jaimelhoffman Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
February 21st, 2019 Piha Domain Camp

Large grassy field. All size campers can fit. Common kitchen, showers, toilet, WiFi (only 30mb or 30min). All amenities. $20 NZD per head per night. Little pricy but only campground in town. Well kept. Skate park, kids play ground, tennis, basketball, bowling...

August 13th, 2018 SAG

Sag office for pet exportation papers. Do this after going to a vet and obtaining a health cert. this takes two business days, so make sure to leave enough time before traveling.

August 9th, 2018 Veterinaria

We went here for a health certificate for our dog to begin our export paperwork. After getting the cert, you need to go to the SAG office to start the exportation process. This takes at least two business days. Nice vet.

August 9th, 2018 Playa Marbella

We spent two nights here. It’s a beautiful beach with a big open parking area. We were here during the week and people came and went all day and u til after midnight, but it’s quiet and calm. The bird watching building was closed the whole time we were there. We weren’t bothered and the police drove by many times. No amenities, but we are self contained so it worked for us.

August 7th, 2018 Lider

Lider with big parking - big rigs can fit. We got here before opening on a weekday, night but busy mid-day.

August 6th, 2018 Colobrí

Amazing amazing amazing cafe. Adorable ambiance - very shabby chic. Almuerzo menu del dia includes a coffe or Tea, the dish of the day, bread with and a salad and a dessert. The staff are so kind and sweet. There are hand made goods for sale and it’s a must stop for lunch. They also do empanadas but we didn’t try them. Highly recommended!

August 6th, 2018 Notary

Notary for your shipping needs. Got here at 5 on a Monday and we’re done by 5:30. Grab a number when you walk in and have originals of all documents needing notary. Quick and painless. Open from 3-6pm and on the morning. Closed from 1-3 for siesta.

August 2nd, 2018 Shell Gas Station

Stayed one night behind the shop. Definitely noisy from the highway, but not terrible. FREE HOT showers!!!!! WiFi is not great. Food available.

August 2nd, 2018 Copec/ Pronto

Did laundry here. 2 loads wash and dry was $8,000CLP. You have to ask for tokens for the machines. Washers didn’t do the best job, but better than waiting an entire day for a lavanderia.

August 1st, 2018 Colchagua Agua Purificada

This is a place to fill your water jugs with purified water for cheap - $2500 CLP per bidon. Really nice people- super fast.

August 1st, 2018 Square in front of a Prision

Stayed one night here, felt safe. Would have been great if there weren’t a dog fight for a few hours in the middle of the night. Lots of strays in the park, so park here knowing you might be woken up. Grocery stores in town to stock up on all your needs.

July 29th, 2018 Copec Forecourt

Spent one night. Loud from semi trucks passing through, but normal for gas station camping. Nice cafeteria with good food options. Showers were warm, not hot and cost $800CLP. Also did laundry for $8,000CLP for 2 loads wash and dry. WiFi is not worth using, too many people visit this place.

July 29th, 2018 Copec

Seemed to be a protest happening and the Pronto was closed. We wanted a shower stop, but no facilities open besides gas. Strange!

July 23rd, 2018 GasCo

They wouldn’t fill our American tank here. Said it was not possible.

July 17th, 2018 Dirt lot across from beach parking

We parked all day and night in the dirt lot next to the little Mercado across from the beach parking. There is a camping option basically next door, but they wanted $30,000 pesos- and we needed only parking as we have a bathroom/shower. No one bothered us and we asked some local guys if they thought it would be ok and they said yes. Technically there is a “20 minute parking” sign posted, but it was a holiday and everyone parked there for longer than 20 minutes. Doesn’t seem to be enforced. Fine for one night and the beach is absolutely stunning. A little road noise, but quieted down late in the evening.

July 15th, 2018 Beach access road

This is where you can access the beach camping wild spot we posted. Dirt road, but easy, big rigs will fit just fine.

July 15th, 2018 Pichidangui beach

Awesome place to camp in this cute little town right on the beach. Stayed one night, weren’t bothered. It was Saturday so there were some beach parties, but not loud. To get here, there is a road off the Main Street with a sign at the end that says Estacionamiento. Other cars were parked there u til sunset, mostly families enjoying games or a walk on the beach. There is a little artesian market and some eateries. We really enjoyed the evening here.

