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Staticmap?center= 22.954766666666668, 43.16546666666667&zoom=13&size=1170x250&maptype=roadmap&markers=color:red%7ccolor:red%7clabel:c%7c 22.954766666666668, 43


Last Visited: 2 months ago
GPS: -22.954767, -43.165467
Altitude: 27.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: Pit Toilets
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: No
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Parking area in Urca, at Praia Vermelha, in a small park by the beach, very nice location, Sugar Loaf views, surrounded by military installations and institutions, safe, mostly quiet at night, busy during daytime, 24h military patrol, R$ 8.-/day/car. WC R$ 1.-. 200m to base of Sugar Loaf cable car, where you can also find a toilet from 8am-18pm.

Rio in 2 days? Also see our new created place "Rio in 2 days" nearby.


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Super seguro. Dia e noite. Cobraram 30 reais por dia. Soldados 24 horas por dia. Área militar

The safest parking to stay in Rio. The best to find a place is arriving at the end of the afternoon. Night is free and the the day is only 8 Reales. For the toilet is better in the teleferico for the pao de azucar.

Godo place To sleep! Secure, ia a militar area

We couldn't stay here because we are in a big rig and they don't let us in. There was clearly no space. We went some blocks from here and someone enter our home and steal from us. So we left Río

We have stayed here for a week. I think that is the best place in Rio for overlanders. I fully recomend it. 8R$/ day

Since some overlanders came things are changing....Big rigs (7,3m) are not so welcomed even if you pay 2places. Militaries don't want us to park on their parking which was empty . So we loves to the parking near lago. Ask for 60R$/day for 2 and motohome., but no facilities and there is a person day ans night looking for. As usual big cities are difficult for motorhome...

Place parfaite pour visiter Rio. Vérifier toutefois la météo parce que nous avons subi une tempête tropicale et des voitures ont été abîmées par des branches d'arbres.

Still a very good place, safe and not too noisy. This was the best option for us. Paid R$ 8.-/day for parking.
There is a coin toilet nearby, it was always open, if not it's R$ 1.-. You can also use the toilets of the cablecar station, open from 8.00am-18.00pm. Also see our tip, we created a seperate place nearby, but the text you got here again.

Rio in 2 days, thats how we did...:
Arriving 16.00 at the parking Sugar Loaf, going directly up the "Pan the Azucar" with the cablecar. Next morning you leave by taxi for R$ 16.- to the Copacabana Beach, from there you take the metro nearby, changing at Botafogo and then strait to Maracana, to see the famous stadium. Entry is R$ 50.- pp. Back with the metro to Largo Do Machada. From there you book the Van-Tour with Paineiras Corcovado to the Cristo Redentor for R$ 61.- pp. Coming back to the Largo Do Machado you got many restaurants around for having dinner... Back with the taxi to your parking at Sugar Loaf for R$ 20.-... Enjoy!

As others have described. Cheap, safe place in the city. We paid 8BR per day. Not a restful place though: people around at night and you will get woken up by the military/trumpet in the morning.

Excelente lugar para pasar 1 o más noches frente a la playa, es zona militar , sin duda el lugar más seguro de Río. durante el día cobran 2 reales por 4 horas, de noche gratis. wifi y baños gratis en el teleférico. No busque más, este es el lugar.

Excelente lugar para passar 1 ou mais noites em frente à praia, é uma zona militar, sem dúvida o lugar mais seguro do Rio. durante o dia eles cobram 2 reais por 4 horas, noite grátis. Wi-Fi e banheiros gratuitos no teleférico. Não procure mais, este é o lugar.

Nous sommes restés 5 nuits sur ce parking pour 8R par jour. Le seul problème c’est que tous les emplacements du parking sont à l’ombre des arbres et que les panneaux solaires ne rechargent pas assez les batteries. Tranquille en semaine un peu moins le WE. Le parking est très sur.

We spent our first night in front of the military school, but were told we couldn't stay during the day. We moved to the beach side of the parking lot under the trees and were fine here. Day is 10R. Night is free. The little beach is stunning and it is so amazing to have such a cheap central place to stay in a big city! Free WiFi at cable car.

we stay 3 nights and pay 50reals. on the beachside near toilets who works with 1 real piece. very quiet after midnight. before sometimes music on beach. there is a supermarket zonasul at 1 km walking. you can take a taxi for 20reals to go to corcovado trainstation. the most secure parking in Rio said the local.

un parking bien gardé entouré de batiments militaires et au pied du téléphérique pour le "pain de sucre"

We paid 14 BRL to spend the night; it seems that the price is not the same in function of the place where you park.
For us it was quite noisy in the night; maybe because week-end and the Olympic games.

To clarify a few descriptions related to the layout of the parking lot:
The lot is almost triangular. You drive in on the south side, near the base station for the Sugar Loaf cable car. This side is free to park on on weekends. There's a stage on the south-eastern corner which can be noisy on weekends.
The shorter side of the lot runs along the beach. This is where the attendants want you to park. BUT: this is rather shaded (bad if you rely on solar), some trees are in the way, and this is the busiest part of the lot. Over night there can be noise from people and two small snack stalls, which trade late on weekends.
The northern side is where we went. This was somehow fairly quiet, but with our largish rig didn't please the parking attendants. All parking spaces are fairly narrow, length is not such an issue. So they asked us to move.
Both, the east along the beach and the north, are attended every day and cost a fee (they charged us Rs10).
There is a tourist information pavilion in front of the cable car station. We felt we had to drag out every tidbit of information...

We have a larger rig, arrived Friday evening a 7.30 pm, after over 2 hours in horrendous city traffic (2 1/2 hours for the last 20 kilometres) - easy-peazy to get a spot. 70% of spaces were available...

we spent 4 night with our motorhome 7.20m. The parking is small but i think it's easier to find a place during the winter and during the week. It was quiet during the night. Top for a big city

Safe place too , in the first part of the parking, in front of the entrance to the cable. Free during the weekend ( Friday evening to Monday morning ).

Not a secure lot, this is public Street parking around the military zone, which made it feel safe. Parking is attended during the day by the usual parking inspectors. 2R to park during the day, and free overnight.

Arrived around 4pm, we had to wait for a while according to the guard, before we could get a parking option for our 7,3 m rig. We also saw another big rig arrived later for the night without issue. Convenient place for a town, but can get very noisy at night and quite early in the morning. Cost is 8rs/24h. Weak Wi-Fi at the cable car station. Bus stop on the Pasteur blv, 107 get to center and 581 get to Corcovado train station.

we tryed to find a possibility to stay in this areal. many parts are cutted of for parking, so only passenger cars will find a place to stay. there is no space for RV's.

Parking area in Urca, at Praia Vermelha, in a small park by the beach, very nice location, Sugar Loaf views, surrounded by military installations and institutions, safe, mostly quiet at night, busy during daytime, 24h military patrol, EUR 3/day/car. WC EUR 0.30. 200m to base of Sugar Loaf cable car.