two day Acatenango hike and it was not a problem.
About the motorcycle and tent - the last day, a Chinese guy on a bicycle arrived and they let him camp in a tent next to us.
WiFi sometimes worked too :) We used the bathrooms at the Mercado nearby, or there's McDonald's nearby as well.

with antenna you might reach wifi from antigua hostel (pw : ilove@ntigu@)

Motorcycles and tents not allowed. Tried to leave the bike there for one night while climbing Acatenango but also not allowed. Most hostels in the area have parking for bikes so no big deal.

Nous sommes restés 5 nuits, très pratique (près du centre), gratuit, eau (non potable) et tout le monde est très aimable !

Pas de WC.

Assez calme la nuit !

Tres bien pour nous !

Julien & Julie

stayed here for 2 days without toilet with no problem at all. they offer this free camping to make antigua more attractive for tourists

Really nice place just next to Antigua center.
We stayed 2 nights here, then we leave to make the Acatenango volcan and we come back again. You can stay 5 nights.
There is water to refill your tank. People are nice !

Nice spot. Shade. Our dog was fine on leash. Drinkable water on tap and restroom in nearby cemetery (until 6pm).
Have copies of your passport and title of vehicle. You must have toilet in your van otherwise you can park but not sleep.

free and secure campground

spent 2 separate nights here with about a week in between.
the first time we got a 5 min explanation as no toilets being available and no alcohol on the site
also a voluntary donation was suggested for taking care of street dogs
the second time though no explanation or need for a donation
depends on who is at the gate

les bonnes coordonnées GPS sont:
14.555331, -90.739820
l'entrée est calle de la sangre de Cristo, Antigua pas loin du terminal de bus

les bonnes coordonnées GPS sont:
14.555331, -90.739820
l'entrée est calle de la sangre de Cristo, Antigua pas loin du terminal de bus

Open. Friendly. Many others here in various rigs. Indeed no toilets, we assured them we had one. There is water from a leaking spigot. They were fine with our dogs, provided they were leashed, friendly and no poop. They asked for a donation to feed their dogs. Also recorded our passport numbers. While here we picked up trash and dug drainage for leaking pipe. If we all leave it better than we found it, the service may remain open and friendly.

This place is open. We asked politly and were told that it's fine to camp there. Same rules as in January: you need your own toilet, no pets allowed, no alcohol, no visitors, no in and out with the car. They asked for a propina and we paid 60 Q for 3 nights. Have a copie of your ID ready. Make things easier for everybody.

Good place. Well located.
They asked for the copies of our passports and vehicule paper.
There is a water tap behind the building where you can fill couple bottles.
5 days allowed max.

Good place for visiting Antigua
No service

Place is open but they didnt allow us to use the bathroom anyways it's the best option around

This place is definitely not closed, we spent 5 nights there (which is the limit) with other campervans.
The only thing is that the access to the police's bathroom is not allowed, hence you are expected to have your own (but it's not checked if your car is big enough : for instance one guy with a 4Runner wasn't allowed, whereas it was easy for us with our Chevy and VW vans).
The place is really safe, and the cops were friendly with us.

The most recent posting by thasty07 is not quite right as the sign it refers to is for people using the parking for the day - the sign was up when we arrived and I double checked. They still allow you to camp here but offer no facilities at all (no water, no sewage, no toilets, no shower). That said there are plenty of facilities close by and Antigua Hostel will let you use their showers if you are buying food or drinks. Very central location and you get to see Volcan Fuego at night if it's clear!

Sign now posted out front (translated)

REGULATION Hours 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. From Friday to Sunday. Prohibited to remain in the vehicle and police installations. (Fine of Q500.00) Do not litter. Alcoholic beverages. Do not feed food or drink. Prohibited the entry of persons in state is parked on account and own risk. Enter only the pilot, after identification.

Stayed here for 3 days without incident (as described by others), then left for one night and when we came back (which we had confirmed with them was OK to do), they told us they are no longer accepting vehicles for camping or parking. They had taken down the posted camping rules and told me the decision came from "higher up." Also checked at the hostel in town that was letting overlanders camp out front and they too were not accepting vehicles as the municipality is trying to prohibit camping in vehicles.

The police welcomed us like really guests in their property. Follow their rules and lot of overlander will have the same chance to overnight for free in a secure place downtown.

