LotteNielsOverland Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
October 5th, 2019 Forest field

Open field in the forest, nothing special but good for the night. You can be seen from the path but only one car drove by on a rainy evening. No forbidden entry signs from the main road (no. 6) and easily accessible. Far enough from the road to be very quiet.

October 3rd, 2019 Big meadows wildcamp

Several big meadows, far from roads and houses. Accessed from the 248 at 50.8058871, 13.9797361, best to use Google satellite to find the tracks. The start of the track looks a bit odd as you seem to drive on private land, but it is the access to the forest and field area. You cross a small forest and a little stream, all good with 2wd, and then reach the first big field. When we were there the grass was mowed, not sure if locals do this year round. Just saw 1 local couple collecting mushrooms. Very quiet.

October 2nd, 2019 Libouchec

Nice lake indeed! However, access by car to drive along the lakeshore is forbidden. We saw locals doing it, but we decided not to.

September 15th, 2019 Little hill

Small field on a hill. Hidden from the road with a beautiful sunset if you’re lucky. Use google satellite to see the gravel tracks leading to the spot.

September 12th, 2019 Old quarry

As the other spot in iOverlander ‘beautiful view’ was not reachable because of logging trucks and since it is quite difficult to find other spots in the area as there are fences everywhere, we found this place. When you crossed the forest (you could also camp there), take the uphill track on your right. Track is a bit narrow but ok. It is a dead end track that leads to an old quarry. There are also 2 spots in the hairpin curve, but at the top there is more space. Take care with falling rocks though. Actually with a nice view and not much noise from the road.

September 11th, 2019 Near Neamt Monastery

Big meadow surrounded by forest with plenty of spots. In this corner of the field you are out of sight of the (dead end) dirt track. There is also a spot with wooden benches and a firepit but unfortunately with some trash. We just had a friendly sheperd passing by at our spot.

September 10th, 2019 Ridge camp

Spot right next to a dirt track on the ridge. You will have a little glimpse over Bicaz lake. One side is sheltered with trees and the other with an nice open view. Peaceful and really quiet. In the morning & afternoon a friendly sheperd came by and also some mountainbikers. You cross a national park entrance, and it seems like you have to pay an entrance fee of 6 Lei p.p. but the counter was closed. The ‘main’ road (DJ155F) to the place is seriously potholed. The last 2,5 km is a dirttrack, becoming a bit more narrow in the end. Campspot is not very levelled, but manageable. Good 4g Orange coverage.

September 9th, 2019 Large meadow wildcamp

Very large meadow used by a shepherd living in a trailer with his 10 dogs and sheep. Shepherd was ok with us staying for the night. Friendly dogs. Easy access, also for big rigs. Orange 3g/4g coverage weakens further at the back of the meadow.

September 8th, 2019 Riverside wildcamp Sighisoara

Campspot at a small river with some noise of the highway, but quiet at night. There is 1 levelled spot where the grass was flattened, probably used by some locals for river access. No one was around though. Further down the track is a large meadow, but in sight of houses and closer to the highway
with higher grass. Place can be reached by leaving the highway at 46.2266003, 24.7679573, right off the highway if coming from Sighisoara. Take a left to cross under the highway and follow the track along the fields and the river. Best to use Google sattelite. As the track is narrow and deep at some places, good clearance is needed. Grass was flat when we were there, but could be not ideal for camping when not flattened.

September 1st, 2019 Wildcamp close to river

Very large area in the u-bend of the river, away from the road with lots of space to camp. There are places next to river or a little bit away from the river with more shade. Quiet during day- and night time. When we were here some farmers however did use machines making sounds at night. Probably to scare off animals during the night. Take the dirttrack from the mainroad halfway the U-bend to enter the area. There is also a possibility to enter the area via the sand/stone factory.

August 29th, 2019 Free camp near Rila monastery

If you follow the dirttrack, there is a bigger field with more nice places. When you continue the track further there are more fields suitable for camping. We camped at the big meadow (4th open space). There were a few leveled spots, on an old track. Really quiet, just some cars passing by during the day.

August 28th, 2019 Grassy field next to river

Nice field along a small river. Used by a few locals during the day for fishing and swimming, but totally quiet at night. Reachable for every kind of car if you access from the path starting just before the bridge. The bridge makes some noise when cars cross it but it didn’t bothered us.

August 23rd, 2019 Cliff forest camp with seaview

Take the dirt road at coordinates 40.8502285, 27.4386039 (road well visible with google sattelite). Follow the track untill you see the house on the right and take a left. You will see the little forest on your right. The first few trees are a little close to eachother, so take care if you are with a car (not big rig friendly) but after that there is enough of space. For motorbikes easy. No one around, quiet at night and for Turkish standards quite clean. No sea acces, 4G Turkcell. There were quite some wasps when we were there.

