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Riding Mountain NP - East Gate Entrance - OFF SEASON ONLY

there were a few locations that we have seen inside the national park. but we weren't sure if the gates would be closed during the night while we stayed inside. as we have noticed that the gates were open. but it is the offseason and the national parks are technically closed. We found this spot to the right of the Eastgate entrance where it's a parking lot with a bathroom. bathrooms were open and available when we stayed here over night. Large parking lot available for any size vehicle.

Beaver Pond near East Gate National Park

Arrived at the location, and looks like the farmer has down some clearing. Unable to park for the night as the ground has been bulldozed and too much debris to fill comfortable staying. Might be better next year

Big Pines Gas & Diesel

20 LBS tank cost me about $35 one of the most expensive places to fill up. If you don't have to maybe look for another place.

They don't charge by weight, flat tank rates

M-F 8-6
Sat 10 -6
Sun 12 -4

Hurkett cove

I have to thank everyone for writing a review here. Cause this truly is one of the best places I have stayed at in the last couple of months boondocking.

The tranquility, the lake, the ducks and the awesome abandoned boats setting a wonderful scene here.

We had no mosquitoes due to the weather. But I would suggest looking into the Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller it has been god sent, we've been in some places where even the dogs wanted to get out of here start this thing up 10 min later forcefield up hahaha

boat launch @ Smooth Rock Falls

Great place to park for the night. Had someone drive by this morning to check us out. Other then that it was a peaceful place to stay.

You're far enough from traffic, but not far enough to not hear it. Had a small fan on in the trailer and that pretty much drained the highway noise.

Esso / Home Hardware

They have a propane refill tank station, they charge and standard price for 20lbs. No matter how much you have in the tank.

I was told 30lbs tanks or more they will charge by the lbs.

Esso / Home Hardware

They have a propane refill tank station, they charge and standard price for 20lbs. No matter how much you have in the tank.

I was told 30lbs tanks or more they will charge by the lbs.

Earlton RV's Courtesy Campground

Stopped to take pics of Earl and seen 2 other campers parked here with now issues. Didn't want to bother them but I assumed they would have asked to leave it wasn't a courtesy site.

Crown Land

Arrived late at night if heading North bound it's the very next road on your left. Almost missed it but my passenger was able to figure it out.

you'll have to go in about 100 ft ish down the road and you'll see a nice sandy opening on your left side just before the small 50km/h speed limit sign.

It was far enough to be out of the way but close enough to still hear the traffic. Looks like you can go further down but didn't have time to explore. Space was large enough to turn our Jeep and 15.5ft Trailer around with no issue.

A few ATV's and some truck drove by in the morning other then that nothing else.

Halte de la cote du Ministre - potable water, toilets

Park was as described but the bathrooms and water is closed/turned off for the season.


they offer propane to exchange, refill tanks as well as fill up vehicles if needed.

propane tank refills was a flat rate so no matter how much propane you have in it it will be the full 20 lb or 30 lb cost

Quai du Port Neuf

There are public washrooms available on the left side of the restaurant "La Perle du St-Laurent" as well as access to a faucet to fill up on water jugs or water bottles.

Travaux Public / Public Works

sanitation dump with cleaning hose and small garbage can available

Shell Station / Truck Stop with RV Propane

propane and dump station still available. when you arrive for propane need to call 506-737-2010 ext. 201 and state you need propane and they will send someone out.

Phare de Miscou Lighthouse

It's permanently closed, included pic of saying not allowed

Jack's truck Wash

they offer truck/ RV washes as well as sanitary black waste dumps for your RV.

There is a cost for it. Mine was for $10 but it was for a small portable toilet cassette black tank.

hours M-F 8-5

Hostetters's Viewscape - parking lot

Great place to stay not really much traffic over night. Stayed in my 14ft Travel trailer

Cameron Island

It's a public road that leads to a dead end. Looks like during low tide you can drive the edge of the beach. But wouldn't recommend it. There's 2 other houses on this road. But it's a nice quiet dead end that you would be able to wild camp at.

Good for camper vans and small towable trailer. We had a 14ft Trillium trailer and was able to complete a very tight turn but made it around.

Cedar Dunes Provincial Park

We're Oct. 9 and the fresh water was turned off I assume for the season

Cedar Dunes Provincial Park

Was able to dump my black tank for free here.


The Shell/CO-OP can refill any size propane tanks

Kildare Seafood Product Wharf

The for sale sign is still here, we found out in the morning that the fishermen are using it now as their temporary parking lot. We thankfully parked on the right side against the tall grass near the light house. By 7am when we woke up to the whole vacant space was filled with parked cars.

Trider Rd

public water faucet available to anyone.

To use you have to insert your container, and then press the black button in the corner right. but be advised that the water flows really quickly. So be prepared to have it filled within seconds. Don't try to fill a small water bottle or you will be wet.

Spoke with a local and the water is chemically cleaned. It is not from well.

From what I can see it may be closed during the winter.

Mi'kmawey Debert Interpretative Trail head

Parking lot is as described. In the back it does slope down a bit. But the front of the parking lot is more level.

There was quite a bit of traffic overnight. I assume it's because of all the transport trucks who are delivering from home hardware and Sobeys as this is their main Warehouse hub.

George's Barrel Laundromat - Propane refill

You might not think they have propane but they do refill tanks. Super awesome mom and pop shop.

Don't go to Canadian tire as they only offer exchange and not refills

Ingonish Ferry Road

ATTENTION!!! Don't let GPS tell you to turn down "Hide a way Dr" instead go down "Ferry Rd"

Once you reach the boat parking lot , continue further on and you will see a single lane road. It does have a lot of pot holes but slow and steady will get you through just fine.

Parking Lot Behind The Visitor Information Center

This place is permanently closed.

Parking for East Coast Trail

arrived here around 7:40pm last night. There's quite a bit of traffic coming and going to MUN. Had a few vehicles come to the parking lot, most were teens trying to find a quiet spot.

The parking lot had quite a bit of garbage. But we're the type of people that likes to keep it cleaner then found.

After about Midnight the area was quiet and had no issues here. Stayed here for 2 nights.

Quidi Vidi

No longer overnight big rig friendly, they have a bunch of bus parking and some single stall parking now.

Cape Spear

Don't require a park past for the Historical site. Only need to pay money to enter the lighthouse. The same for Signal Hill, I do have a Discovery Park pass, worth it if you're travelling across Canada as it gives you access to a bunch of things such as:
- free access to the light house
- free access to the Signal Hill discovery center and theatre.

Also don't have to worry about paying for any other day visit fees at other National parks.

also washrooms are closed Monday/Tuesday


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