Ebony & Slade Check-Ins

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Goodyear garage

We used these guys too - highly recommended, really lovely people there and top quality work. The prices were fair, and they even looked into a few other little details without charging us. We never doubted that our car was in good hands.

Rari - Artisinal town specialising in 'Crin'

Nice, neat little town with lots of artisinal stores selling 'crin' - hand woven arts and crafts such as colourful baskets, little animals (lots of butterflies) etc. worth a look in if you're nearby 😊 picture of my little mariposa attached if you want to see what they look like.

Termas Malleco

Camping is closed at the moment, but looks like it would be a nice spot earlier in the year.

Parque Camping Estero Cobulto

Closed for us in mid-April :) looked lovely though

Chilean Immigration and Customs – Border Cardenal Samoré

Easy, painless crossing into Chile for us in early April on a weekday. All bags taken out of the car and searched pretty lightly, asked for fruits and veg but we don't carry them when we know we have a crossing. Really nice staff.

Rio Pichi Traful Free Camping Area

Excellent free camping, quite a pretty area with space for lots of tents and campers. We were the only people here on a Wednesday in April. Further from road than other camps as previous posts have said.

Camping Ser

Beautiful camping as everyone has said, and Anna was super friendly! Lovely location too, just a short drive into town. we arrived for two days of rain intending to camp, but 2 beds in a heated cabin (all to ourselves as it's low season & a Monday/Tuesday) only cost 200 pesos, as opposed to the 150 for camping. Excellent deal for us!

Coquen panaderia

Nice little bakery with all the usual breads and sweets, reasonably priced and friendly staff. 6 parking spots on site so easy to stop in.

Tecka YPF Station

We didn't sleep here, but used the bathrooms and wifi. The password changes frequently so I thought it might be useful to add that you can find the wifi code in big bold letters stuck to the front of the cash register. Despite this, I missed it at first... :)


This site is about 1.5 kms from Estancia La Oriental on the Cerro Leon trail. From here you can see condors nesting on the cliff-face a few kms distant. You probably won't see anything without binoculars or a spotting scope - highly recommend bringing them along.

panaderia el Diego

Just adding another review confirming all other posts. The staff were lovely, prices really good! Prices as of April 2018, just to give you an idea: Square of pizza 10 pesos each, bag full of pastry puffs (20 or so) 30 pesos, decent sized slice of chocolate cake 25 pesos. We thought the store was closed when we drove by but they just had the lights turned off because there were no customers at the time.

La Laulita (Abandoned fuel station)

There aren't that many good options nearby, so this station worked for us in a pinch. There was a YPF truck parked there for a snooze for a few hours too, in the large flat section mentioned by the previous reviewer. You can park behind the station and are hidden from the road.

Free open wifi @ wallyburger and PatagonicChic

There are two open networks that you can use here, average speeds but enough to get simple searches done.

Camping El Niriguao

We stayed here 3 nights, paid 100 pesos per person per night in mid-March. Very friendly owners. The common room is open 9am to 8pm, but they did let us stay later than that. Hot showers worked for us, and the shower/bathroom block was heated 24 hours! So nice to get dressed in the warm. We were able to wash and dry all of our laundry here, there is a clothes line in the first camp site. Wifi was not amazing, but we were able to talk to family and search whatever we wanted with ease. Only a few other campers at this time of year. Easy to walk to town. Great value, would recommend.

Electromechania dominguez (Blue shed electromechanic)

Ricardo & Juan are very (very!) friendly mechanics that specialise in motors and electronic issues in cars. They helped us diagnose the problem with our car when the check engine light came on, and fixed it for us, explaning everything along the way. Even sent a PDF of the error code report to my phone. We had been to Nico's down the road, they said it was fixed but it came back on so we brought it here instead since we also had an issue with our alarm. A little English spoken, and Juan called his wife for us who spoke very good english, she even came in to see us in person! She translated everything perfectly and was also very friendly. They also checked our security system (alarm) which wouldn't stop going off. We had to disable the system in the end, because a previous owner had replaced the factory alarm with a store bought one. Juan didn't even charge us for the time he spent fixing this issue, which was close to 2 hours! Only charged for check engine fix. He's a traveler himself and knows how it is. We couldn't reccomend this place highly enough. They even offered us coffee and tea while we waited, and gave us a timeframe so we could go down the street while they worked if we wanted to. If you need an electromechanic in El Califate, this is the place to go!

