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Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – Pudeto Cafeteria | Informal Campsite

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Last Visited: 6 months ago
GPS: -51.061329, -72.990830
Altitude: 39.8 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - Not at Sites
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: No
Water: Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: No
Pet Friendly: No

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The parking area of the Pudeto Cafeteria is one of the few place, where it is officially allowed to stay overnight in a motorhome. The other four places are at the Laguna Amarga entrance and Ranger Station, the Lago Sarmiento entrance and Ranger Station, the Grey Ranger Station as well as at the Administrative Headquarters and Visitor Center. Or the short version: everywhere you have access to a building with toilets during the night.

The parking area of the Pudeto Cafeteria is not the most beautiful place, but offer some wind protection. Usually quiet during the night until the next morning, when the first buses arrive from Puerto Natales.



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We came here in the evening in order to be able to take the first ferry in the morning at 9.00. Very windy place, so be careful, but we didn’t have any problems during the night. Important: If you want to catch the first ferry in the morning you have to be there at least at 8.30. The first buses full of tourists arrived at 8.00. The catamaran is small. Today about 50 people who arrived just 10-15 minutess before the departure couldn’t get in and had to wait for the second ferry, which leaves from Pudeto 2 hours later, at 11.00.

Spent a totally windfree night here but according to the ranger the wind warnings are to be taken seriously...
After 7pm it gets quite when the last buses from the arriving catamaran have gone and in the morning traffic starts at about 8am.
The hike los cuernos is popular with groups but still beautiful.

we slept at this place for three nights, really calm and with a nice view. clean toilets and a few overlanders.
we took the ferry, but be aware that the boat can leave earlier than planned. we saw the ferry getting full and got to the ferry and we were the last passengers allowed on the boat, it was 8:30 while it should leave at 9:00am. make sure you get there really early.

Slept there in our car with no problem. Clean Toiletts. Watch out for the wind, check the other comments.

Please take the wind warning seriously! We arrived here and there was almost no wind so decided to spend the night. Late in the evening the wind was picking up and around 1AM we heard several car alarms going off, we looked outside and saw TWO CAMPERS ON ITS SIDE! We hurried away next to the cafetaria and ended up sleeping inside the public bathroom. In the morning we saw 4 cars with broken windows, their stuff flying around. Luckily no one was hurt. Please check the wind speed predictions before camping here!

Didn't stay here but just wanted to update on the prices: 23 000 one way and NO reduction for go and return the same day!

Don’t understand the no Love for this place. Really beautiful and serene after all the buses leave.
Restaurant/cafeteria was never open, even on weekend in high season. Bathroom clean (no shower) and open 24/7.
Yes you can camp at the end of the road, but I fail to see the difference, lack of bathroom.
The ferry is now 23.000 one way, no return ticket. So 46000 per person round trip. Keep this in mind doing your day hikes, it is one really expensive day hike for views and a million less tourists available anywhere else in Patagonia.
And yes, if the wind comes, you will be rocked. One night was a bit bumpy but fun!

A parking lot before you enter the boat to Paine Grande (double W trek).
It is nothing more then a parking spot, toilets are avaible but they are dirty.

Becareful for the wind with set up a (rooftop)tent, very STRONG WIND.
On the hike a little bit further they are talking about wind speed of 120 km per hour.

Luckily we know this before and we slept in the car without setting up our rooftop tent.

Good to know :
They place is very save to park your car (house on wheels) for a few days. In the NP there are only tourists and staff members.

Don’t understand the no love for this place. Insanely serene, calm, beautiful. Yes wind can kick in, like it does everywhere.
Keep in mind the ferry is now 23000 one way, no return. Makes the hiking trails not worth it. My tip, Torres del Paine is beautiful, but so is everywhere in Patagonia for a fraction the price and no where near the amount of mass tourism. Just do some outside hikes, just as nice.

We stayed here one night without any wind, had an amazing sunset an saw a puma (!) walking up the street near to the container. the electricity is hard to find. no plugs in the bathroom but at the cafeteria is an outdoor plug on the backside near to the bathrooms.

As described before. It is still quiet windy here, but we found it one of the best spots and ideal if you want to get on the ferry in the morning (tickets directly on the ferry). The spot next to the container is no more available. Toilets open and clean. No wifi.

We left our campervan here while we were on the trek and slept here for two nights. Strong wind, but ok. The cafeteria was not open, only the toilets.

We stayed here one night, toilets were open, no issues with regards to park officials. But we had several mice crawling into the van during the night here, we were told later that this is a common issue in Torres del Paine... 👀

Good place for one night. Windy. Very busy over the day. No WiFi anymore - they say it’s privat . And the password doesent work.

Were told by Info Centre in Puerto Natales we could sleep in our rig here free but Ranger at Southern Entry gate said there would be a cost but not how much. Came here anyway, parked facing lake and no one asked for $. Once buses left quiet but some with some light wind which became stronger in morning. No working Wi-Fi today and no cell reception.

The tickets to catamaran are bought on-board, no reservation is needed. I advice to be 30 min before the departure in high season - some people did not fit the first boat and had to wait for another.

The tickets can be bought either with CLP or USD. One way is 20 000 CLP (30 USD), return ticket is 30 000 CLP (50 USD).

Lakeside view. Cafe has a simple menu of sandwiches, soup or scrambled egg. I had a rather small portion of eggs and bacon for 5,000chp. WiFi not working. Don’t miss the walk to the miradors.

Good places to stay one night. If you ask Sr. Monika from the coffee you can stay left of her container what protects you from the heavy storms in this area.
And you will have heavy storms there! !!

Our casa rolante stood there for 4 nights at the beach side during we hiked. better to bring it to Torres Central to the big parking lot where you also can sleep - no problem, with toilet in the parkoffice.

