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Last Visited: almost 2 years ago
GPS: -25.858003, -65.952284
Altitude: 1677.4 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: Non-Potable
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Esben Bøll

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

Park under the shaded trees and take a shower in fountain.
There is lots of firewood around and flat areas. Lots of room.
Or if you want to be on the lakeside just continue up the sideroad and you can enjoy the lake. much more room for bigger rigs up there but more windy.
Some small corky like dogs hang out and protect you from the other tiny cute dogs around.
just a few friendly locals drove by in afternoon and waved and at night not a single car passed. Had a really nice time here.
The water fountain pool was awesome after a long days drive.


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Latest Check-Ins

The place is like described before, but the fountain that is mentioned and visible on the pictures is not there anymore. Instead there is a big pipe where the water shoots out, but its very brown and definitively not drinkable. Also the water in the lake looked very muddy, but maybe its because of the time of the year. maybe after winter its more clean.

cool place, tge fountain still works.
water looks a bit brownish but clean enough for a camp shower.
the camping ground is nice and basic.
lots of small bugs at evening time because of the big water reservoir, dont open any bright light and youll survive.

Nice place to spend a night.
Shady trees around the lake but some moskitos.
The water fountain was closed when we was here (begin of March)

We stayed here together with lessismore.one
One of the best wildcamping spots on our trip so far. Shady, big flat area with crystal clear water from a fountain that probably has drinking quality. Definitely good enough for a shower. Close to the road but not too much traffic and a little sheltered by bushes and trees so no big problem. Plenty of dry wood for fires. Please take your trash with you!