The entrance is by 6th calle.
Ok, it is free. We feelt that if you are a gringo with great car everything is ok, but if you are a sudaca....
No bath (but others could use ones). Be carefull. We ask to leave for a few hours. They say OK. NO PROBLEM. Then they try to ley us out.
Just remember, it depends on the person at the door.

The guards were quite friendly and did indeed ask for paper work (copy of passport, drivers license and vehicle registration) so just come with those ready and this seemed to help. You can't enter after 10p and they don't like you driving in and out (we needed to, to go back and forth to a mechanic), after day 2 of that they told us we couldn't. I posted a picture of other listed rules (sorry it's not the greatest). I thought it was amazing they provided a free safe place with a open sorta grassy area right in Antigua! Definitely give them a little tip to keep this going for future overlanders!!

Guards at entrance are awful (specially the girl) they didn't want we stay for the night the in parking lot because our car didn't have toilet !...
So we just could park the car after presentation of a voucher from hotel and copy of our ow' documents.
We felt that those people are just waiting for "bakchich".
Abuse of power.

Safe parking. We did not need a copy of an ID.

we used the toilets at the mercado, which I've marked on the map (star symbol). mercado toilets are open 7am-8pm daily. reminder that there's a 10pm curfew for campers.

Very convenient location, safe, pretty quiet, level, very shady (no sun). No facilities. Good if you want to meet other overlanders.
Hot shower next door (hotel Quinta Santa Rosa or something like that) seems to depend on the receptionist. One guy said yes, 15Q, next day other guy said 'no can do.'
Witnessed a great vulcano eruption (Mt. Fuego) from right here. Free.

You can't use anymore their bathroom. We Travel in a camper without toilet but they let us camp here, We told them We will use the public bathrooms from restaurants near by. Good location for exploring the town.

As reported by the more recent review, this place has become a lot more strict.

You now need photocopies of (a) passports for everyone staying inside the parking and (b) your vehicle title. They must be copies since they'll keep them. There is a list of 14 rules they ask you to read when you check in, including that your vehicle must have a toilet, and that you cannot return (even in person) to the parking after 10 PM, and you can't return under the influence of alcohol etc.

They are really strict about the bathroom thing. Don't try to go outside either - if they catch you, you'll be kicked out at a minimum and if they don't like you they may fine or deport you (just passing on what they told us).

it's still free , although they suggest you could contribute some cash towards the cleaning of the site on exit.

Took some convincing that our truck camper had full facilities. And they had to unhook the security barrier arm so camper would fit under. Once inside no problem. Big grassy area although they directed us to wall in between 4 other vans. So far not tried to convince them to let us use their baños. Traffic and bus noise stopped around 10 pm but started up again around 5 am. But really quiet during night. Security guards on all night.

Came back here as needed to do a few things to rig and get some dental work done in GTM city. Did not notice much change from two months ago, tho only one other camper. Great option in the city if you have your own facilities.

Several overlanders, including us, have noticed a possible change at the police station. Most recently we were asked for copies of our passports and vehicle registration, and others reported rude encounters with some of the guards when entering/leaving. Seems to depend on the guard on duty and most are very nice. This is a great parking option for overlanders so we made sure to be very polite and pay a small donation both when entering and leaving the lot.

Nice Quiet, safe. Great place to camp or park your rig. Told not to use facilitied but was not stopped by anyone. hot shower down the street, first left at the Yellow entrance painted word Hotel in doorway, you can see it just to the left of the first intersection into the center from the parking 5 Q each

Free RV camping for five nights max. Great location. No services but good Tigo reception. Close to many services, restaurants, laundry, free Wi-Fi at McDonald's not far away. They wanted to see our passports and asked for copies. surprisingly quiet at night. We gave a donation when leaving and came back again after 3 nights near Guatemala City for another four nights. Entrance is on 6 Calle which is a two way street. You can see volcan de fuego & volcan acatenango from back end of compound. Volcan Agua is partially visible thru trees. We actually saw de fuego erupting one evening for over 2 hours!!!! from here.

This place do NOT allowed tents... You can NOT camp there .Not for bikers.
Pas authorisé pour mettre une tente..Pas un endroit pour motard ou cyclistes.

Great place To stay for free in Antigua and to meet other overlanders. Safe and the climate was perfect

We liked the place, as it is safe, convenient with a truck, close to town main square, almost free (propina is somehow expected) and staff is friendly.

