Baylor Canyon road | Wild Camping

United States


Last Visited: 1 day ago
GPS: 32.351239, -106.613888
Altitude: 1546.4 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

Dispersed camping along the Baylor Canyon Road side roads. Very quiet, some are rough and narrow roads, BLM. Camping allowed for 14 days.


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Sublime sunset.

It’s just a little loop off of the paved road. OP location is the second entrance.

Managed to snag the last of maybe 15 spots on Saturday just before sundown.

It’s beautiful. Busy, but no one was disrespectful, and it was very quiet.

A couple fire rings.

Park ranger road through after dusk but didn’t stop for us.

2WD 144”WB Sprinter.

Some rough spots in the middle. But I saw a Honda Civic so you really have no excuse if you bottom out here.

Loved the sunset view! Only stayed one night, kind of wished I would have drove further down the road, heaps more places to space out, but nothing wrong here.

nice place. beautiful view of Las Cruces from a far. A few pull offs along road. stayed in a tent.

Very easy to get to coming from white sands! Was lucky and got the first site here off the road that was accessible for my shuttle bus. The rest of the sites look like they need clearance and a solid rig to get to. Trailhead down the road was a good fallback. Beautiful sunset and moonrise.

Stayed here again and this place was very popular on a Friday night! 15+ overlanders so get here early if you plan to visit on a weekend.

great spot. lots of pull offs qith fire rings.
road is bunpy and rocky but we made it in with our f150 2wd. and a 30 foot travel trailer.
IF you do have a large vehicle make sure you use the north entrance of the loop. and pick one of the spots in the first half mile or so. ans try to exot the same way.
amazing mountain views and trails. caves, mines etc to explore.
seems the people saying its not amazing didnt go far enough.

Couldn’t get past the first spot with our 32 ft motor home. Definitely need high clearance and a shorter wheel base. The fourth spot further up this road is a maintained road better for big rigs.

please read all the comments; it's as described. I wouldn't want to take my 2WD chevy express van past the first five spots or so. Stay limit is enforced, and there was much less garbage then I've come to expect on BLM land, I only picked up cigarette butts and bottle caps

Amazing views and the sunset/sunrises were spectacular! Great cell coverage with Verizon, ATT and TMobile.

The road to the location was rocky but my lifted Prius Plug in made it along with another non lifted Prius.

As others have stated, there are some solid rocks and ruts, however if you have high clearance and 2WD you’re 100% fine and this is some dunce camping in the area - sites are off the side of the road but nice and often with fire pits. You have some light pollution from the city but the Milky Way is still visible with the naked eye - some cows wander by every once in a while which was a fun plus for me too!
T mobile service ok

Nothing to write home about. Stayed the night with one other van. Close to the road so you can hear people going over the cattle guard early in the morning. Saw a rattlesnake on our walk. No amenities. Decent cell service on ATT.

stopped here just for lunch. very hot not much shade around, but imagine it being beautiful around sundown/ sun rise. close to a few hikes it seems. looks like 3 campers here right now. entered in the north entrance with a 2wd e150 Ford van. made it to the third campsite (first open one) no problem.

High clearance 4WD only! Huge rocks, extremely bumpy. Don’t risk ruining your trailer here! However - the views are amazing. A great spot if your vehicle can make it!

Beautiful spot and views. Very peaceful night here. It’s about 40 min. From white sands (worth a visit!). Would highly recommend. I saw a guy bottom out an RV on the road right after we got there so high clearance in some places required.

The road in is a loop the reconnects the main road. The first entrance was washed out, the 2nd entrance was passable in my long wheel base sprinter, but it was sketchy. Cows all day, nice and quiet.

As described. A beautiful view, lots of neighbors but plenty of space between. This has recently become wilderness land, so there are less spots available. They do enforce the no parking areas. The road is rough.

Perfection with climbing 150’ sport & trad.

Amazing spot! Campsites have some distance between them. Level with a fire ring. Beautiful views of the mountains.

Beautiful location. Excellent cell coverage on Verizon. Minimal noise from nearby road. I would definitely return.

The south entrance to Baylor Canyon Rd seems rougher than the north. It wasn't a problem in my T1N Sprinter, but it would be difficult in a low clearance vehicle.

stayed at one of the many spots on this dirt road off Baylor Canyon Rd. great view of the mountains during the day and Las Cruces at night.

Nice BLM with great views of the moutains and the city. With a Ford E-150 we didn’t make it very far, the road is a bit rocky with ditches. Still 3-4 spots to park it. Worth the small offroad drive. Even spot to pick a tent.

very very quiet, although you can hear cars passing on road in the distance. Camp spaces not well distinguishable (beside first spot having bonfire rocks), but I just parked in an opening. 1 other person stayed, another was hiking then left. Nice spot, and free.

Beautiful views of Organ Mountains and the lights of Las Cruces. Road in is ok, a big rig may not be able to pass as there is a big ditch near the entrance. We are in a van and passed through fine. Can hear the odd car passing on the road but otherwise very quiet. A few other campers around.

Lovely spot, quiet, no bugs, stone fire ring. A higher clearance vehicle is nice to have but not necessary for the first few spots. I imagine it would be impassible in wet season.

Dispersed camping along the Baylor Canyon Road side roads. Very quiet, some are rough and narrow roads, BLM. Camping allowed for 14 days.