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Last Visited: 6 months ago
GPS: -42.944481, -72.475647
Altitude: 329.3 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: Cold
Water: Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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The campsite offers eight private sites, which are all reachable by car, as well as one community area with shared bathroom and some sheltered huts with benches and tables. A ranger usually collects the campsite fee in the morning during the high season, from about the middle of December to the end of February.


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Beautiful campground and views. A big grassy field surrounded by trees makes for easy staking. Not too bad of a trek on a bike, especially if coming from Campo Grande.

The road to the camping no problem with a normal car even with low clearance when there's been no rain.
Regarding one other comment: I don't see how driving a dirt road without 4WD is supposed to make it worse when the 4WD cars taking the road also do it on normal drive mode!? Maybe there's a factor I'm missing?
Anyway at the information they told us the camping is free and even have us a map where the sites are indicated as free. The next day other campers told us, there'd been a ranger collecting money during the day.
So I've no idea as to whether it really is free or not. Maybe the CONAF doesn't, either :)

Nice well meantained campsite, with beautifull grass spots to pit your tent. Parking places behind where you can park your campervan. (On grass it is only possible for tents). Wooden huts for shade with picknick table. Abulution block, with flush toilets and cold showers and potable water.

Stunning view of the enviroment and a good place to be offline for a couple of days.
There are serveral hikes to be done, hotsprings are closeby or you can relax.

The staff told us that the property is sold to a private companies and that they will ask money from quarter 1 2020. When exectly they couldnt tell us. So till then it is for free!

We stayed here for two days and did also the 8 hours hike to the glacier.

Beautiful and huge campsite with a huge sharing area like a golf. Facilitees.
Near the trail to reach the glaciar. Difficult to reach the campsite if you dont have car. But you can walk or hitchike.

Very nice campground. Private shelters, also good for rv. Nice views on the glaciar. Park ranger didnt show up, so free.

Fantastic campsite that’s the best of the trip so far. We were lucky to get one of eight quinchos (private pitches with wooden cooking area, 16,000 pesos pn). The view is straight onto Volcan Michinmahuida and the glacier, which is a 20km hike from the campground (there and back, mostly flat but some awkward bits). The hike is amazing and just a beautiful place to be.

Showers are chilly as are all the Pumalin sites but it’s a small thing. Just a great campsite, all-in-all.

The road uphill is doable with 2wd, but probably not so when it has been raining.. WARNING: the park ranger came up to me and told me that although it is doable with 2wd, you contribute to destroying the road, making it even worse. He said the sign (only 4wd) was there for a reason. Beautiful campsite though, and no one collected money, although place was cleaned every day.

We tried to get to this campsite but the path was closed with a gate across it so stayed in camping grande instead

The campsite offers eight private sites, which are all reachable by car, as well as one community area with shared bathroom and some sheltered huts with benches and tables. A ranger usually collects the campsite fee in the morning during the high season, from about the middle of December to the end of February.

We asked informations about camping at the réception in the village. Low season right now so all is free and very nice except the crazy freezing shower !

very clean campground.
we were there in off season so had the benefit of it being free.
nice views from our van from one of the modules.

Great location. Super modern and clean restrooms with cold showers. Nice view to the mountains. Campground works on first-come first-serve base. We paied 16000 clp for a site with shelter.

Great spot. Some rats around. 16000 for a spot with private shelter.

Beautiful spot with really private camp sites. Unfortunately it was raining HARD when we were here. We entered and exited via the “4x4” road that splits off to the left when you’re coming in (which is technically a one-way and definitely did not require 4x4). Our friend, who entered on the other road, said they were in 4-low for a few parts in their Toyota 4Runner. Road conditions worse with the rain, of course.

You cannot find a more beautiful spot to camp. We didn't have to pay as it was before the 15 of December. Park rangers were here getting the park ready for summer and the grass was freshly cut and perfect for setting up tents. The road is narrow so not big rig friendly, our 4x4 made it with no problems but it would be difficult to pass other cars. The trail to the glacier is close and easily accessible.

Beautifull campground with good facilities. Ice cold water indeed! 4 other visitors when we were there. Apperently all the campgrounds in Pumalin Park are free till december 15th. Great! Did not Check out the glaciar hike as we did not want to cross a river. Mirador was beautifull. 2wd campervan got us there easily but has some trouble going up the gravel on the way out. (1,2L engine)

I did the road easily with an intermediate car 2WD. The campround is huge (I was alone) and many individual spots for rigs and cars with shelters. Toilets Ok, shower frozen (season does not help). The site is really nice... I left around 8AM, I didn't see the guard to collect the money...