Very good place. Calm and safe. No services but there is water. Internet free near on Mc donalds.

Very convenient location and very safe. It´s generally free of charge, but they asked for a donation for a good cause.

We stayed there during Semana Santa. Lots of space. Very secure. Nice guards. Water faucet on site. Highly recommended for visiting Antigua. It's located in the middle of the town. Vehicles over 30ft length might not make it thru the gate.

one of our favorite stays so far. Antigua is awesome, you can walk into centro in 5 minutes. to the market in 2 minutes and to supermarket in 3 minutes. you're in the middle of everything!! the property is huge with a lot of shade, totally quiet at night. police is very friendly, we were allowed to stay 7 nights. no facilities (but water).

great option in Antigua. they are accepting overlanders again and the location can't be beat! no services except water if you ask very nicely, but it's a great spot in the city. 5 day max stay but they are flexible if you are nice and they like you, but don't push it too far. lots of overlanders to chat with. on holidays the space is also used for parking so you don't plan to enter and leave frequently during holidays and special occasions.

Headquarters of Antigua's Tourist Police. Safe and close to main landmarks in the city. Restrooms are only for the police and staff. 5 days max stay allowed unless otherwise negotiated. Free to camp. Donations are asked for when leaving the place.

Really nice option to sleep in this beautiful city. They asked us to use our own toilet and to park in the shade. Good option to stay one or two nights. The market is really close and there are also toilets available.

Awesome, safe and secure spot in the middle of the city! FREE, no wifi, no bathrooms, no showers, no electricity. Thankfully our friends have a military toilet so the no bathroom thing wasn't a problem, but McDonalds is only a 5 minute walk away and you can use their bathrooms for free. The campground is super quiet during the week but apparently on the weekends it can get pretty crowded. Super friendly cops!

Telle que decrit par tous.
Be careful, u have to be back every day before 10pm !

Still accepting overlanders. We met 5 there during our stay. They will ask if you has shower and bathroom in your car, just say yes and OK, you can stay for 5 days. There is no electricity but you can find water in the parking lot. Also bathrooms and cold shower if you ask and also give some tip to them. Very safe and very calm. The place works like a parking place during the day and night. Very recommended if you want to stay in the town for a week. We used the bathroom and internet in the Mc Donalds nearby.

Awesome place guarded by at least 5 police officers day and night. Free and downtown :)

Pretty cool place in the center of Antigua guarded with at least 5 touristic police, free to stay for 5 days and more if you take Spanish lessons.

no shower, no toilets available when we were there.

El mejor lugar para parar en Antigua. Gratis. La policía es muy amable, pasamos allí 10 días sin ningún problema. Si haces disturbio pueden llegar a sacarte del lugar. No prestan ningún servicio por lo que debes tener baño o buscar en las cercanías.

Free parking lot. No other facilities. We stayed in a hotel down the road for 4 nights and left RV there as it's hard to find parking for big vehicle in city that is behind gates. Good option while we did our Spanish lessons with - learn Spanish cooperation, Mario was our Spaniôl professor and was friendly, spoke good English so we learned well. His contact # in case you want to start in a rush like us ( we had only 4 days and he was flexible with timing/ place while most schools closed over weekend due to NYE) 5812 2482.

Accepting overlanders again. We just got here today and there are at least 3 other overlanders there. No issues at gate, they offered a place to stay right away. Asked if we had our own toilet and shower in the vehicle and for a donation. Signed in and gave copy of passport. Said we could stay 5 days. Never offered to let us use the toilets or showers.

Terrain de la police municipale on peut rester 5 nuits, pas de WC ni de douche, super tranquille à côté du centre ville, gratuit

We are here amongst 5 campers and they are open!!! Disregard any older posts. They will want a copy of your passport for security reasons.

We are here, they are open and no questions asked about bathroom or shoes facilities in our van. All they wanted was a copy of our passports so they know who is staying there.

Very friendly guy at the Gate. First he was a Little reserved and hesitated but we have our own baño on board so he opened the Gate. Later he Said we can use the sanitarios. They are just for guys and not for girls so the ladies just have to keep an eye on not being watched when using the bathrooms or showers. They are very....simple and not so modern but Camping is for free so dont Complain. We liked it here

Secure and free beyond a small donation to use the bathroom (fairly rough shape). Only stayed one night, and the showers were busy in the morning with policemen, so didn't see what they were like. Met other over landers (didn't see any tent campers). Required copies of our passports and car registration ( although it seems the latter wasn't required of others...may depend on who you get at the desk). It got loud on the streets outside for a bit, but was fine. We were told to Be careful of ticks and fire ants.