August 23rd, 2019 Turkey/Bulgaria Border

As holidays were almost over, it took us 8 hours to cross from Turkey to Bulgaria. Border is open 24hr, unfortunately we arrived at 2pm. Green card insurance was available on Turkey side for €80 per month with limited countries (for instance no Croatia, no Macedonia). On Bulgarian side they did not want to sell us insurance, price was €70 for 1 month, €105 for 2 months and somehow €82 for 3 months. There were 2 booths, only 1 was open. As we needed a green card, we asked Police for help. Police said ‘just go, EU no problem’. Annoying since we tried at several places to buy the green card insurance in Turkey and heard they don’t sell EU green card coverage to foreigners anymore. Luckily nobody at the border bothered about insurance or vignet and we could enter Bulgaria. An e-vignet can easily be bought online as well.

August 15th, 2019 Mountain camp

Unfortunately locals placed boxes for bees on the campspot. Road continues, but as locals were busy with the bees, we turned around (back to the tarmac road) and found a camspot closeby by taking a right off the dirtroad 100 meter before it hits the tarmac road again. Less nice, not very levelled and visible from the dirtroad, but ok for 1 night.

August 14th, 2019 Kille Bay

Yup, busy in high season, but as the field is large there is enough privacy if you drive to the back of it. Totally quiet at night.

August 3rd, 2019 Taftan border

WARNING: make sure the Iran police/immigration stamps your passport or e-visa and also registers your entry in the system.

Hamid managed the whole process for us. We left without any stamp. When we asked, Hamid told us this is the new process and all is done online.

When we left Iran it turned out nothing was registered, so we illegally entered Iran. Solution: drive to Tehran (1000km). Only after several calls of very friendly officials, and with our properly stamped carnet as evidence of a legal crossing into Iran, they let us go.

We talked to Hamid about it, but please make sure yourselves you get the entry stamp and the entry registration into the system.

July 31st, 2019 Turkey Iran Border Crossing

We crossed from Iran to Turkey with a diesel car. It took us 5,5 hours, because it was busy and because of ourselves..

No need to take the help of the young guys that offer their services for €5, as the officials are friendly and helped us through the process. Process on Iran side is exactly as described on the previous post.

The diesel tax is 72.000 rials per liter (!!!). Could not avoid paying it (believe us, we tried..), as we had fuel problems because of bad diesel, but after a long discussion they registered only 10 liters and checked the fuel gauge. Minimum charge for cars is 20 liters, so they registered us as motorbike.

Finally it turned out we had also illegally entered Iran (coming from Pakistan), as our passport was not stamped and the e-visa was not registered or stamped either. After several calls we managed to avoid driving to Tehran. So: make sure they either stamp your passport or e-visa!

After 3 hours we reached the Turkish side, and after all checks they told us ‘go back to Iran’. We had to buy car insurance costing €100, so they told. Finally we did go back to the Iran side where you can buy car insurance for 4.3mln (€33,-) Rial for 1 month, only valid in Turkey. You can buy it in a cabin almost next to the diesel tax cabin.

So, our advise: just pay the diesel tax (every diesel car did), buy insurance before you cross into Turkey and arrive early. Border closes about 4pm Turkish time.

July 27th, 2019 Sina Hotel

Basic but clean hotel with friendly staff. If you’re lucky the coffeeshop they are building now is finished :-). No wifi available but Irancell is working fine. Big fenced parking behind the hotel (hight gate is over 3 m). We paid 1.800.000 rials for a twin inculding breakfast. Little bit out of the centre (2,5 km from the bazar).

July 25th, 2019 Isfahan Traditional Hotel

Traditional hotel in the city centre next to the bazaar. Nice and quiet rooms, relaxing courtyard, friendly staff and a good breakfast buffet. Free private parking behind a gate which is always locked and a 1 minute walk from the hotel. Plenty of parking space.

The hotel is located at a small shopping street leading into the bazar but you can reach it with the car. The parking is 50 meters further down the street.

We paid 3.000.000 rial per night incl breakfast.

July 21st, 2019 Gas station with diesel

Indeed friendly staff. They don’t have a card themself so we (and the staff helped us) had to aks some truckdrivers. The guys from the gasstation and the truckdrivers confirmed they sell Euro4.

July 20th, 2019 Dolat Sara

This is a nice, quiet and beautiful traditional house run by a friendly couple. Close to the bazaar and many other sights.

The rooms normally starts from $30,- but we agreed on $20 for a double room with breakfast.