GGD Servicios mecánicos

We came here because we had a number of issues pop up in our car all at once. Our check engine light came on, alarm wouldn't stop going off and needed an oil change too. Nico and the team were friendly and changed our oil and filter, even went down to the store to buy the oil etc. for us. It's probably better to bring your own. Took several hours. They also said the check engine issue was nothing but it came back on again after we left. They reccomended the blue shed electromechanic just down the road for the alarm system, since they said he knows more about those things (the team there ended up fixing the problem with our check engine light too!). A good experience overall, other than the CEL. Only spanish spoken with us, but we didn't try to ask in English.

Green Market Patagonia

Little cafe that sells salads, sandwiches, drinks and empanadas. We had the empanadas, which were great! 40 pesos each, but twice as big as the empanadas we've seen going for 25 or 30.

YPF parking lot

Looks like they keep the password on the side of the coffee machine :) they were happy for us to use it.

Wind protected behind hill RP23

Good for one night as others have suggested, there is space for a tent but I wouldn't like to put one up here, a bit dirty as others have mentioned and still a bit windy. Was nice and quiet for us in the car, not many other protected spots nearby. Nice sunrise over snow covered hills in the morning :)

Parque Patagonia – Casa de Piedra

Casa Piedra is closed for low season at the moment. The other 2 campgrounds were still open when we visited.

Parque Patagonia – Alto Valle

Beautiful campground with nice new shelters, big enough to put a large tent inside if it's raining (and low season).

It was free for us and there was only one other car there. You can drive right up to the shelthers in this campground. Facilities were all clean and still serviced. The shower was cold for me, but the solar heating did take the edge off which made it bearable after a long hike (not much sun today). Beautiful sunrise over the valley in the morning.

Parque Patagonia – Westwinds

Lovely campground! All amenities were clean for us and we had a little shelter to ourselves, since it wasn't very busy. We stayed at the site 2 shelters up from the toilets (as you head away from the carpark) and barely felt the wind that was roaring down by the sites near the poplars. Free for us in mid march - we stayed 2 nights. We would have been happy to pay though, this is an amazingly beautiful park. We will be donating to the conservancy. Friendly Guanacos roam the grassy area, and we were visited by a little skunk on our first day. Highly reccomended.

Refugio y Camping Rio Nadis

Lily wasn't here for our stay (so no bread or trail rides), but we had a wonderful time anyway! The refugio/kitchen area was so cozy on a rainy day, and there was plenty of firewood to keep the little stove running. It doesn't take much to heat up the whole space. I was able to bake cookies in there too! Showers piping hot as everyone says. We loved it here and would absolutely come back.

Nacion Patagonia Cafe

Nice coffee and can access chilegob wifi from inside and outside. Artwork on tables is cool, and they sell beanies, books etc. inside. Very friendly owners

Alma Verde

Beautiful eco-campsite overlooking the town of Puerto Guadal and enormous turquiose-blue lake. They have composting toilets, solar showers (warm in morning hot in afternoon), an organic greenhouse and a lovely refugio. They let us build a fire in the refugio and you have access to an oven and gas stove. There's also a communal guitar. The artwork and general aesthetic of the place is very cool. We stayed in one of the top 3 campsites (tent only) and would recommend them as the best spots. There is space for a few vans down the hill and I think there are also 6 tent sites there. The host Laura was lovely and gave us heaps of great tips for the area. Mini sendero was well worth it. We paid 5000pp.

Confluencia Rio Baker y Neff

Do not miss! Very beautiful, only a short walk off the road.

Rio Ibanez wild camp

Nice wildcamp off the 7, shelter from the wind under the trees and a nice pebble beach to dry your tent after a rainy night. Nice views in the morning. A little trash around, mostly TP (please pack yours out!) :)

La Provençale

Great Nutella waffles and coffee! Prices approx. 2000 for waffle with topping and 3500 for waffle/coffee combo. Well worth it. Also paninis available. Very friendly couple who are happy to chat.

Trailhead Laguna Cerro Castillo

We did the 'free' trail that starts 7 kms or so down the road, but we heard from a few hikers coming the other way that there was no one at the booth today to collect the 10,000 pesos pp. Maybe it's off season? Very cloudy and windy when we were there.

Las Torres del Simpson

What a lovely campground/hostel! Nacho and Sandra were great, as others have said there is a mate class each day (very informative) and Nacho likes to play Chilean songs for the guests, sometimes with his wife and sometimes with guests singing and playing too. There was a lovely community atmosphere here and we were very glad we decided to stay. The bathrooms were cleaned multiple times a day and showers were piping hot! We camped under some apple trees in the rain and had no problems with water getting in or under the tent. Homemade bread was delicious (I don't think it's available every day, only if many people want it). The campground closes for the season at the end of March.


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