July 15th, 2018 COPEC Station Quilimari

Hot showers in the men’s. A nice employee went into the women’s for me and tried to see if it would get hot, but it didn’t, so he let me use the men’s. Luxurious hot shower! Tried to use the WiFi, but it’s insanely slow, so not worth hanging around for u less you’re sleeping here. We came for the showers. Really busy place on a Sunday morning.

July 14th, 2018 Observatorio del Pangue

We spent the night outside the gate after our astronomical tour. We would recommend driving back down to flatter spots, but we didn’t want to drive in the pitch dark. Hardly any traffic passes by in the night and it’s beautifully quiet. Ok for one night after a tour, but not somewhere you want to hang out. We drove a bit down the road to take some astrophotos, but camped outside the gate. Recommended if you do this tour.

July 4th, 2018 Chevrolet garage

Fantastic Chevy garage! Raphael still works here and speaks English. We brought our Silverado 2509 duramax diesel here and got new shocks, oil change, oil filter and fuel filter (we brought this from home) changed here. The work took half a day which we had to split into two days because they close for their siesta mid day. Employees were great! Recommended if you have a Chevy.

July 4th, 2018 Drug control PDI

Police stopped us, asked where we are from, then said buen viaje - nice cops. No worries.

July 4th, 2018 Lipigas

Filled our 20 pound American tank no problem. Expensive though - $24 to fill it (more than all other countries we’ve visited).

July 3rd, 2018 Mascotas Royal Canin

Fantastic vet!!! Wonderful staff. Our dog got parasites and the they saw us immediately. The vet checked our pup and clearly cares about what she does. We had a photo of the parasites and she administered medication right away. It only cost 6,000 ($10) for the meds and they didn’t charge us for the visit. If you need any vet care go here!

July 2nd, 2018 Senasa

Easy process! We’re here on a Monday at 11am and we’re done by noon. Like said before, fill or paperwork with a woman on the first floor. She can help you fill out the document. She will stamp it along with making copies of your rabies/vaccination documents as well as the health cert and bank receipt. Then she will take you upstairs for another woman to enter more information into her computer. They will ask how long you will be in Chile. No one else was here, only waiting was while they typed in our info.

July 2nd, 2018 Clinica Veterinario

So quick and easy! Really nice lady that helps you fill the form out. You don’t even need your dog for this part. Our pup is up to date on vaccinations so he didn’t need any. Takes about 15 minutes. See photos of docs you need.

July 1st, 2018 gravel area before Peaje

Spent one night here as it was getting dark. There are not many options on this highway. We felt safe as there were many truckers stay the night here and you are very close to the peaje. There is also a street light. If you are a light sleeper, you may not get too much sleep as the trucks are very loud all night. It’s definitely a one night type of spot.

July 1st, 2018 Boca Del Rio Beach Camp

Camped here for the night on the way to Tacna. We checked in the town square if it was safe and everyone assured us it was tranquilo here. We posted up on the beach and had a wonderful night sleep with the light sound of the waves. Lovely place to wake up. There was a family camping on the beach in tents as well. Recommended.

July 1st, 2018 Fruit control next to peaje checkpoint

They stopped us as there is a cone in the road and you cannot pass without speaking to the senasa. They asked if we had fruit, we said no, they said gracias and listo and moved the cone for us to pass. Just say you have no fruit. They didn’t ask to search.

June 29th, 2018 Hostal Casa Blanca (plus camping)

We stayed one night here to be able to visit the Uros Islands. We looked at many of the options in Puno and found the city to feel unsafe.

We had the best shower of our trip here. The water is hot and the pressure is perfect. There is a bathroom (bring your own TP) and a sink for washing dishes or clothes. They said the water is potable, but we didn’t drink it.

The area to camp is not all that nice, but it appears they are working on this.

The couple running this place is so sweet. Maria helped us book a tour of the Uros Islands which was slightly more than the cost of just showing up at the port, but we liked knowing we had a reservation. The tour company they use was awesome (Suri is the name of the tour company - Hector was our captain and Freddy was our guide - awesome!) and we had a blast. Maria even walked us to the road to catch a collectivo and she made sure they knew where to take us. This little gesture made our experience memorable.

We highly recommend staying here. Price is still $37 soles total for the car, 2 people and a dog.

(WiFi is not great).

June 26th, 2018 Divina Rosa Restaurante

This is a great off the beaten path restaurant in Cusco. For dinner they have a 15 soles menu with a starter (soup of organic salad), a main and a dessert. The meals were light compared to many in town. The food is very affordable compared to much of the other restaurants in Cusco and has a nice ambiance, WiFi and wonderful service. Highly recommended.