Can park for up to 5 days if you have own bathrooms. If not I think they just want a donation. Free. Needed a copy of passport to get in.

We tried to camp there in the end of july and it was still not possible to enter. They say they have to decide how to continue.

They NO longer accept campers - for now. We camped here about two weeks ago for 2 nights and it was great to meet other travelers here, but now they say it is not allowed anymore. They say they are actually deciding what to do in the future so they may accept campers again in the future.

They NO longer accept campers - for now. We camped here about two weeks ago for 2 nights and it was great to meet other travelers here, but now they say it is not allowed anymore. They say they are actually deciding what to do in the future so they may accept campers again in the future.

We stayed here for a week and was and excelente, safe and good located spot. We try to came back one week later for a night, before to cross El Salvador's border, and rules have been changed: Only families with kids or old couples allowed. ???? A Policeman told us that was an "internal problem" Hope all tourist can enjoy this place again.///// Nos quedamos acá una semana y fue un excelente lugar, lleno de viajeros para compartir experiencias, seguro y súper bien ubicado. Tratamos de pasar una noche mas una semana después antes de cruzar la frontera de El Salvador y no nos dejaron entrar diciendo q habían cambiado las reglas: solo permitían familias con niños o ancianos. Un policía nos contó q habían tenido un problema interno (peleas entre superiores q se acusaban de cobrar x estacionar) De todos modos intentaría volver, y espero que otros viajeros puedan disfrutar de este lugar en el futuro.

Still possible to stay if your answer at the entrance is yes to the question if you have banos un your vehicle.

This is officially the tourist police headquarters, BUT they are known for their free camping. It's the only place in Antigua that you can camp or sleep in your RV/Van. Yes it is free, but depending on who's at the front gate, they require you to have your own toilet and sometimes a shower (even though there are toilets and cold showers to use onsite). So if you don't have those things... Just say that you do anyways (sneaky I know). I think they lock the gates at 10pm and there are always police onsite... It is very safe and they are super nice people. There is also a small restaurant on site that not many people know about, but it can be used by everyone, not just the police. This is a beautiful place especially the fact that it's free!

A large parking lot of a grassy field offered by the tourist police. Very close to the city center. Officially you are allowed to stay up to five nights. Camping is for free. They want you to use your own sanitaries if you have ones because their own facilities need to be rebuilt. If you use their sanitaries they asked you for a small donation for renovation. Quiet during night. Comfortable climate on 1550 m altitude!

Stationnement autorisé 5 jours uniquement en autonomie complète.Pas d'accès eau électricité wc.Bien pour visiter la ville(

They are still accepting overlanders, but you must have your own toilets and shower. With a good chat they might allow you to stay abd use their facilities, but it is not guaranteed. You may be required to make a donation and please do not mess the place so future overlanders may use it as well. Free for a macimum stay of 5 days, but even the limit of days is negotiable.

This place is closed! We already heard from fellow overlanders that the police slowly denying access to their premises and they explained us (we speak Spanish) that they have decided to stop accepting people who do not have their own toilets on board and slowly will stop accepting all overlanders. We had to stay in a hostel and park our bus in a secure parkplace.. Expensive but still worthwhile to see the city.

Great place to stay in antigua to meet overlanders. Big grassy/ dirty area for all sizes of rigs. There are basic bathrooms and cold showers available. We pais 50q for using the facilities (price is probably negotiable) also tips are also welcomed (drinks, toilet paper..etc..) The station/area is surrounded by a high wall so very safe plus there is a 24 hr guard on duty. The police are very helpful in helping us find a cheap mechanic in town. There is also a small, family run restaurant on site. Also a soccer pitch. A few minutes walk to town. Internet cafes in town are good and the bigger bakery on the wlk way is really good.

Free. Very well situated near the center of town. The maximum stay is 5 days, but we met people that did stay longer with the permission of an officer. Toilets, cold showers and DIY laundry for the tourists (even if they tell you, when you check-in, that there are no bathrooms). There IS an issue with the waste water tank (gray and black waters) that cannot support the overflow caused by the tourists. Absolutely no dump in town (we were sent to 4 spots and not one worked). In general, police officers very friendly althought we had one who tried to make us leave a day earlier... No wifi. There was construction on the street at the back of the campground so no cars and buses so very quiet at night and during the day.