After a nice stay, we left shocked about the foodbill. Our bad, as we never asked about foodprices (they never told neither). For 2 persons 3xlunch, 3xfruitbowls and some coffees & lemonade we had to pay $82,50. To prevent these kind of surprises ask the price before or go out for food :-)

As it is not easy to find, drive to ‘26 road’ from ‘Keshavarz Street’ (using google/maps). Almost at the end of 26 road on your left is a big parking, in the right corner there is a covered alley leading to the guesthouse. Coordinates in iOverlander are not correct.

Lots of places to park, but if you use the 24h paid secured parking garage it is a 10 min walk and 150.000 per night.

In Google maps the place is called Masoumeh Soltan Hostel.

July 17th, 2019 Jalal Guesthouse

Nice guesthouse with 2 bedrooms in the house of the friendly owner Jalal. Fenced parking in a very quiet area. Rooms have AC, shared bathroom and are very clean. Including breakfast €15 per room. You can do laundry, use the kitchen and garden. Open all year. Jalal’s other guesthouse Khaneye Pedari closes in low season. Jalal speaks fluently German!

July 16th, 2019 Jalal Guesthouse Khaneye Pedari (City)

Guesthouse closes in low season (June & July), but the owner Jalal has a second guesthouse called Jalal Guesthouse (see iOverlander. For information and reservation, call Jalal at 0913 142 3174 or email [email protected]

July 14th, 2019 Taftan border

Opening hours Pakistani side: 08:00-15:00 (local time). We left Dalbandin 07:30 and arrived at 13:15 at the border.
Opening hours Iran side: 07:30-15:00 (local time). Used to be 16:00.

July 10th, 2019 Hotel Al-Harmain

Good place, very nice guys, and they have no problem taking foreigners. When we left in the morning there was police (slept in the hotel) to start our escort to Quetta. They asked 2500 PKR for a basic room.

July 9th, 2019 Police inn

We arrived from Islamabad without any escort and tried 2 hotels but heard only La Taska (about 4000 PKR) and Hotel One (about 8000 PKR) take foreigners. We then tried La Taska, they said they were full and called the police.
The police demanded to take us to ‘Police Club’ and over the phone a guy told us it is 4000 PKR.
It turned out to be this place. Supervisor Ghalid did the talking. Nogatiation took indeed long. Pricing was discussed over phone with another guy and minimum was 3500 for a double with private bathroom or 2000 for a 4-bed room with shared bathroom. They now have 12 rooms, have wifi, AC, showers, and what we have seen reasonably clean. Even a honeymoon suite. They receive foreign visitors that need security here (Chinese workers, ambassadors, etc).
We told we’d drive on to Sukkur if they won’t let us stay for 1000 PKR, but they said they wouldn’t allow us. Started bullying a bit and then told us to relax. Gave us tea, prepared a great meal and talked for more hours. After 4 hours Ghalid offered us a nice room for 2000 PKR. Finally we also paid 1000 PKR for the dinner. Fair prices for a commercial hotel, but the annoying thing this is that this will probably go into their own pockets...
Second disadvantage is that our escort started from here, although we explicitly refused. At the handover points we shook them off twice, but they found us back. Somehow the escort stopped somewhere between Ghotki and Pano Aqil when we reached the ‘peacefull area’.
Not a bad place to stay, but intense and still the cheapest option. Probably camping is free, but for us too hot in July.

July 6th, 2019 Bridge max weight

We got stopped by an old man, saying that only cars up to 2000kg are allowed to cross. No detour possible. We were about 3000kg. After 15 mins chitchat, selfies and seeing other jeeps crossing, we were allowed to give it a go. Seemed ok, bridge bended a little. On the way back nobody checked.

July 6th, 2019 Hoper Glacier

Worth mentioning that he parking is a shared parking for dayvisitors and the surrounded hotels. As the hotels and their terraces are around the parking you might not have privacy at this time of the year.

We decided to take a room at Kapel Inn.

July 5th, 2019 Pamir Serai guesthouse

We came by car to this nice & relaxing place. As the road can get very narrow at some points, not recommended for big rigs. It is a good gravel road though. Takes about 2,5 hours. Very scenic at the start.

We could sleep in our car in the garden for free and use the toilet and even hot bucket shower. Had our meals with them (breakfast 200 PKR, lunch&dinner 300 PKR p.p.). Rooms are also available for 1000 PKR.

Some nice (multiple) day treks to do in the area. A nice half-day hike to small lakes in which you can swim is possible. Owner Alam Jan can tell you everything about the hikes, Wakhi culture and the crazy treks he made in his life. He can also recommend some nice wildcamp spots further down the valley.