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Playa Blanca | Fuel Station

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Last Visited: about 1 month ago
GPS: -20.304648, -66.932625
Altitude: 3672.0 masl
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24/03/2017 6Bs/l gasolina

Diésel for 5bps per litre if you haggle a bit!


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We filled our tank and jerry cans up for 6B per liter, no problem.

I said I didn’t want a “factura” and she directly told me the price for gasolina is 7BOB/L, seems to be the “normal” price. On the other side of the road are 2 friendly old men working mechanics. They made our tyres pression for 4BOB

paid full price like a chump. she definitely didn't change the meter. but my bike only fits about 10 litres

Got gasoline for 7 Bols instead of 8.6 bols. Just said i don‘t need a receipt.

sell Diesel only for official ‘precio international’ at this time but fill up readily

Maybe she got in trouble after selling to so many travellers, because she wouldn't sell to us without a photocopy of a carnet

Gas into a jerry with no questions for local price. Gave a tip.

Walked up with the bidon, got local price without even asking. Got that vibe it was going to be easy. There is a camera in the roof, but no one was there.

6Bs/l depois de negociar

Got it for 6.5

Filled up one Jerry can at local price! :) there was no one at the gas station, I asked " tengo un bidón de 20 litros para llenar está bien?" She said yes: I said : a 3.72? And she said yes :) wohoo ... too bad we had filled up our tank and extra Jerry can at 6 ☹️

We got it for 6bs/L, filled our jerry can as well. Girl definitely was not friendly to us haha, she immediately started filling our car without saying a price. We asked for sin factura and she said 8.8bs/L, we asked for 5 and she said 7. We went back and forth but she was firm on 7. Whole time she was still filling the car so we asked her to stop and said 6bs. By this point she'd already filled 20L so we had the upper hand a little and she agreed on 6. Then we filled everything up haha.

Nice young girl attendant, 5.5/l for gasoline after haggling down from 8.78/l just tell them you can get it in uyuni for 5. She said ok so fast it made me think I could get it for less. Direct into tank.

paid 6bs/l, friendly girl, easy filling directly to the car.

Very, very nice guy, probably one of the best options - we got diesel for 5 bop/l, the best price we could find in Uyuni was 7 bop/l!

we got for 5 :)

He refused to sell below 8b as he got cameras.. We left to try somewhere else

We paid 5 bps per litre for diesel. The man originally asked for 9.7 and told us for any better we needed to go to uyuni! We smiled sweetly and asked for 5 and he agreed!

5.5 Bol per liter. He started with 9.75 then was said sin factual. He went down to 6 we stuck with 5.5

Diésel a 5,5 regateando