Be prepared for bad and steep road conditions to the coffee. only possible for a normal RV if you have dry conditions.

Was a good campsite next to the laguna. Bathrooms were nice and you do have some views of mountains in the distance on clear days. We had no wind that night which was nice - not sure what it would be like on a windy night.

We stayed next to the container where they wind is clearly acceptable. No Accomodatieonderdelen but still for free.

Decent spot but very windy
Catamaran is 28000 way and back
Off season there is only two per day : leaves from here at 11am or 6pm and back from the other side at 11:35 or 6:35

It is possible but hard to hike to the mirador del glacier grey past the grey campground in one day : 25km and 600 desnivelled we did it

The parking area of the Pudeto Cafeteria is one of the few place, where it is officially allowed to stay overnight in a motorhome. The other four places are at the Laguna Amarga entrance and Ranger Station, the Lago Sarmiento entrance and Ranger Station, the Grey Ranger Station as well as at the Administrative Headquarters and Visitor Center. Or the short version: everywhere you have access to a building with toilets during the night.

The parking area of the Pudeto Cafeteria is not the most beautiful place, but offer some wind protection. Usually quiet during the night until the next morning, when the first buses arrive from Puerto Natales.

OK for overnight stop, quiet when the last tour bus departs 19h00 until 08h00 when it all starts getting hectic again. Don’t park in the ‘bus’ spaces and probably best to avoid the far end as loading of the supply boat can start very early. The road to Mirador Cuernos was closed due to high wind when we were there, so probably that’s not a great place to camp overnight.

quiet at night, toilets open all the night ( no light) , perfect if you want to take catamaran early ! Wi-Fi of cafeteria works a little !

We spent one windy night there in a small van. If there is wind, there is really no protection. Two days later after coming back from a trekking there was no wind and then its a very nice spot.
WiFi password works. They say iPhones cannot connect. It's partly true. You need to set a static IP address in the range and then add a manual dns server to the iPhone I used sometimes said wrong password (even though it was correct) then try again. best reception was at the back when heading towards the bathrooms.

wifi pw still works!

Decent spot for a night but also very very windy. A friendly other overlander warned us not to park on the hill side as many cars have broken windows or other damage from flying rocks, better to park to the side by the water or up the hill at the trailhead which is nice too but also exposed. The other important thing: if you do decide to take the catamaran from here to Paine Grande/glacier Grey be aware that there is a chance the catamaran stops running due to high winds. This happened to us and we were stuck on the other side of the lake with no other option than to book a room or tent at Paine Grande or walk another 17km to the park administration and hitchhike from there. The second option was not realistic as it was already late evening, the first was the only and very expensive and frustrating solution. The next day we got the first catamaran back. So check and ask about the weather and wind forecast. Single fare is 18.000 CLP, return 28.000 CLP for a 20 min ride. Yes it's a rip off.

Bom local para pernoite. Wi-Fi no Bar porém a conexão estava péssima senha: [Password removed by Moderator.]
Os preços no Bar são exagerados, tudo muito caro.

We had wifi and the toilets are open the hole night.

We stayed here a night. In the night a bit windy but not too much.

Quiet, no facilities after closing Restaurant at 9.00.
Windy, but ok for us.
Stayed one night.
We had no internet.

Very windy spot. Toilets stay open over the night. First catamaran leaves at 9:00 in summer
Coffee shop next to parking. No wifi at the moment we were there.

Wi-Fi PW [Password removed by Moderator.]

password of the slow WiFi: [passwords are not allowed unless explicitly permitted by the owner]

Start unseres Torres del Paine W Hikes.
Womo hier geparkt, den Katermaran genommen und Grey Gletscher (Camp Grey), Valle des France (Camp Italiano) und Mirrador del Torres (Camp Chile) in 4 Tagen erwandert. Dann noch eine Nacht am Visitor Center Torres auf dem Parkplatz die Tour ausklingen lassen.
Ein echtes Highlight unsere Südamerika Tour.

Schöner Platz zum Übernachten. Tagsüber ist viel los, abends ist es ruhig.

No problem to camp here. Bathroom facilities available in the cafeteria. WARNING, this place can be seriously windy, the wind is strong enough to launch stones and gravel at your vehicle! We saw two vehicles that had smashed and chipped windscreens whilst parked up.

We camped here in late May. Cafeteria was already closed and the Catamaran service stopped end of April. But he restrooms were still open and it was very quiet.

Stayed the night. Very quiet after sunset.

Functional! Very exposed to wind. Noisy during the day but quiet after the tour buses have left. Wifi is private and not open. Maybe upon purchase in the cafeteria. Baños Open until 9p.m. Ferry costs 24,000 pp round trip or 16,000 one way. Tour to glacier grey costs 60,000 and reservation is required in peak season. 3hr tour. The catamaran takes 30 minutes. Departure times (Feb 2016) 9:30, 12 and 6p.m.

Used leveling blocks but perfect but for one night before boarding the ferry for trekking.

parking lot of trailhead to Salto Grande a big waterfall and trail to Cuernos Lookout a nice overlook at lake. I camped in pop-up camper overnight and no one complained. I was only one there from 9pm to 900am. police came by around 1000 am but never said a word.

Parking lot near running water bathrooms located behind cafe. I did not stay here I stayed 1km up side road at trailhead.

If you go a further 1.5 kms along this track you can camp at the car park for the walk that goes out to the viewpoint for Mirador Nordjenskold. The ranger at the entrance station confirmed it was ok to free camp here. The site is on the slope so you need to work your rig to get it level but their are great views back over Lake Pehoe, and if it is clear the tower peaks.

Stayed here for one night. Some vehicles parked here for multiday trekking. Next to Cafe and bathrooms.