Beautiful campground. The road up was easy enough for us (2.15 wide, 3.20m high) and some steep bits but def not 4x4 necessary. We were the only ones, guard came to chat and tell is the trail to the glaciar was closed due to high water levels in the river and lots of fallen trees, but he was super friendly and didn't collect a fee. Amazing place to spot all sorts of birds.

no on collected the money, nice and big campground

Indeed beautiful campground. Guard came at 10 am and collected 4000 pp for staying overnight which is a bit more than we were expecting. Facilities as previously described.
Trail to the glacier is actually 13k, of you go all the way to touch it;)

Beautifull campground (you take the western road, it says only 4x4, the other road is closed) and nice walk to the glacier, but note that it's not possible to go with your car on the campground itself. You either use an expensive sito (16.000!) or park at the small parkinglot (next to the bathrooms). Spend 2 nights here, no guardaparque to collect money (we weren't there during the day). When we left the park and were at a gasstation, a guardaparque passed by and asked if we spend the night in the park and wanted 10.000 a night! We refused, it's ridicoulos to ask so much money for a parkinglot and he couldn't show us a receipt or proof of this price. Inside the park there is no pricelist, no guardaparque to ask the price, and then after we left they come up with this price AT A GASSTATION!? We said we were willing to pay 5.000 (that's what we payed at an other campground in Pumalin), but he madly spinned off with his car, so we didn't pay anything in the end. Very strange situation!

Amazingly beautiful campsite. Very tranquile with only a few people around when we visited (in the busiest season). Great views of the glacier and surrounding hills. No guards, so did not pay anything. Showers had very little water pressure when we visited. We doubt if it is big-rig friendly due to the width and narrow corners in the road. An Unimog can make it, anything bigger probably not...

Ok...nice place....for Overlanders sleeping in the have to use the parking lot...or the parking Spot at the modules....but remember:
using such a spot for your own.....they will charge for two people 16000 pesos....for using just the parking lot is 10000 pesos, two persons.
We enjoyed the place....only a few people here !

This place is really very nice. But this campground has only space for smaler capervans. VW bus size or so.( NOT BIG RIG FRIENDLY ! ) With motorhomes wider then 2 meters and higher then 3meters it's very, very tricky to drive the 3m wide parkroad. 4x4 is highly recommended. There are not many turnouts if a car ist coming towards you, so it's possible that some one has to go backwards again for some hundred meters. We paid 5000 pes. p/p. per night. Clean sanitary, but "glacier" cold showers !

Busy - mainly backpackers occupying the covered pick-nick areas, even camping in them, while this is a very wet high season.

Campsite is said to be free throughout the low-season, but now Jan-Feb ranger is collecting every morning.

They charge ~9-10am .... if youre on the track, You Dont pay!
10km one way to the glacier! Easy Peasy flat! :-)

beautiful setting. guards came when I left, payed $5000. dirty toilets.

It's open. Follow the road to the right right before Camping Grande. Great spot, fantastic views, very few people now.

closed :(
there is a chain with lock, with a sign saying under construction.....

Really nice campground! We were the last to camp, the guadaparque told us that the next morning they ll close the camping for the winter.. The hike to the mirador is really nice too (30min up). Nobody ask us to pay.

We werent allowed to stay as they were still building on the site and had no water on, it was really nice though

The long hike to glacier doesn't require a river crossing at least in February. The well marked trail goes up the rainforest to go alongside the river for a stretch. At the glacier you can hike up to touch it. Nice hike and beautiful campground.

Nice spot to park-up for the night or just to do the walks. The 40 min climb to the mirador starts across the road from the bathrooms & isn't signed. The long hike to the glacier goes from the bathrooms acoss the camp and through the trees in the opposite direction. if you dont want to go all the way to the glacier, you can walk down the valley about 40 mins (flat ground) you come to a huge fallen tree that you can climb on to get a good view down the valley to the glacier. At the camp, the warden saw us in but didn't come back to take the money.

very popular now. I left at 9 and no one came for $.

Paid 5000 CHP to camp at one of the spots. There is a great 15 Km (one way) to get up and close to the Glacier. Beautiful well kept campground with new shower (cold) and bathrooms, sinks to wash dishes.

Wow! What a lovely place! Shower an toilet block is finished (except for the lights, which are not hooked up yet). There are only a few spots, and each feel secluded and perfect. The drive in is great fun (narrow, windy, through thick trees) but good luck backing up if someone is coming the other way... There are not many turnouts. Don't hesitate - if you are in Pumalín you need to come here! Noone came to collect = free :)

Meticulously manicured lawn, rubbish bins with "roofs", one bathroom operational (3 toilets,2 ice-cold showers). CLP 2500 per person and night (a guardaparque came to collect the money). There is a 40 min access track up to the mirador from right behind the bathroom, fabulous views of the glacier and down the valley. This is the same mirador that can be accessed from the gravel road about 3 km before you get to this camp. The other track (mentioned by another post here) is about 2 hours to the glacier; after approx an hour you get to the river and need to cross it, and then cross again closer to the glacier; water can be waist-deep and the current is fast.

Beautiful spot to camp. The guardaparque knocked on our door in the morning and at first told us we could not camp here because it wasnt quite ready and the water was not yet potable. But after a short conversation and telling him that we had our own water, he told us it was OK for us to camp here. He said it would be open for camping by Jan or Feb 2016. Free for us, but not sure what they will charge later. Very nice bathrooms, cold showers, dogs are welcome.

Beautiful campground, wide open green field in the center, each site had a cabana and picnic table. The drive in is narrow but rigs should be able to squeeze in :)

Best campground in Pumalin, possibly the entire trip!!! 8 private pull-ins for rigs with covered picnic areas and views of three gorgeous mountains. There is a path from the bathrooms that will take you on a 40 min walk to one of the glaciers. Bathrooms are just being finished and are not operational yet. Follow road past mirador to the end.