Great location in town but not services. Access to restrooms is only for the police crew. Free, friendly and safe.

We were turned away for 'not having a shower or toilet' in our van. The lady at the desk was quite rude, and extremely unhelpful.

still the only solution for overlanders in Antigua. Plenty of space for all sizes of rigs, free to stay for five nights and we've been told at admission that it's possible to extend with the approval of the el jefe. Short walk to town centre.

Free. Donations occasionally requested. Location is great and police are friendly enough. There are a bunch of children who live on the premises that made for great playmates for our little boy!

FREE, can't argue with the price or the location. The police were all really friendly and even helped us find a good mechanic in town.

Free to stay, but everybody who checked in while we was there was told some "strange" things about the showers and restrooms. You better should have (or just say you have) a restroom in your vehicle. At the end we used the restrooms on the property which also used by the police (after asking them). Other travelers also used the cold shower there. No electricity. Max 5 days to stay allowed. Pls don't make "a mess"

Upon entry, you are told there is a 5 day max stay BUT we have stayed longer (5+ weeks) with permission. Ask the boss first and offer to buy thjngs for the property--footballs, lightbulbs, Clorox, buckets.... They want long term campers to offer to help out and buy items instead of them asking for things. Also, there is an open wifi network you can pick up with an extender in the back of the property.

The grass is trimmed short now but the toilets are still the same... Passport copies were taken upon entry. Can't complain about anything. It's free and probably the safest place in the city.

We were welcomed at the compound and checked in by a young police officer. The grass was pretty tall where we were shown to park. We were told we could stay up to a week for no charge. The camping area is fenced off and secure. It is a little walk to the bathrooms. They are functional at best. Cold showers. Great location, easy to walk to the market and all of downtown. We ended not staying due to pouring rain, it the site is still current and available.

Free camping at the Tourist Police grounds in the center of Antigua. Cold showers, toilets, dumpstation (near the toilets). Very safe. Quiet at night.

Big grassy lot, walking distance to everything. Cold (very cold) showers and dingy bathrooms. No other amenities. FREE,

- free
- located in the courtyard of a local tourist police
-10 minutes walking time to the central plaza.
- it is officialy allowed to stay for 5 days here, but it can definitely be arranged to stay for longer
- cold showers, flushing toilets
- 22 pm curfew
- the camping is a very dusty courtyard (or what is left of it, looks like a bomb went off there, surrounded by rubble from a large building)
- some noise from the chicken buses in the morning and during the day, otherwise quite calm
- there were some open wifis (Cesarbranas in the NW corner) and locked HOME towrds NE (password: dfd88b65f17)

Shower & Toilet. Max 7 day stay and to be in by 10pm

Located centrally in the city and has 24 hour police guard.

Price: free

It`s a perfect located spot in the city and it`s for free. What else will you expect? A hot tub? Go home ...

Here you can sleep up to 5 days for FREE at the tourist police. It has cold showers and clean toilets. The place itself was not really nice. It is in a ruin and the grass is quite high. But it was surprisingly quiet from 22 pm, although the Chickenbus bra is not far away from there!
It is only few minutes walk from the center and the car can safely leave it there while you visit the beautiful city. We had 4 nights there, was good! If you want to stay longer than 5 nights, you have probably diskuttieren with the police.
North-west direction, it has a free WIFI names Cesarbranas or so. Was very fast and always within reach with my amplified antenna.

Price: Free

Ugly place, but perfectly situated for sightseeing tour. Water and dumping available. It also has showers and toilets, which should be cleaned by travelers. From 22.00 - 05.00 clock zeimlich quiet. Free, but the tourist police is haParking loty to accept a donation in the form of edibles, toilet paper, soap, etc..

6a Calle Poniente, it has many one-way streets, we can get us out of a tuk-tuk. (15 Quetales)

Great spot for a camp in Antigua Guatemala. Check in at the guarded gate, and they should let you stay for at least two weeks for free. If you ask you will probably get access to their WiFi as well. We were told that they close the gates at 10 PM, but we never had problems getting back in even a little bit later. It is in the city center just next to the market, and it takes a couple of minutes to the main square.

Price: free