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Last Visited: about 1 year ago
GPS: 27.962720, -110.994090
Altitude: 0.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes

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Tony LEE

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iOverlander cannot verify if wild camping is permitted at this location. It is your responsibility to verify local laws or obtain consent before staying the night.

Other than over holiday weekends, this is a great spot for wild camping close to the town, but far from the crowds too.
Always a few RVs from the USA and Canada over-wintering but it is a huge area with many tracks towards the beach

To get on to the track you have to go along the main road to a retorno and then head back east a short distance to get onto the road that leads to a large group of condos right on the beach. Head west along the track in front of the condos Pilar and choose your spot. GPS coordinates is a small lagoon shown in the photos


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Nice Public Beach, gets a little busy on weekends, but great view of the beach with dolphins swimming by usually twice a day.

Free camping near beach, but be careful overnight there’s thieves stealing shoes, gas, tools, electronics and opening windows while you sleep for money or electronics within reach. I parked in a group and it didn’t matter until I got a dog, but they tried getting gas’s.

2 days ago 3 campers including myself, now 5 new campers with one of the originals leaving. Windy a few days ago but now calm, sunny and warmer.

We stayed here 3 nights. It’s a very popular spot, a lot of other campers, but still endless amounts of spots to choose from off the long dirt road in. Easily accessible with our 2WD van. It’s very close to the town of San Carlos, so a good quick spot to park after being in the town, and also very safe and touristy. Short walk from any spot to gain beach access. Good phone service on Telcel.

The best spot ever! We stayed two nights! Super quiet on Thursday and a little bit noisy on Frida, but still fine to sleep and wake up with the ocean view! San Carlos is very nice also to walk around!

I stayed here in January and fell asleep before I locked my door. Very dumb move a young man entered the RV. I screamed and he left several other RVer reported people at their door. One person reported a man entered his RV while lights were on then left. There have been thefts of tool boxes. If you stay there make sure everything is locked up. We heard reports of windows being broken. It is a lovely place we stayed there a week but be very careful.

Stayed 1 night. Wasnt busy at all. Beautiful camp spot by the beach. Dirt road to access it but doable. Make sure you arrive via the condominiums.
A little bit of trash around but we tried to pick up as much as we could.
GORGEOUS sunsets !!! :) (see photo!)

great spot and great ppl wintering here! felt safe.

great place to park for the Santa Rosalía ferry. Nice and quiet except for sounds of the waves. I pulled further down away from the Lagoon and the mid sized collection of over wintering rv's. No problem on the road in or on the dirt road along side the dunes. Nice a and sheltered by the sand dunes, cuts down on wind. Parked here in a 25' rv towing a car. Would be very happy to stay here again.

Great area for free camping. Quite busy but big enough to have your privacy. The beach is huge, and you can enjoy a great sunset having a beer.

Nice beautiful beach. Very quiet except the week-ends where there is more people coming to the beach. The police came and sold us a sticker. They asked 100 pesos but we gave them 50 pesos. They said they won’t bother us if we have the sticker. Maybe we shouldn’t bought it but we didn’t want any problem with them. We stayed there many days without any problem.

Absolutely beautiful spot. Miles of beach pretty much to yourself. Dolphins swim by almost everyday. Beautiful sunsets and sun rises.

You can pull up on the beach with 4x4 if you got it but if not there are plenty of pullouts on hard dirt to set up on. Super quiet... was a bit busier the closer we stayed to Christmas so holidays might make it a little busier.

We stayed three nights and had no problemos. There was one break in (smash and grab) closer to the condominiums when we were just leaving so don’t be dumb with your stuff. Lock up and hide.

Also, quite a bit of garbage in some of the spots. If you camp here, pack out your trash and maybe even bring an extra garbage bag or two to pick some up when you’re here. Improves the experience for everyone including yourselves

Great location, near an amazing beach. I can hear the waves from our RV. Very quiet even though there are several RV’s nearby. May spend a few days here before heading back to Arizona for Christmas with friends.

We have a 28’ Class C and had no issues getting here and there is a large fifthwheel and a Class A as well. To park directly on the beach you will need a 4x4 not to get stuck in the sand.

Stayed a week there in December 2018. Got 2 1/2 cloudy days.
No crowds other than quiet campers to hang out with.
Dolphin sightings everyday.

Reality check : A bit dirty with garbage hidden in the bushes. Some corners also seemed to be used as toilets for folks that are not self-contained. But the road goes far and you can find your own paradise.

Some campers are long term residents every year.

Felt safe.

As well you approach the beach, you will go from tarmac to compact dirt, to mud and then sand. There are spots to park on all of these surfaces depending on your vehicle.

During the week there are very few people and we were not disturbed during our time here. There’s plenty of mosquitos and a fair bit of trash, so please fill up a bin liner and leave the place better than you found it.

We could hear the ocean as we went to sleep and went for a swim when woke up. We stayed for two days.

I would only recommend that 4x4s head down to the actual beach front. We were on the compact ground a bit further back in Class B vans.

Beach was clean and great! Little bit of seaweed but everything we read about the trash was in relation to behind the dunes. Definitely present before getting to the sand but hardly saw any once on the beach. Beautiful place to overnight or a few days!

More people, more garbage, sadly this beautiful stretch of beach is seeing a lot of abuse lately. Please stay off the dunes.

Good place for an overnight. Not far from MX15, free, on a beach, semiprivate if you pull your vehicle back between some dunes. No biting bugs at all. Pacific bottlenose dolphins swim by around 9AM. Supposed good birding in the estuary. Not great for birding on foot from shore. When we were there it was crowded.

Crowded, quite a bit of garbage, sad to see the dunes being destroyed by people driving on them. If you stay here, please pack it out and leave no trace!

Great spot as always, perfect for one or several nights.

Great spot, just a word of caution, if there has been rain in the previous week do not attempt! We have 4x4 and we were going sideways with not much control, mud caked on the truck dried like cement, good times!

One of the most beautiful beaches we've camped at so far.

Stayed here a couple of occasions in October, and it's a great place. One place I had a view of the water, the other there was just a little sand dune between me and the beach. Both spots were totally quiet at night, and it felt very safe. Gorgeous beach, can walk for miles, and good views too! :)

A long stretch of clean beach. Lots of different little roads to get acces to the water. Easy to just park anywhere and spend the night. Very quiet and what a view when we woke up. A few locals hanging out in te evening but quiet by 9pm.

Beautiful white sand beach, dolphins to watch, quiet, and close to town. If you have 4x4/awd, you can pull up, and camp with an ocean view. Not much shade, so bring your own. No toilets or showers.

Really cool spot, no one around during the week. Lots of mosquitoes at night when the wind dies down, and lots of flies in the morning. Cops came by in the morning, just checking it out. We saw a bird chasing a snake a few meters away. Water swimmable but lots of seaweed and debris.

As described, this is a great stretch of beach with several flat pullouts with some privacy near dunes. A handful of RVs camp here but it is very quiet and regularly patrolled by police who saved and smiled in the usual Mexican fashion. Great spot.

very nice beach

Other than over holiday weekends, this is a great spot for wild camping close to the town, but far from the crowds too.
Always a few RVs from the USA and Canada over-wintering but it is a huge area with many tracks towards the beach