houbenros Check-Ins

Date Place Comment
July 10th, 2018 UY-Storage/Camping/Workshop

We stored our Toyota Hilux camper here. We also stayed at their campsite. They have the best sanitary block we have seen in Uruguay, Argentina, Chili, Peru and Bolivia (we travelled for 6 months). We met the owner Felix. A very helpful guy. His brother cleaned the bottom of our car with a high pressure cleaner (paid service). This was necessary because we drove through salt water at the salt plain near Uyuni in Bolivia. Recommended.

May 22nd, 2018 OCANA - Gas Adaptor Shop

I went to the Varigas-plant south of Salta to fill up my European 5kg gasbottle. They couldn't fill it with my adapterset. I bought a different adapter at Ocana-gas for 120 pesos (about 6 dollar). They told me that they also fill bottles with propane gas (normally I buy butane gas because it's cheaper). They filled my bottle for 100 pesos a kg (about 5 dollar). Butane-gas at the Varigas-plant costs 200 pesos for 10 kg. You can park your car for free on the street here.

May 19th, 2018 Laguna Grande

Beautiful lake with hundreds of flamingoes (May 2018). You can reach the lake at 4600 meters (14000 feet) from el Peñon with 4x4. Distance from el Peñon is 50 km.

May 19th, 2018 Laguna Diamante

Beautiful craterlake at high altitude (4600 m; 14000 feet). From Laguna Grande take the left turn at a fork. It goes up to the craterrim at 4800 m. Then you go down into the large crater (steep). Only 4x4! The distance from el Peñon is 75km. The trip (from el Peñon to Laguna Grande and further to Laguna Diamante and back the same way) takes about 6 hours (150 km). At the tourist information in el Peñon they told us that you can do it at your own. The next morning another lady told us that a guide is obligatory. We did it on our own and we liked it very much. Beautiful trip!